Wednesday, April 10, 2019

What's Next On My List? The Princess and the Frog

I decided to write about a couple of cartoons that I think are massively underrated, despite the wonderful world they presented us. Growing up, I fell blessed to have had these stories teaching me valuable lessons. You might argue with me on this one, but so far I had to force this movie onto people, so just based on my immediate surrounding, it was not the success that I wish it was. But it one of my favorites, so here we are:

Tiana, whilst trying to help a frog break the curse he was put under, gets transformed herself. Together they venture into the night to try and find someone who can help them reverse the curse, to be able to buy her dream restaurant.

I just adored this story. First of all, I loved the Louisiana setting. Second, obviously the fact that we do not have the conventional princess: Tiana is a hardworking woman who won't stop until she reached her dream. She is an inspiration to me, the fact that she never stops, even when it seems hard, is something that cartoons rarely focus on. By that I mean that most mean characters have a helping hand pushing them, but until the events of this story, Tiana relied very much on herself. Now, fortunately, she wasn't a complete orphan, her father passed, but not when she was young, and her mom is very much around. I feel like she had great examples of a happy loving family, and although she isn't looking for a prince charming, the way her parents loved each other is something she surely would have wished for in her own life. I did not think that she had to give up anything of her personality when she fell in love with Naveen.
People complain about the way princesses are portrayed, and truly, I did not think that this story was forcing the female+male message down my throat like many others. This story was about self-discovery, about looking inside and finding out what really makes us who we are and what we should fight for in life. For Tiana it was enjoying her life and not just being always in rush to reach her goals, and for Naveen it was understanding what really makes him happy instead of avoiding responsibilities. As you might have gathered from my recent reviews, I do judge cartoons based on the message that they wish to impart on their audiences. And it this regard this one is a wonderful story that I believe needs to be recognized as an outstanding adaptation of a well known fairy tale as well.

Watch it? If I have to be honest, in the past couple of years, this is one of those few Disney movies that had an outstanding soundtrack. As far as I am concerned, I only have one or max two favorite songs from each Disney cartoon, and well, I loved all of them here. I think this could be a great musical if anyone ever were to re-adapt another Disney cartoon...

Until the next item on my list!
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Tiana Anika Noni Rose
Naveen - Bruno Campos
Dr. Facilier - Keith David
Lawrence - Peter Bartlett

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