Wednesday, August 5, 2020

What's Next On My List? Fireflies In The Garden

For this summer season, I am going to go back to old movies. The quarantine left many looking for new content, I, on the other hand, went back and wanted to re-watch some movies that I was fond of but never got around to seeing again. A story can be very different if you grow up, if you experience life, if you are no longer just looking for a "happy ending" but for the story that leads there. I decided to talk a bit about all those movies that I re-watched during the quarantine, and will keep on watching this summer. Yes, it is good to have new content to watch, but certain films really merit another look.

Michael (Ryan Reynolds) visits his hometown for his sister's graduation. After his mother, Lisa (Julia Roberts) passes away in a car accident, he remembers the horrible summer he spent with his father, Charlie (Willem Dafoe) when he was little. 

I really loved this movie when I saw it the first time. I cannot say exactly why I loved it because it is a very sad movie about a man who is forced to face his demons over and over again, while losing the people he really loves. I do believe that this movie is a great example of why people need therapy... that said, there is a curse on this family, that seems to be putting the young boys into difficult situations, while those who were responsible for the problem go unpunished. Watching this movie... Michael's character writes a book about how horrible his father was to him, because that is how he perceived him. His father, of course, did not see it that way. Then again, his character seems to not have noticed a lot of things over the years... and after the accident he has, he becomes dependent on his family, and in a way Michael becomes the parent. He and his wife also find out that they are expecting, and that leads him onto a new chapter in life that helps him leave the previous one behind. My favorite thing about this movie is the journey of Michael, as I also use writing as a form of therapy, I have found it beautiful how he ended up putting the finished book aside, but still needed the process to move on with his life. It is hard for me to talk about this story... I think people should just see it, so I will wrap this up. 

Watch it? Aside from the fantastic casting, this is just simply a good story. And one that I believe to have happened sometime, somewhere, somehow exactly the same way. I still really wanted to talk about it because very few people know about this movie based on my little research and I just want to put it out there: every time I see it there is something new about it and up to today very few movies give me that feeling. Prepare tissues in advance!

Until the next item on my list!

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