Monday, January 23, 2017


The newest movie in the Star Wars anthology that I only got to see yesterday due to my exams and other school related nonsense. (Spoilers ahead!)

A young girl is recruited by the Rebel Alliance as her father is the key to stopping the battle station called Death Star, the strongest weapon of the empire yet. Her father planted a way for it to be destroyed, but the rebels need the map of the Death Star in order to be able to stop it. The girl, Jyn Erso, with a group of volunteer rebels heads into the archives of the empire with the hopes of getting the message out in time to the leaders of the Alliance.

First, the bad, because unfortunately it wasn't without fault. I feel like they should have given more lines to Felicity Jones... she is a wonderful actress, she might be one of the best ones of our generation and much of her was wasted on scenes where she doesn't speak. I was very sorry about that. That having been said, I can't think of anything else that I didn't like. On the side of the protagonists, I also have to bow to Diego Luna's Cassian Andor. When you think about it, he is a very similar character to Han Solo, but they were bolder, because Cassian did shoot first (!) and still you did not get the sense that you should not like him or that he cannot be trusted. His character was built up slowly but very efficiently.
Let's talk about the bad guys. Our main enemy was a man by the name of Krennik and I liked him very much. His character progressed from being someone in the background to become reckless in oder to prove himself to the Emperor. His actions were all fueled by the want of recognition and because of it he was too blind to see that he was trying to stitch holes in a boat that was already half under water. And that cape... He can wear a cape like no other, I really wish they were in style! Anyway, I think it is fantastic how in a universe that many feel should be ended they managed to bring to life a completely different and equally interesting villain. Speaking of, 40 years later and I can still shit my pants when I see Darth Vader. That is a testament to great writing and acting! Good job!
And then the supporting cast. Like... stop making me love robots so much! You make reality look like shit in comparison! And then the members of the team, Chirrut, Baze and Bodhi... they were all adorable and shared the wish to make a difference. If you thought about the movie, you knew what was going to happen, but if you didn't it is from the second half of it that you understand that the real title should've been "Suicide Mission: The Movie". You start crying, like a lot, as you slowly accept that they have to die because they were never mentioned in other movies. That is the problem with prequels. This movie... it was wonderful. A good example of how this universe can be expanded and not overused. Many of my friends complained about the length of it, but I found no problem with it and was moved by the ending.

PS: The CGI on Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher was simply outstanding! Technology never ceases to amaze me!

See it? I recommend it gladly. The casting was marvelous, the story, the atmosphere stayed true to the originals and that is what us fans, well me, look for in these separate movies of the anthology. You can see that someone cares about the scripts of these movies, and they are not just doing it for the money. Be ready to cry!

Until the next item on my list!
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Jyn Erso - Felicity Jones
Cassian Andor - Diego Luna
Krennik - Ben Mendelsohn
Chirrut - Donnie Yen
Baze - Wen Jiang
Bodhi - Riz Ahmed
K-2SO - Alan Tudyk
Galen Erso - Mads Mikkelsen

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