Friday, April 13, 2018

What's Next On My List? About Time

A friend reminded me of this movie a couple of weeks ago and as we got talking about it I decided to write that down.

Tim's family is peculiar, as they are able to travel in time, but only the men. After he is told by his father what they are capable of, he uses it to gain experience in life and make sure to end up with the love of his life. As time passes he learns that there are rules to time travel that he should not break, and there are times when he just cannot go back, no matter what. He decides to accept life as it comes and he makes the best of it.

I adored this movie. The plot is fairly simple, but what makes it fantastic is that it teaches us the most important lesson in life: we all wish to go back in time and change certain things, what we said, what we did, a loud sigh we want to take back... and this movie allows for that, but in the end our protagonist decides to let life play out as it was meant to be. His father tells him that sometimes he went back and re-lived just one day, in order to enjoy it, because we all tend to forget. We never live for the day. As time passes Tim stops going back even for that, he learns to appreciate life for what it is and be aware at all times that our time here is short. The fact that he is able to travel in time is a gift that nobody around him shares. Him learning the best lesson from it is a reminder to us all, whom aren't gifted, that life is precious and we need to live for the day. He finds the love of his life, they have children, he cares for his sister and his parents, as well as his best friend. His gift to time travel is used both for himself as all of the important people in his life.

Watch it? Definitely. A great British comedy and romantic movie that gives you a good cry with a marvelous story. It is beautiful how the little things that we take for granted really make us who we are. This movie never forgets what message it wants to convey and that's what makes it an exceptionally good film.

Until the next item on my list!
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Dad Bill Nighy
Kit KatLydia Wilson
Uncle DRichard Cordery
Harry Tom Hollander
Charlotte Margot Robbie

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