Thursday, December 3, 2020

My Top 10 Underrated CD Tracks

I have been meaning to write about music in the past couple of weeks because one of the things that the pandemic made me forget, was to just blast really good music into my ears. I have been closed at home for months now, and music is my companion, my soundtrack, and seeing that I am not going anywhere, I just forgot to sometimes plug in my ears and stop the noise from coming in. At home, the noise is the news, so most definitely I needed a break. In an attempt to stop staring at the screen and just be with my thoughts and with my favorite artists, instead of discovering new things, I went back to my old favorite CDs. 

Some of these did have music videos, but they were still fell into the background instead of being picked up by the masses. However, if they do not have a music video, they barely reach anyone but the super fans, and that is why I really wanted to make this list. This time, instead of composing long descriptions as to why I love these songs, I will let them just speak for themselves. I hope you will check out the albums they are from, as well as more great hidden tracks among these wonderful and famous artists. Trust me, sometimes it is not the ones that are picked up by the masses that are the actual hits, and I think it is important that we help out our musicians in these hard times. 

We wouldn't be here and be able to combat insanity, was it not for these artists. So thank you for these songs and your never ending commitment to this art! Have a great time listening to my selection!

10) "Spiralling" by Keane
Album: Perfect Symmetry, Released: 2008

9) "Under the Sheets" by Ellie Goulding
Album: Lights, Released: 2010

8) "Running If You Call My Name" by HAIM
Album: Days Are Gone, Released: 2013

7) "Unspoken" by Hurts
Album: Happiness, Released: 2010

6) "Landscape" by Florence and The Machine
Album: Ceremonials, Released: 2011

5) "In Your Pocket" by Maroon 5
Album: V, Released: 2014

4) "Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet" by Fall Out Boy
Album: Folie à Deux, Released: 2008

3) "Physical" by St. Lucia
Album: Matter, Released: 2016

2) "Colourless Colour" by La Roux
Album: La Roux, Released: 2009

1) "She Way Out" by The 1975
Album: The 1975, Released: 2013

Sharing music with people is one of the hardest things in life. We do all take it as a personal failure when someone does not like the songs that we do. And we also wait for the other to discover things that have shaped us in an attempt to show them the "real" us. I remember back in high school I hid the songs I listened to because I thought I wasn't "cool enough". Now I date someone who just likes music and has no particular preferences and it allowed me to grow into the person I am, someone who loves to have a soundtrack to their life, and I love to sing and play my ukulele and not give a f*&k anymore what anyone thinks. 

In a blog post about The 1975 over a year ago I wrote about the song you can see here in the first place, but I want to quote myself because what I wrote can be said about any of the songs here: "Do you have a song, that reminds you of someone and every time you hear it you just cannot shake that time machine that takes you back? ... did you ever have a song that survived that person? [...] And even today, the song lives on for me, and I no longer think of everyone when I listen to it, that is how powerful their music is to me. Each line of the lyrics created the details of someone's face in my head, and they faded, as I grew and my heart evolved and the song came with me." Indeed, sometimes we do not revisit old songs because of the memories they bring with them. Here I would like to challenge you to go back just the same, to 2003, 2010 or 2014, because there are treasures there to be discovered. And these 10 are just the beginning!

Until the next item on my list!

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