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Let us end the year with one of the most anticipated movies of 2020. It is an incredible time to be alive. This movie is not the first to come out streaming because of the virus, but based on the box office just in the past 5 days, I am sure it will not be the last. I am going to get into it, but beware that this review is full of spoilers!

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Diana/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) comes accross an ancient relic that was left behind by a trickster god. With it, she is able to make one wish, any wish, come true, but there is always a price. Max Lord (Pedro Pascal) wishes to use the power of the stone to become the man that he promised his son he will be, but its power might be too strong for anyone to handle, even Diana.

First of all, this was a worthy sequel. I f*cking loved it. I was waiting for the obvious reshoot scenes - could not spot them. I thought the ending might be rushed - like in ALL DC movies - it was not. I cried, I laughed, I was there with Diana. I loved the casting, the music, the story, the villains! OH MY GOD. I just loved the facial expressions on Pedro Pascal's Max, and how, with every single scene Kristen Wiig's Barbara showcased a new side of her newly found personality. I liked that she too took the time to discover her new powers, as she slowly lost her old self. I was scared of the make up, but Cheetah looked badass. I appreciated how Diana always took a defensive approach and only attacked her when she had absolutely no other chance. Even at her last she did not see the enemy in her. Coming back to Max Lord: I loved that we did not get to see the God who made the stone, there was absolutely no need to end it in another fight scene. This villain was just like many others in the sense that they had a troubled childhood, a sad beginning that drove them to madness - as power often does - but he deserved punishment and not death. Wonder Woman is a fair hero, and as the movie highlighted, the truth is all that matters. As a matter of fact, the truth is that we cannot have all we want, because it might lead to chaos. Pascal had a stunning performance, like Barbara, he gradually became someone completely different, who learned in the end that what mattered was what he already had. He was different from most villains and it was a welcome change, honestly. This movie is very different from DC movies too, it had colors for once... and just like the first Wonder Woman movie, there was a beginning, middle and an end. 
And first point, part B: I am very critical when it comes to comic book accuracy, however, that is because the fact that some movies take bits from the comics and do not actually look at how they adapted other things - time, heroes, villains, cities, etc. - it leaves HUGE plotholes. I have never once commented on a different interpretation / adaptation if within the scope of the movie it makes sense. Here, both Max Lord and Barbara Minerva have very different backstories when it comes to the comics, but they made sense here and they were "adapted" to this story. Second, I do not know why someone would not like this movie, but I decided not to watch a single review. You might read this one, which can make it sound like I am a hypocrit, but really, I feel that this movie was set up to fail in many ways. Had it gone to the theaters in May, it would have had a difference reception in my opinion. With each week that it was delayed, the hype for it just grew and grew. I personally decided to sit down and let the story take me with it and it did. I loved every minute of it. Right now, I just cannot start arguments with haters, honestly. When I encounter a good argument I will have a conversation about it, but after the shit that DC has been trying to push down our throats... nobody can convince me that this is not a good movie.
Third, the love. Diana and Steve were always set up to be the perfect couple, who cannot be. I loved that when Steve was shown what the world is like now, it wasn't a quick funny montage, but a slow paced walk, an adventure that they took us, the two of them, a beautiful date, and I too felt that was introduced to the world again. The colors, the music, the atmosphere and everyone who enjoys living in it. However, there is the heartbreak of them not being able to be together, and when Diana renounces her wish, my heart broke into a million pieces. After having lost everything she still believed in the good of people, and she is just the strongest superhero out there. Fourth, the music. I have watched this movie twice now in 72 hours and I got to pay more attention to it, and there were moments when you do not notice how well the music helps you be part of the movie. When Diana gives her final speech, that piano accompanying her made my bones shiver. This original score is definitely going among my favorites. 

So watch it? I might seem completely biased, but if you got this far I can tell you that I was very worried. When I heard that they were doing reshoots and knowing DC movies in general and the horrible decision Warner has been making... I decided to be sceptical. But when I sat down to watch it, any and all of my worries quickly faded and I let the story take me with it. I am so happy this movie exists and I heard that the third has been greenlit with the director Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot returning, and I trust these too. 

Until the next item--- wait. 

This wild and painful year is finally over. I don't want to push some happy positive thought on you, because I do not know what the next year brings. However, I am hopeful, and despite everything, I still believe in the good of people, like Diana did. So do have a happy New Year, and if you find some kindness in your heart, make sure to pass it on! Take care, see you next year!

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