Monday, February 16, 2015

What's Next On My List? Assassins

Growing up I was a big fan of Sylvester Stallone. I still am, but he had to be put on hold, as one can't only watch action movies. Even though, many of us do. During the winter break, however, I caught up on a couple of old favorites and new movies I hadn't gotten around to yet! And it was the best time I have ever had :D I am telling you, they key to world peace are Stallone movies! So welcome to the first #StalloneMonth, and, not the last!

My sister really loved this movie and she wanted me to see it, but it took us sometime to get around to it. Of course, major twist in the end, and for her it was fun that I didn't know - I guessed, but still - while she knew what was going to happen. Watching 90's movies with her is a lot of fun! She looks at my facial expressions instead of the movie :D

Robert Rath is an assassin who decides to quit the game, but his targets are being killed before his eyes by a young newcomer named Miguel Bain.
Miguel, however, mistakes another woman for their target and Robert flees with her, Electra, and with her helps he gets the money he needs to retire. Electra was supposed to sell a disc with classified information, and Robert wishes to sell that disc to secure his retirement and divide the profit with Electra. Knowing that Robert himself has killed an ex-assassin who wanted to retire, he is sure that Miguel will try to take him out the same way as he's got a fascination with history. With Electra's help Robert goes after Miguel and the two go up against each other. Robert wins and he heads off with Electra and the money they got from selling the disk.

It took me a lot of time to get around to this movie, which I am sorry about because I liked it very much. What can I say? You can see a pattern. I will talk about movies I didn't like too, no worries, I am, however, transported to a happy place when I see Stallone and even his bad movies have a charm to them!
And in this case I don't even have nostalgia goggles on, as I have seen this only last month! My absolute favorite scene is when the two are in a taxi, divided by bulletproof glass and they talk about what is going on. It is clear that Miguel is sent after Robert by the same person who gives the latter his assignments. Who that is, however, remains a mystery till the end. A famous game of chess is referenced and in the scene where they are sitting in the taxi cab it feels like they are having a standoff in the game. I also enjoyed how different the two characters were. They are different men to begin with, of course, but the job has done something to Robert that Miguel has not yet experienced. The latter still does it for the thrill - the former on the other hand has experienced nothing else in his life and he is tired of it. Miguel is also, let's say insane, hyperactive would also be a word for it, but the biggest problem is probably the fact that he doesn't seem to understand that he is actually killing. This, of course is the base of his character, nothing wrong with it, but it shifts the scale toward Robert. So much so that this assassin becomes a hero in the end for the viewer. Which, I think is a fantastic concept! Great writing!

Watch it? Definitely. It's a very thrilling and entertaining action movie that pays attention to its characters. And it is very smart. You can guess the twist, I didn't give it away for a reason: if you do guess it, you will feel smart, if you don't, you will love that the movie tricked you! Great cast with a great story!

Until the next item on my list!
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Robert Rath - Sylvester Stallone
Miguel Bain - Antonio Banderas
Electra - Julianne Moore

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