Sunday, April 21, 2019

What's Next On My List? Hop

I don't usually write reviews for this holiday, but mostly because, it is not really a very typical "holiday episode" in TV shows, unlike Halloween and Christmas. But I do, however, look for it when I can, because my sister and I like to decorate eggs and it's fun to watch something in accordance. We are not religious, so the fact that this story in particular is about a bunny, and a bunny only, makes it the perfect holiday movie for me.

E.B. has to take on the role of the Easter Bunny, but he wants to be a drummer. On some level, he just needs reassurance, that he is good at what his heart aspires too. On his journey he makes a friend, Fred, who cannot find his place in the world. The unlikely pair team up to make both E.B.'s dreams come true, and save easter from an impostor.

Aside from the one very stupid and totally unnecessary toilet joke - as in - easter bunny poop is jelly beans... I really like this movie. Obviously, it's stupid. But in my opinion it wasn't meant to be an Oscar winning motion picture. It is a holiday movie for the family, and it is meant to entertain, which to me, it really does. First of all, the animation on the bunnies is simply adorable. I wanna hug them and pet them. Second, I have found both of the main characters very relatable. Even if sold in a story about the easter bunny, the motivations work: one is still finding themselves, and the other cannot do what they want because of family expectations. We have seen stories like it, of course, but at a certain point every single movie plot falls back on well known formulas.
Now, what is different is the actual setting: I loved that it's easter. I loved the silly montage scene of a human trying to become the Easter bunny! I loved that David Hasselhoff was in it and he was happy to play David Hasselhoff! I love the voice actors, the actors actors, and I find the movie silly in an adorable way. And it was meant to be that way! I am also fed up with people who judge movies by comparing them to works of arts... Citizen Kane this movie is not, but it did not intend to be. If we look at what it is: a family movie about a bunny wanting to be a drummer, then it is a pretty great at that! I just think it is entertaining and for anyone seeking a background movie even while they paint eggs with their family, they won't be disappointed. Yes, I do not care for toilet humor, but hey, a lot of people do and children laugh their asses of, so who am I to judge?

Watch? Yes. Let got of whatever comment you heard and just lay back. Look at the puns, and the egg jokes, and the clues about how someone so magical is hiding in our world, right under our eyes! I do not care for easter on a religious spectrum, but I just love bunnies! This movie is truly fun in a lot of ways.

Until the next item on my list.

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Fred O'Hare - James Marsden
Carlos / Phil - Hank Azaria
E.B.'s Dad - Hugh Laurie
David Hasselhoff - David Hasselhoff

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