Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I Don't Wanna Be Writing This

As everyone mourns their Princess, I mourn the writer, the brain and the brilliant person who people knew as Carrie Fisher. She was, to me, a very special person. I had a super hard time writing this entry because I am still not over having lost George Michael. This was just as bad as when Rickman followed Bowie this January.

Every time someone dared to attack her because of who she was in the past I got so pissed... because the slave outfit isn't who she was. She struggled with drugs because she had too much pressure put onto her, and I understand that. Have you seen Disney channel actors? People who are exposed to fame at a young age can come up with depression and substance abuse. And she never hid that she made mistakes, she never pretended that her past cannot be looked up by anyone. She never pretended to be a role model, but owning up to one's mistakes is tough. And that was not the only thing of course, Fisher was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which she talked about openly. She was one of the first and only who tried to emphasize how the brain is just an organ, like any other. Organs can get defective. Organs can stop working properly. Organs fail.

“Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.”

She was, above all, a wonderful writer. She had contributed to several of the best scripts out there and she did many anonymously. She doctored and had helped the first version of scripts like Milk Money, The River Wild, Love Affair, The Mirror Has Two Faces, Kate & Leopold, So I Married an Axe Murderer and Sister Act. I remember when I saw her on 30 Rock after so many years and it was my favorite episode! I laughed so hard at all of her jokes and it left me wanting more. I grew up on Drop Dead Fred, and I will never forget her in The Blues Brothers. Not to mention Soapdish, and When Harry Met Sally..., that I only saw recently and yes... she was the only person who we'll always think of as Princess Leia Organa, sorry, General.

“The father who flipped out about it, ‘What am I going to tell my kid about why she’s in that outfit?’ Tell them that a giant slug captured me and forced me to wear that stupid outfit, and then I killed him because I didn’t like it. And then I took it off. Backstage.” —On the rumored ban on Princess Leia bikini merchandise.

I am happy that the Star Wars universe will live on because it is something I will make my children watch too! But the movie that I will always think of first will Postcards From The Edge, written by her, based on a semi-autobiographical book by her. When Meryl Streep accepted her AFI award Fisher gave a speech about what a good job she had done playing the main character, so much so that her family wished she was Meryl Streep! She was hilarious, always honest and fearless! She spoke her mind and not many people do that in Hollywood, be honest, there are very few of them. She came back from where many never recover from. She used her brain and not her looks and people hired her for that. She will be missed incredibly by many and that alone makes me smile.

I just watched her appear on 8 Out of 10 Cats in this year's Christmas special. She was the funniest and my sister and I watched it on Christmas, because we were happy that there was news of her wellbeing. I am so tired, this year? I mean... every time I managed to get over or somewhat emotionally recover from a death this year, another one followed. I understand that this is life, that this is also part of life, but I don't want it to be. I'm concerned that this year was just the prelude to something much worse... hopefully not, but it did make for a pretty shitty holiday season.

"[on the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney] I'm now a Disney Princess!"

Remember her, not for the roles she played, but the work she has done and the battles she fought and won. She even beat the heart attack, but it left her weak. Even in the end, she went out fighting. Remember that. She will always be my role model. I will miss you tremendously, Ms. Fisher.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Forced to Say Goodbye to George Michael

"I still believe that music is one of the greatest gifts that God gave to man."

I was sitting at an Irish Pub in the heart of Rome, with a friend and on the television one of the many music channels was on and I heard a song. I got home and searched for that song for days until I finally found it. It stuck with me for some reason and it was only years later when I noticed the lyrics. There was something in me I was still too young to understand. And the lyrics, well... they helped me understand who I really am.

That wasn't the first time I heard George Michael, of course. Actually, our story goes back to when I was about 4 or 5. We had a small electric piano at home and each time you pressed the "demo" button a midi song would start playing and it was loud and I pressed that button at least three hundred times a day. It wasn't until I was in my teens that I realized it was Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!. I can tell you that my whole family hated that song for quite some time because of me!

George Michael was... he fought long and hard to be who he really was: a born performer, a man who was out and proud, who managed to keep his fame and the love of music from his start back in the 80s all the way to today. He had a unique voice and he used that for good. And when he was caught red-handed for doing something wrong? He owned up to his mistakes. A whole world had already and will always sing his Christmas classic and now each Christmas we will remember you too, me personally sadly and with much ache in my heart, but with love.

"I do love Christmas. I always have loved it, ever since I was a child. When I was young both my parents used to work so hard and they always seemed quite stressed to me. But at Christmas everyone would calm down and be nice to each other for a few days, and that used to make me feel very safe. It's Frank Sinatra who reminds me of Christmas. During the school holidays, when I was a kid, I used to work behind the bar of my dad's restaurant in Edgware [North London], and he'd always play Sinatra records for the customers. So that association is very strong for me. Why doesn't it snow at the right time anymore, like it did in the '60s? If it could snow on Christmas Eve or something that would be perfect."

I am crying because I hate writing these. I decided right now to take time to write about the people I love before I am forced to do it... this way it is just heartbreaking. I noticed this year that my favorite artists all come from the UK... this shitty started with us losing a wonderful voice and I thought it cannot get any worse and somehow it did. I have, in the background, playing Freedom, Faith, Outside and Amazing on repeat. One More Try always makes me cry... it is a story too close to my heart and I really don't think I can handle Careless Whisper right now. So I sit here, listening to Easier Affair, religiously, it's my mantra and my savior sings to me about not letting the haters get to me, about how we all deserve love and shouldn't let anyone put us down. 

"I just hope that I'll stay around musically for as long as I can. I'd love to think that I will still be satisfying myself and other people as a musician until the day I die."

You will be missed and your music will live on within me until I too die. Thank you for the songs you gave us, the path you walked and the fights you fought will not be in vain! Never stop singing, even up there in the sky.

"And I'm dancing with the freaks now
I'm havin', I'm havin' so much fun!"

Saturday, December 24, 2016

What's Next On My List? Love The Coopers

Well, I had no Christmas spirit this year... I still forced it onto me so that when it did come, those bits and pieces of memories of how I should feel around the holiday, I was able to embrace it. And one movie more than the others helped me this year and despite it having a bad rating on imdb, which I think is utterly stupid, I would like to tell you all about it in light of the holiday season!

A big family is about to come around for Christmas Eve dinner, but all of them have to run a lot of errands before getting there, and many don't finish in time... the parents are about to get divorced, their daughter brings a soldier home to pose as her boyfriend, their son is looking for a job after his separation, and the mother's sister gets arrested.

This movie is everything I love about Christmas: a winter wonderland, a caring family, Christmas trees everywhere and a dog! A cute little puppy! There are hundreds, truly hundreds of Christmas movies out there - they keep making them -, most of the time it is just new versions of classics like A Christmas Carol or It's a Wonderful Life, and some have great twists, but otherwise the stories keep repeating themselves. The key is to have likable characters and stories that work separately. And they really do! This is not another mixture of famous people with no plot and no story arcs! When the stories come together and you realize how everyone thinks that the worst part of them is someone else's fault and not their own and they are faced with their mistakes, however, with family around they are able to mend those mistakes and see past their faults.
I can relate to that because I always have the need within me to finish and conclude everything I start before Christmas of the given year. I also feel like running away sometimes. I have also felt the need to be the best person I can be for my parents and my family and sometimes I fell short. But somehow... someway, it does not matter on Christmas Eve. When we are sitting around the tree, when we open the things we got for each other, after dinner, before second dinner, with gingerbread and tea around us... nothing matters anymore. Maybe that is why it is the season of love... you will fight, because family fights, you might be alone because 2016 sucked big time or you might be with the one you love more than anyone else right now. Who knows? But you are smiling and that is what matters.
The conflicts in the movie are relatable and with so many characters anyone can find something they have experienced themselves or wish to have. There is no unnecessary death just to make you weep, and when it comes to the jokes, it does not forget to add them at the right time and not just the beginning (the way romantic comedies do nowadays...). When you looking at all the characters, the movie does not force its message onto you. You might be alone, and that is OK. You might long to be with someone, and that is fine too. You might wish for the old customs of your family or to make new ones and you'll see that there is a place for all of it under the tree. And the snow outside makes it pure!

I recommend this movie to everyone. I don't get the rating and it has become a quick favorite of mine and I can't wait to rewatch it again next year! You can barely go wrong with Diane Keaton and John Goodman, so do check it out when you get a chance!


Until the next item on my list, best to you all!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Rags (voice) - Steve Martin
Charlotte - Diane Keaton
Hank - Ed Helms
Bucky - Alan Arkin
Emma - Marisa Tomei
Eleanor - Olivia Wilde
Joe - Jake Lacy

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Blogger: Viharban Ázott Sör

Nagyon sok részét bejártam már Európának, de nem az egész világot sajnos, de messze még a vége az utazásaimnak! Végül úgy döntöttem, hogy megosztom a középiskolai kalandjaim. Már írtam az utazásaimről ez előtt is, mint München és Velence, de mivel ezek a naplóbejegyzések mindig szembe jönnek, ezért gondoltam felrakom őket nosztalgiából, a barátaimnak és, hogy felidézzem a régi szép időket!
I have traveled all around Europe, not the world unfortunately, but I do have a bucket list! I decided to share my adventures from high school. I have previously written about my adventures, from Münich and Venice, but seeing that I have had these journal entries around I wanted to put them up, for nostalgia, for my friends and to just remember the good times.
Ho giá visto un gran bel parte d'Europa, anche se non tutto il mondo! Ogni tanto rileggo il mio diario dei anni superiori e mi viene sempre una dolce nostalgia quando ripenso ai camposcuola passati all'estero. Siccome ho giá scritto sul blog su altri viaggi, come Monaco o Venezia, volevo condividere anche queste.


MÁJUS 17: Szombat reggel 6.-kor indultuk busszal, csak 8 óra volt, az nekem semmi. Az Edina ült mellettem, a tanárok mellett ültünk elöl. Az akkori 12B-vel mentünk, ahonnan csak egy embert ismertem (aki végül nem jött). Sebaj, oda értünk rendben, a szállásunk egy lakótelepi ház volt, ami gyakorlatilag éppen össze omlott. A 11. emeleten laktunk, Edinával és két másik osztálytársammal voltunk egy szobában, sikeresen női tanárok a jobb, férfi tanárok a bal oldalunkon. Elindultunk be a városba, a főtéren, Staroměstské náměstí, megnéztük az óra játékot majd sétáltunk tovább. Elindultunk az operaház felé és átmentünk a Károly hídon. Eléggé egyedi élmény volt. Nagyon szép és a kilátás mindegyik irányba káprázatos volt. Egyik osztálytársammal elkezdett yo-yozni és szedett össze aprót magának, a többiekkel csak leálltunk és hagytuk, hogy a kilátás magával vigyen. Vissza tértünk a főtérre és mi leváltunk a nagy csapattól és a szabad foglalkozás mellett csináltunk egy videót a Laci telefonján. Majd megtaláltam az egyetlen souvenir boltot, ahol olasz volt a tulaj a főtér mellett egy kis utcában. Vettem is egy pulcsit, „Czech drinking team”, szép narancs színe van és szerintem a holdról is látható. Kapásból a McDonald’sban már vettünk is sört, mint minden jó Európaiban, lehet kapni alkoholt! Holott nem lett volna szabad nekünk, a kémia tanár szerint, a többi tanár csak vállat vont és közölte velünk, hogy van szabad program, nem? Igazából csak azt akarták, hogy figyeljünk oda. Azért este még elmentünk, de hát, amennyi pénz volt nálunk csak egy korsót vettünk és el osztottunk öten, de talán attól még jobb íze lett! 
MÁJUS 18: Aznap reggelre rohadtul hideg lett. Eső volt és szél és majd megfagytunk… a templom, Katedrála Sv. Vita, és a lépcső a toronyba volt a két legjobb dolog mert addig sem fáztunk. Mázli volt, hogy vettem a pulcsit előző nap, mert így a másikat oda tudtam adni barátnőmnek. Persze így is felfáztunk valamennyire. Kis ázott verebek voltunk, akik összebújtak, míg a templom előtt várakoztunk. Angol tanárnőm, az esernyője alatt, nevetett rajtunk, de nekünk semmi vicces nem volt benne, főleg az előző napi 28 fok után meglepő váltás volt. Viszont fent a templom toronyból a borús szürke színek mellett is gyönyörű volt a város. A házak tetői olyan erős vöröses barna színben pompáztak, hogy semmilyen eső felhő nem tudtam volna elvenni a színüket! Visszamentünk a szállásra felmelegedni egy kellemes séta után, az eső és a szél abbamaradt, de a nap nem sütött, a többiek tovább mentek, ezért sok mindenről lemaradtunk, de legalább nem fáztunk már este, amikor visszamentünk a nagy búcsú vacsorára. A Malostranská metró megálló környékén voltunk, és a parton még fotóztuk a Károly hídat, szép volt más szemszögből látni! Az étteremben kedvesen többet kellet volna fizetni mert a perec, amit kiraktak (40 embernek) azt is felszámolták, holott nem kérte senki és nem is fogyasztottunk. Még volt program, de mi visszamentünk a szállásra Edinával, egyedül akartunk sétálni és metrózni. 
Este meg minden a feje tetejére állt: mindenki szerzett alkoholt az osztályból és mindenki úgy gondolta, hogy ezt a mi szobánkban akarják elfogyasztani, a két tanáros szoba között. Mi persze nem ittunk, mert azzal voltunk elfoglalva, hogy vigyázzunk senki se bukjon le. Egyik srác gatyájából kiesett egy vodkás üveg miközben az osztályfőnökkel beszélt (aki ezt szerencsére nem vette észre), egy másik lány meg le lett cseszve az ajtónk előtt (mert majdnem kiesett az ablakból), de az ajtó nem záródott jól ezért mindent hallottunk… Konkrétan ott álltam és tartottam, hogy ne vegyék észre és becsapni meg nem tudtam, mert az ugyanazt a végeredményt érte volna el. És utána még az üres üvegeket is ott hagyták, ami azért volt jó mert a kémia tanár szeretett benézni… az ágynemű tartóba rejtettük őket és már lélekben bocsánatot kértünk a takarító brigádtól vagy 100x, és jó is, hogy oda tettük mert a tanárok rálestek a szemetes kukára.
MÁJUS 19: A harmadik napon Telč-be mentünk, egy kisváros délre Prágától, már közel az Osztrák határhoz, ahol semmi se történt, mert elfelejtette a szervező, hogy hétfőn minden zárva van… szóval múzeumba nem mentünk, hanem pár órát elverhettünk, ahogyan akarunk egy gyönyörű, de teljesen üres kis városkában. A tanárok ingerültek voltak, mert miközben mi is rendet próbáltunk tartani a szobánkban, ők közben a felsőbb éveseket kapták el enyhén ittas állapotban. Tanárnőimet megnevettetve oda mentem, hogy megkaphatom-e a legjobban viselkedett diák díjat, mondták az enyém :D Edinával egy óriásit sétáltunk, ugyanis egy vár mellett voltunk, aminek hatalmas erdője volt, kis patak, amit az előző napi esőzések miatt szép nagyra nőtt és kóbor duci cicákat láttunk. Még vettem magamnak sörös korsót, de azon kívül már csak a haza jutásra gondoltunk. Ezek mellett jobb lett volna egy harmadik nap inkább Prágában maradunk, mert ekkora már visszajött a jó idő.

Fotóimat a kirándulásról itt megtalálod: https://www.flickr.com/photos/csoresz/albums/72157659835087911

Sunday, November 13, 2016


For quite sometime I have been looking forward to this movie more than any other Marvel film. Why? Simple. I am f*cking tired of Earth... I loved Guardians of the Galaxy because it had only 2% relevance to this godforsaken boring planet of shit... for a Marvel movie to get me interested it has to give me more than superheroes... I still haven't seen Civil War. And well... I decided to watch Deadpool while sad - as to let it cheer me up - and I only laughed at one joke. I got why people loved it, I'm not stupid, and although I believe it to be incredibly faithful to the source material it just wasn't a hit for me. Maybe I should watch it with someone who really liked it, or whilst I'm not depressed, but that is not the point. I need to be taken away from this world! The reason I love Star Trek and can't wait for Passengers is that it gives me something more! I already know that there are no superheroes, so give me something that will make me believe. And that is what I wanted from this movie:

The story is about Dr Stephen Strange, a neurosurgeon who is unable to operate after a car accident damages his hands. Not being able to envision any other life for himself, Strange decides to seek any and all help possible to get his hands back. This journey leads him to Nepal, where under the care of the Ancient One he learns that there is much more to the world than just medicine. He learns, slowly, but very affectively the ways of magic, but at the same time there is a disciple, Kaecilius, who wishes to allow dark forces to roam the Earth. Being dragged into the war, Strange is left to choose a side and he wishes to save all and everyone he can, but to do so he breaks rules and there are consequences to that...

"You always excelled, but not because you crave success, 
but because of your fear of failure."

Now, needless to say, I too wanted Benedict Cumberbatch for this role, much much sooner than any news of it actually happening came out. I remember first encountering this character in the Ultimate Universe and then again in games. I grew fond of him and well that facial hair... you gotta love any man who takes time to perfect a goatee or a menacing mustache! Patience is very attractive quality to me! Not to mention that... just look at the comic, look at him! Can you imagine anyone else playing this role? Ever since 2006, when I first encountered Cumberbatch in Amazing Grace, I felt that this guy is yet to be discovered. I am super happy that he did Sherlock because it was a great chance for people to discover him (and pretend that he was not mine first...), and thus rising to the occasion to play this role.
Now, let us actually discuss the movie. Where can I begin? What have you not heard yet? I could tell you about its brilliance, and how Marvel makes great origin stories, but I am certain you already knew all of that. What I look for in these movies, what catches my attention, is the things that might go unnoticed to others. As my friend was sitting next to me and she sighed every time they showed Nepal (she find herself there too, kinda like Strange!), I realized why this movie was better to me than many others: it remained relatable without shoving down our throat its message. There is so much clever dialogue, and so many quotes you are going to see over and over again for years to come, but that only showcases the beauty of it. Dr Strange actually takes you on a journey. He got his powers from reading and learning! You might love Iron Man, but you are no billionaire scientist, and you might even like Captain America, but good luck being him without the super soldier serum! Doctor Strange? Well, there is a world where you can become him and I find that to be a very comforting.
There were jokes, plot twists, a worthy villain... the villain. When you think about Marvel villains, they are always a small part of a bigger picture. And isn't that how it works in the comics too? :D Here is why Marvel gets it right and DC does not... One brings the comic to life, the other one gets actors to read out the lines from their most well sold comics. That is why Doctor Strange, who was in no way such a star as e.g. Spiderman, still made for a better movie than any DC movie will! What else? Love. Oh boy, I died a bit inside. This was, in my opinion, the most beautiful love story so far. It took cliché and played with it, and the fact that there was no declaration of love or 3 hour long make out session made it a lot more genuine than a 90 minute romantic movie ever could be. Oh yeah, and if you blame this movie for whitewashing, you clearly did not notice that 85% of the cast was NOT white...

“We never lose our demons, we only learn to live above them.”

SPOILER TIME: The end credit scene showed Strange talking with Thor, who wished to ask for his help to get Odin back, because his brother Loki is a bit mischievous. Now... WHAT?! The end of Thor: The Dark World was Thor thinking Loki had died, while the latter actually took their father's place. When did Thor discover that Loki tricked him? Did I miss a Marvel movie? And which one was it? Also... like, if you did not know Mordo was a villain, your geek badge has to be revoked!

Watch it? Yes. Not because it is trending, or because it is a Marvel movie. Watch it because we have all been broken once, on the floor, begging for better days to come, or to find back to the good ones. And this movie shows encourages you to not give up. At least it did for me. And I loved every second of it!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ 

Doctor Strange - Benedict Cumberbatch
Christine Palmer - Rachel McAddams
Kaecilius - Mads Mikkelsen
Ancient One - Tilda Swinton
Mordo - Chiwetel Ejiofor 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Blogger: An American Studies Major Weighs in on the 2016 Presidential Election

I do not understand what is going on in America. OK. That is not true. Prepare to be deeply offended by what I am going to write, but I do not wish to politically correct, I am simply expressing an opinion.

I have been an American studies major for over four years now. I know that does not seem a very long time, but that is only so on paper. I had been to the U.S. before, I grew up on movies and TV shows and articles and interviews on and about America; I care deeply for this country. I do. I see my future there, I see me... there. I believe it the universe's mistake that I was not born there, but then again, because of it I have an outside view and I like to make the best of that. I have been sitting on this entry for months now, and I can't hold it no longer.

Why the f*ck do you hate women, America? 

It is one thing to come down on Hillary Clinton, who has by far the most impressive political career behind her as any other candidate to ever run for office, but I do understand why some people are critical: She is running for office! You do have to be critical about her. I get that. However, abortion laws? Why is it easier to get a gun than an abortion? If all life is sacred, as some like to say, then giving people a weapon that takes that away should not be OK. If you want to avoid abortions, why don't you cover birth control the way you cover viagra? Why do you hate on women who come forward about rape? How many more men have to rape a women till you come to the conclusion that, perhaps, men do happen to force themselves onto women. I am not even going to bring up how they get less money for the same job because I believe that is just the last spit in the face of obvious gender inequality. I remember learning in U.S. history class that women and children had to be sent over to the colonies because only men lived there at the time. Women were needed to populate the colonies. There is no life without women, do you get that? I understand that you protect a fetus because there is still a 50% chance that they will become a man. I also get that sex is so much better without condoms, but hey, vasectomy! I also get you want to say no because it hurts your masculinity, but yeah, rape is still not cool! Nor have I ever met a 16 to 24 year old boy who was happy about becoming a father. Maybe I understand: religion. I know that for a candidate to have any possibility of winning they must have faith. Faith is important I believe that too, still... find me a page in the Bible that stipulates men have to be able to have both balls to live a full life (those who commit adultery don't have them already), if you want to use the Bible to attack women and gays and races.

Have you ever checked individual state laws?

Has anyone noticed how many states have decided to not accept those laws that only create destruction? Have you read that Hawaii has banned all plastic bags because of how they polluted the ocean? Hawaii gives a f*ck. I will not lie, they have stupid laws too, but goddamn it, they care. Why is it that things go to shit on a federal level? I don't care if the gun lobby pays for stuff, let them do it. But pretending that an Amendment made when you had to be able to defend yourself against bears and angry Brits would in anyway still be relevant in 2016 is just bullshit. I also want to ask, why is it legal in some states to have sex with your pets? It might be the same reason why they won't disassemble nuclear warhead sites: not enough people to vote for change. And that is the saddest thing about a democracy, when you see people become lazy. Funny thing is that people believe that change is hard, but it isn't. Change is the easiest thing in the world, you just got to want it! That is what people have problems with. And states that don't allow guns on playgrounds, states that ban materials that cause pollution, states who care about the environment, who acknowledge that science is not evil, who listen, who understand that "government of the people, by the people, for the people", are the states that one should look up to! That is what the whole country should strive to be!

What the f*ck is up with the media coverage?

I follow at least twelve to twenty American newspapers and well, everyday I read about how Hillary had 'emails'. That is it. No, it does not specify anything, it is just that the word 'email' has become so negative that Clinton and emails in the same sentence make people go nuts. And you know how I know that the Republican nominee was accused of sexual assault by 13 different women, some underage, or why he is going to court over abusing the money that came to his foundation? Because celebrities have taken to twitter to highlight that. Some people with common sense no longer allow for the media to drag someone down for something they have been cleared for over and over again. No tax returns, sexual abuse claims, known economic scandals vs. two email addresses. WOW. The media loves to dish on the kind of things that are happening to him right now and yet they are not, or only in very small part, focusing on that. It is sad when satire based news shows are the only things that show the truth. 

Who the hell would vote for the Republican nominee in 2016?

I can answer that one. He is not a politician. And you know what is sad? That is the only thing going for him and some people (here comes the offensive part), redneck, racist, misogynistic, homophobic idiots hang onto that one thing and have liked him because of his racist, misogynistic, homophobic views. And that is fine. It is fine because I understand that, it clear as black and white. My problem is with the people that say 'I'm gonna vote for him because I am Republican'. Yeah, but does he stand for anything that you believe in as a Republican? Is he religious? Does he go to church? Does he say anything that sounds like what you believe in? Does he represent your issues? Do you know about his plans are (beside them being great)? Did he say anything about his approach to the economy, conservationism, or basic biological knowledge of a woman's vagina? And I'll give you a pass and won't comment on his irrational behavior and total lack of understanding on how the world works, I will, however, take the time to apologize to John McCain, Mitt Romney and even Sarah Palin. And you know why I included her? Because she might be as dumb as any of the above mentioned voters, but know what? She did a hell of a better job representing your party. Conservative, religious, everything that should be basic requirement for a Republican. I might be liberal myself, because I have eyes that see the climate change (and don't make every scientist out to be the bad guy, with an obvious German accent!*), and I have a basic belief that dictates that we are all born equal, but I never hated a Republican for being a Republican. I do, however, hate him because he has so far offended every single ethnicity and gender available on the planet. And I am not saying that you should vote for Clinton. I am saying that if you want to vote for him because he is, uhm... Republican? Than you are a f*cking idiot.

*And your hatred of scientists? Here is were American hypocrisy is highlighted to the max. You might have hated them for creating the nuclear bomb, or whatever your excuse if for not trusting them this week, but you refuse to disassemble nuclear war head sights and you are the leading country in technological innovations. Which means that you take the iPhone7 and then spit in the face of its maker. How does that work? Explain America! Do you have any idea how much money you could make protecting the environment? Taking the time to discover that it can be just as profitable as the resources that are now destroying our planet. Money, money, money, I get that. Again, black and white, but for god's sake, educate yourself!

No, I have not mentioned the name of the Republican nominee because that is how little attention he deserves. What is happening in America could happen anywhere else, make no mistake about that! He is not a politician, remember that. If a country is tired of their politicians it is natural that they will wish to follow someone who is not. Then again, here comes my last concern.

Why do you hate your politicians?

You have a President who, against all odds, managed to do exactly what he promised. He is of color. Truly shame on him. But he has worked very hard, and if you don't see it, then you are unaware of your own country and the power of that country. Imagine a box match, you are alone against nine others in the ring. And you make it to the fifteenth round. You are dead tired, but hey, your odds were terrible and you made it that far. You can disagree with his health-care reform, his wish to open borders, his travels abroad and negotiations with other democracies, you can even hate his skin color. But you can't argue that he fought against the worse odds possible and came close to a K.O. several times and did not give up. Why? Because he made a promise. Made a promise when he was elected and fought hard to keep that promise. You are not allowed to hate him. There is no angle where you can justify that. And now, a woman wants to get into that ring with almost the same odds. You might call her crazy, but between the two candidates at least she understands the world she is heading into. And she did not give up. You have politicians who send dick pics, and get remarried four times, and steal, lie, don't understand how sex works or why it is stupid to have election day on a Tuesday, but they do not get at all the hatred they deserve for that. You pick on the ones who give it all up for you voters.The others? They get to run for office over and over again. No scandal is big enough to put them away for good, and Americans are great at being bullies, trust me, you deserve a medal! 

And yes. You might argue that I don't know anything, who am I to judge? And I can't argue with that. But if you ever feel that people should look up to you because you are America, remember, that as of right now? We all think you are stupid as sh*t.

Civil War, segregation, Spanish-American War, two World Wars, Vietnam War amidst a Cold war all in 240 years of independence. America let the worst thing that happens in your history from now on be that you once elected a woman for President. I wish that with all of my heart.

Monday, October 31, 2016

What's Next On My List? ParaNorman

Despite all the free time that I don't have, and a lot of personal issues, I still wanted to take time to write up my annual Halloween review. 2016 has been a terrible year so far and I can't wait for it to end, because of that I want to make the most and the best of what is left. This year the review will be a movie that moved me in a lot of ways.

Norman is despised by many because of his claim of seeing dead people. And not just people but also animals and the recently deceased who still have a mission to complete in the afterlife. He is not the only one to possess this power, a homeless man approaches him as he has to pass on an important mission. Their town was built on a legend, according to which the founders had sentenced to death and evil witch. Norman is supposed to read at the witch's grave fairy tales so she'll go back to sleep for years, but Norman is too late and the founders of the town rise from the dead along with the spirit of the witch who is very angry about how they treated her. Norman finds out that the founders sentenced, not a grown woman, but a little girl to death out of fear of her powers. The girl, mad at men seeks revenge, but Norman talks to her convincing her that if she takes revenge on them she is no better than they are.

I adored this story. First of all, I lost my grandma this past year and seeing Norman be able to talk to hers just brought tears to my eyes. It was so sweet, how she loved him and cared for him. Then, the fact that Neil, a classmate of Norman's wanted to be his friend no matter what others say... I love these kinds of people: the ones who don't care about rumors or if someone is a bit different. If they are kind at heart, what else matters? After that I very much loved Neil's relationship with his brother Mitch, who cared for him no matter what, and at the same time how Norman's relationship with his sister Courtney developed. From being the biggest nuisance a little brother could be, Courtney realized that she should stand up for him the same way Mitch stands up for Neil. And that was the key to the story.
Adults behaved terribly in this movie. And not just the contemporary ones, but the founders as well. It was the children, their willingness to be open to the unknown and not be taken over by fear, what really saved the town in the end. The founders attacked a little girl out of fear and the adults almost burned down buildings because of six zombies... they did not even see that they meant no harm. First shoot, then ask questions is a very typical mentality and the movie tried to raise awareness to that. It did it very well too. And then came the ending.
Norman tried to talk to the little girl, Aggie, who sought revenge. Norman knows how she feels, the fact that people are scared of her, looked down on her and did not listen to reason. But he himself never faced those who bullied him because he knew that means he is just as bad as they are. Bullying defined them and it wouldn't define him. Life is filled with bullies and rumors and you just need to take the high road. Sometimes that is the hardest thing imaginable, but it has to be done just the same. It is not what others say that define you, but your own actions. 

I adored every second of this story. It is the perfect spooky for a Halloween night if you don't like horror stories as much, and well, I don't particularly... it is sweet and funny and altogether a wonderful critique of our society. Make sure you check it out for a night of harmless fun!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ 

Norman Babcock - Kodi Smit-McPhee
Courtney Babcock - Anna Kendrick
Mitch - Casey Affleck
Grandma - Elaine Stritch

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blogger: Nem érdekel mire szavazol, amennyiben tudod, hogy mit csinálsz

We will have a referendum in Hungary on October 2nd, 2016, about whether or not we should stay in the European Union. I wrote a few sentences on it, and the jist of it that I don't care how people vote, as long as they promise to check what they are going to do to the rest of the country with their decision.
Avremo un referendum in Ungheria il due ottobre del 2016, riguardo alla nostra posizione nell'UE, se restare o andare. Per riassumere quello che ho scritto, dico solo che non importa chi come vota, basta che sappia cosa significherá la sua scelta per il resto del paese.
_ _ _ _ _ 

MKKP plakát, Károly körút és Dohány utca sarkán.

Egy dologból már túl sokat láttam ebben az országban: tudatlanság. Mindenki hülye. Ne aggódj, én is az vagyok, itt nem másokat akarok lehúzni, vállalom, hogy én is egy nagy hülye vagyok.

Láttál billió plakátot, propagandát, szomorú történeteket, amik mind arra akartak téged rávenni, hogy 'Tedd azt, ami helyes', holott, ami helyes itt nem elég, hogy hülyeség, hanem immorális és rasszista is.

Rómában, a Via dei Cestari 34-ben van egy épület, mely az 1956-os Magyar Forradalom Diákjainak Kollégiumaként működött. Egy diktatúra áldozatai voltak fiatalok és egy jobb jövőt akartak. Mi állította meg az olaszokat, hogy ne küldjék el őket? Mi állította meg őket, hogy ne közöljék velük, hogy ez nem az otthonuk? Hogy ne nézzék őket neveletlen állatoknak, akik csak azért jönnek, hogy a hepatitiszükkel megerőszakolják az olasz lányok? Talán mert egyetemisták? Az kit érdekel? És ez lehetett volna Amerikában, Kanadában, bárhol, ahova egy magyar ember betette már a lábát egy szebb jövőt remélve.

Lehet, hogy félsz egy ismeretlen kultúra és vallástól, tudod mit? Mindenki fél. A különbség ott van, hogy, ahogyan azoknak a diákoknak sem volt szíve vágya felállni és elhagyni a hazájukat, garantálom neked, a menekülteknek sincsen. És félhetsz tőlük, utálhatod őket, meg van a jogod hozzá, de garantálom neked, hogy egy olyan kormányunk van, akik minden megtesznek azért, hogy kizárják őket úgy is. De ha mellettük szavazol nem a menekült jövőjét veszed el, hanem az enyémet.

Tudtad, például, hogy, amikor Anglia kilépett az Unióból akkor a font értéke lejjebb esett, mint a 2008-i válság alatt valaha volt? Hogy a szavazáson az öregek szívatták meg a fiatalokat, mivel az oktatástól kezdve cégeken keresztül a külföldi együtt működést csak meg nehezíti a jelenlegi helyük? HOGY TÖBB EZER ANGOL ÚGY MENT SZAVAZNI, HOGY FEL SEM FOGTA MIT SZAVAZ MEG? Hogy a legmagasabb számban keresett mondat a google-ban másnap az volt, hogy ’Mi az EU’?

Mit gondoltok miből van pénz a sok 'Új Széchényi Terv'-re? Talán a mi kedves politikusaink fizetik a zsebükből? És ha nem jön ’Brüsszelből’ a pénz, akkor honnan fognak lopni? Azt hiszed nem a mi adóinkat fogják csak növelni és növelni?

Itt vagyok én. És te. Vagy a gyereked, unokád, testvéred, barátod, bárkid, akinek az önéletrajzába kell már a külföldi tapasztalat, és még ha ki is jutna valahova, garantálom neked, kifogják őt nézni azért mert magyar. Lehet, hogy még szavazási joga se volt, amikor azaz Október 2 eljött; de ott lesz mindig is, hogy nem fog pályázatokat nyerni, nem fog tudni tanulmányaira pénzeket szerezni, nem lesz soha olyan szinten, mint egy ország diákjai, akikből profitálhat egy EUs ország. Gusztustalan, tény, de ez van. Ahogyan a mi kormányunk is csak a pénzt látja mindenben, hidd el mások is, és ebből a versenyből NE vegyük ki magunkat tudatosan!

Úgy őszintén, mit ért el valaha Magyarország azzal, hogy kivonta magát dolgokból? Földrajzilag is a kontinens közepén vagyunk! Hogyan gondolja valaki, hogy megszüntet kapcsolatokkal, egy rendszerrel, ami segít abban, hogy ne legyünk egyedül? És apám… hány éve vagyunk egyedül? Nyelvünknek nincsen rokona, hagyományaink elhalnak, már juhász se lehetsz diploma nélkül, és a nagy városba költöző se talál munkát. Az egyetemen van több csoporttársam is, aki örül, hogy ebbe az országba jött tanulni és soha nem akarom, hogy ettől a lehetőségtől megfosszunk valakit, akit a mi kultúránk érdekel, akit a mi történelmünk fog meg. Nem az a válasz, hogy elfordulunk és bezárjuk az ajtót. Soha a történelem során egyszer nem volt az a válasz.

Picivel több, mint 1200 emberről van szó. Egy 9.9 milliós lakosságban, ahol már nincsenek orvosok, tanárok, lassan diákok sem, és tényleg azon megy a vita, hogy 1200 embernek adunk-e otthont? Akik mellesleg nem is feltétlen fognak itt letelepedni.

Nem érdekel elmész-e szavazni vasárnap, nem érdekel, ha nemmel, ha igennel fogsz voksolni, tudod mit? Azt is leszarom ha a következő választáson is megint a rasszista és elvetemült katolikus (szarkazmus) Fideszt szavazzátok meg újra, mert nem érdekes. Még egy szabad országban élünk és mindenki azt tegye, amit a szíve kíván, csak előtte, szépen kérem INFORMÁLÓDJON ARRÓL, HOGY MI A KÖVETKEZMÉNYE A TETTÉNEK.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What's Next On My List? 11.22.63

This show is based on my favorite book of all time and I was very excited to see what they were gonna do with it. When I found out that J.J. Abrams would be involved, I knew I was in good hands. I wasn't sure about the casting, but I do had an open mind going in to see the first episode, and by the end of this review the whole series will be over. So let us review:

Jake Amberson is a high school literature teacher whose friend Al entrusts him with a mission: to go back to the past and save President John F. Kennedy from being assassinated. His mission is complicated by him meeting the love of his life as well the past pushing back every chance its got. Not only does he not know what he'll do after the mission is over, but he questions whether or not he should do it all. The future doesn't turn out as it should, but it teaches him that just one person can make a difference.

11/22/63 was the first book I read from Stephen King and it became my favorite book of all time. I love time travel, especially the kind that is well thought out, not to mention historical fiction. You can see that the writer handled with care every scenario possible and thus ensuring a satisfying beginning, middle and an end. The book itself became a favorite because of the main character. Jake was someone I could relate to easily, both the writing and the teaching and his wish to make a difference. This wish to get up and do something with his life other than grading papers... I understand that. Sure, his adventures are not something everyone can handle, but his motivations and his will to fight through nightmares is something to aspire to. "Those days of substituting reacquainted me with a basic fact of my personality: I liked writing, and I had discovered I was good at it, but what I loved was teaching. It filled me in some way I can't explain. Or want to. Explanations are such cheap poetry." 
Jake Epping is someone who cares a lot, about his friends, his students, his love and just because of that it is very easy to relate to him.
Here's what I love about the book: besides the time travel, Jake's motivations and his drive to do everything he can to keep a promise, and finally his love for Sadie. And all these three were kept in the TV show. Of course there were some minor changes, additions and so on, but I always say that if the changes work within an adaptation then I am fine with them. Jake's character is multidimensional and there is an evolution to his personality which is very much important for the viewer to love his character as much as they would while reading the book. Once Jake gets back to the present, he is a different man, he is changed for good and it wasn't just an adventure for him. He lost things he didn't think he needed in the first place and has come back to a life that is empty. It might have been to begin with, but he is now conscious about it and that makes it even harder. "Can I really be thinking of risking the world - perhaps reality itself - for the woman I love?". Knowing that the love of his life lived a happy life is the thing that makes him able to give up on their life together.
One of the major changes was the addition of a helper for Jake, Bill. They meet when Jake tries to stop a man he knows is going to kill his own family. He is forced to tell Bill about him coming from the future and he takes Bill with him. The book was of course a form of diary and in order to make sure that the viewers got the monologues in the protagonist's head they were turned into dialogues. The way the story was changed was genius and it was written very well. So much so, I remember, when I re-watched the series with my sister and when I told her that Bill wasn't even present in any of those scenes, she couldn't believe me! The makers clearly used the source material very well and I have read Q&As with Stephen King saying that he preferred many of the changes and that reassures me in the feeling that this was a brilliant adaptation.

I highly recommend the book as well as the TV series. It is only 8 episodes, a perfect mini series with great characters, a great story, some tearful moments and a bunch of action. You get to love the characters, you get to fall in love, fear, fight for your life with Jake with the wish to risk it all to save not only the President of the United States, but the love of your life. Other than being a wonderful historical fiction this story truly gives a bit of perspective into how sacred every single life is. And we might fight as hard as we can to change that, but we don't always have the chance. This will always be one of my favorite stories of all time.

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ _

Jake Epping - James Franco
Sadie Dunhill - Sarah Gadon
Bill Turcotte - George MacKay
Al Templeton - Chris Cooper
Marguerite Oswald - Cherry Jones
Lee Harvey Oswald - Daniel Webber
Yellow Card Man - Kevin J. O'Connor
Marina Oswald - Lucy Fry
George de Mohrenschildt - Jonny Coyne
Deke Simmons - Nick Searcy
Johnny Clayton - T.R. Knight
Frank Dunning - Josh Duhamel
Mia Mimi Corcoran - Tonya Pinkins

Sunday, September 11, 2016

What's Next On My List? Into The Blue

I made it a tradition of mine to write on Paul Walker's birthday a review of one of his movies. One for each year. The main reason for that is that I didn't want to rush with these. I still haven't seen his last couple of movies, because I don't want to run out... It might be foolish, but why hurry? This way I have the impression that he is still among us! So, to end this long summer that I had, I decided to go with a favorite of mine:

Jared and Sam live in the Bahamas with the dream of becoming rich by discovering the secrets of the sea. When their friend Bryce comes to visit they discover an airplane together and what seems to be the remains of a legend underwater. The plane contained a significant amount of illegal drugs, and being the only ones who knows where the wreck is, they become the target for the drug dealers who seek their stuff back. One of those is an old friend of theirs who mocked them for years for their lack of equipment, Bates, and who is now determined to make them get back his stuff. Not knowing that they have friends who can help them, they destroy both Bates and the remains of the plane. Once they are free from the criminals that were trying to destroy their lives, they come across what will be the discovery they looked for all of their life.

I'm not much into horrors, actually, I'm not much into thrillers either. I only watch them if one of my favorites is in it, and well Walker got me interested. I know that this movie is more of an action film, than a thriller, but with the music and well... the story being mostly under water and with me feeling the need to hold my breathe I was scared sometimes. Also they don't hold back when it comes to showing dead bodies and alike. The most gruesome parts were towards the end, but they left an impression nonetheless!
I really love this movie because not only it is action packed with great actors, but it also has a moral lesson in it. Sam's character never lets herself do anything illegal and even goes to the police in order to save them from the mass they created. Bryce spent his whole life defending criminals and feels that perhaps life owes him something for that, but losing his friends is not something he is willing to do. And in the end you have Jared, who spent all his life looking for treasures, only to realize that the most important thing was in front of him all along: love. It might sound a bit corny, but you have to admire how much these two loved each other. Life threw the best at them and even then they faced it together. I also loved how Sam kicked another man's ass! This movie had some awesome fight scenes. And well, everyone was either half naked or in a bikini! What could go wrong?

This will always be a favorite of mine. I recommend it highly as it will take you right to paradise. The action is good and the story is set up very nicely. You want to get into the water, you want to discover with them, beat those jerks around ad really... enjoy life. It makes me laugh, when you think about it, every place is really the same when you live there: work, taxes, police perhaps even traffic! But, still, I wouldn't mind living in paradise with them!

Happy birthday Paul Walker!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ _

Jared - Paul Walker
Bryce - Scott Caan
Amanda - Ashley Scott
Bates - Josh Brolin
_ _ _ _

While here, check out the video my sister made from this movie. It gives you that paradise impression that I loved so much in it!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Building with CsorEsz: Beads #5

So I am still making beads all year round as I haven't finished making everything I want in my arsenal. Not to mention that I am coming up with new ways to make them into gifts and you will see a couple of examples below! Use any of these patterns if you like them!

The holiday batch, these became coasters for a great party!

Christmas ornaments (use the circle pattern!)

Jack-O-Lanterns (use the circle pattern!)

Everything else:

Super Mario mushroom (blue)


Rainbow moustache

Toothless (How To Train Your Dragon)

Sherlock - I am Sherlocked

Minion (Christmas ornament)


Ma Anche No (from the italian, meaning: "Or Not" or "Also no!")


Also I made new things with the patterns I created, mostly notebook decorations, and they were a hit! I also adorned a frame for two friends who call themselves 'minions'. I'm planning to make others just like it!
Minion photo frame

Snoopy and owl notebooks

And finally I created myself a hero to remind me of the hero I want to be :)

The Flash

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Comeback: Summer Movies

This March I realized that I have a problem with writing. The well known case of 'writer's block' took over me. I simply got stuck and I thought that only meant that I can't write on my blog, you know, my reviews. But I realized that I had a problem with my novels as well as my academic writing. Which was a big problem because I have to be working on my master's thesis. It's been a couple of my months and I slowly started getting back to my novels, very slowly, but effectively: I have been able to write more than two whole pages in one sitting. And still, my thesis looks like utter shit. However, I finally got down to write onto my blog and I'm sure my paper is not far behind! In that light I planned several entries and this will be the first one.
Thanks to everyone who waited out my troublesome period.
Hopefully sunny days are ahead!

Why this topic? Well, it was a summer that I started writing my first screenplay that I watched these movies. They helped me start something I later realized is one of the most important things in my life. My writing has been my dearest companion and I missed it a lot. I felt that a part of me was missing and I finally feel like I'm getting back a part of me. So enjoy the entry!

There was a time when each summer I re-watched the same shows and the same movies as a ritual, or something like that, and well... I stopped. The other day I started thinking about why I stopped doing that. It wasn't that I like the movies less, or that I preferred others, I just simply forgot somehow. And this summer I realized that maybe that was a mistake...
For years I re-watched the first season of The O.C., because I just couldn't get enough of the story. It was sad, but somehow not as much of a cliché as many others I grew up on. The first season had something very unique and a down to earth quality to it that made me fall in love with the characters very quickly. I don't know how many times I watched Ryan kiss Marissa or Seth confess his love to Summer - which made me hopeful that the good guys do get the girl in the end -, or watch Sandy realize he wants to help the little guys. I saw friendships forged out of hopelessness and false relationships hit rock bottom. Although a highly fantasized story a lot of it does have their foot on the ground and the show taught me a few things about life.
Now, you might wonder where the movies are if the title suggested summer movies! Hold on tight, yes, I started with a series because I can recall spending 24 hours watching it nonstop on many summer nights, but indeed there a couple of movies that had a similar impact.

No, these movies don't necessarily take place during the summer, but since that is when I watched them, I consider them as such. Now, looking up the list of films I'm going to talk to you about, they all share something in common... goes to show what genre I sought when I was sixteen!
I'm pretty sure everybody gets week in the knees when they hear Heath Ledger sing Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You10 Things I Hate About You has to be one of the most beloved romantic comedies out there. I am yet to meet someone who doesn't adore this movie. What got my attention right away was the soundtrack of the movie. It was uplifting ad somehow made the movie into a big music video and I actually adore the films that elevate the music. You get the sense that each character has a certain music assigned to them that helps the viewer get to know them better. Sure, the motivation of some characters is questionable at some points throughout the story, but that aside to me it will always be a big, big favorite! I can never stop from laughing even at the smallest of jokes and it makes me hopeful that there is one out there for everyone, even if it doesn't seem like it. On the high school topic I got another favorite, one is an adaptation of a Shakespeare play, and if you recall, in 10 Things they reference William quite a lot. That movie was She's The Man, an adaptation of Twelfth Night.
I remember an afternoon where I just watched trailers all day and I found this and many others, but somehow this stuck with me. Every time I try to be funny with someone or come out of an embarrassing situation I just quote my favorite conversation starter "Do you like cheese?" and they all die laughing. I am actually laughing right now because I keep recognizing similarities between the movies I'm going to list here... in She's The Man the girls are preparing for the yearly débutante ball, just like they did in the fourth episode of The O.C. In both you have private schools that work quite differently then state schools and well, sports are also important. And, to be honest, just like in 10 Things the music here is simply awesome. I am watching the movie now, while writing and I even forgot how often I listened to these songs! I know them by heart. And well... You have to adore modern Shakespeare adaptations that work well. Soccer might be a foolish idea at first, but the dynamics work and there are some hilarious moments in the movie that make me want to see it again and again. It was the first time I saw Channing Tatum on film as well as Vinnie Jones, who has become a big favorite of mine. "You're in Illyria. We don't discriminate based on gender."
And when it comes to high school romances - and pretending to be something you are not -, as well as adaptations of big classics, this Cinderella Story cannot go unmentioned. Yes, it's cheesy and well, you can predict the ending from the first scene, but there is something special about it still. Fear of being who you are? Being yourself? To be free from your past? It is all things we can associate with. Not to mention that in America college is a big deal. The average American moves 10 times in their life time and that is usually the first step: going to another state for college. This movie highlights how stupid high school is and that appearances are way more important then being yourself. And you should fight that and they do. This movie in particular should be mentioned among one of the best adaptations in my opinion because even if it is modernized it makes sense. I have read some of the dumbest reviews regarding the new Cinderella and how it simply doesn't make sense here and there. By giving a background story to the evil stepmother you only allow for more questions and plot-holes. It was in this movie that I fell in love with Hilary Duff and met Chad Michael Murray, who would go on to star in another series I re-watched religiously: One Tree Hill. And they are not the only actors that I got to know here, some other great actors I got to see the work of I saw here for the first time: Simon Helberg, Regina King, Jennifer Coolidge, Dan Byrd, Madeline Zima and Julie Gonzalo. And, you guessed it, I love the music as well. I always loved Duff's voice and her songs have been among my favorites for a long time now. My favorite has always been Metamorphosis, I recommend it highly!

I got some movies from my uncle one summer, 28 Days, Two Weeks Notice, Pride & Prejudice as well as the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, and each night I would watch something new and some of the movies were very deep and perhaps not adapt for my age... but it was a great summer that taught me a lot of things that later on helped me shape who I am. These past couple of days made me realize that maybe I shouldn't neglect movies like I had for the past years.

If you want to recommend me anything, please do in the comments below!