Monday, January 26, 2015

What's Next On My List? Becoming Jane

It took me longer to get around to this movie than I thought it would. I really love it, but it was hard for me to put into words why and I think I got it now. So, enjoy:

This movie is about the life of Jane Austen, the writer behind such classics as Pride And Prejudice, Sense And Sensibility, Emma and Northanger Abbey, among others. Jane spends her time writing on her parents' land, until one day she meets a man named Tom Lefroy, who, despite being quite rude at first manages to steal her heart. Lefroy is promised for another, and being subjected to his uncle he decides to run away with Jane, but she senses that his heart is not fully committed and that perhaps she alone won't be enough to make him happy. She leaves him, never marries, but never stops writing either.

I am a big Austen fan. This has been causing me a great deal of pain lately. At the University I was looking forward to studying her - after all, it is the English department - but all I got was, well, boredom. The teachers have grown tired of talking about her over the years and by the time I got there nobody really cared anymore. That was a real pity. Especially because they have like 423534 classes on Shakespeare, which is fine, but I used to love him too and they made me hate him. There is only so much you can say about him. And by say I mean what the teachers say - because the ones I encountered so far did not really care about our opinions... But, we'll criticize the educational system some other day, let us get back to the movie. This movie got me to fall in love with Anne Hathaway. Before that I did not particularly care for her, and I have to admit that she really got me. She was sweet, innocent, really everything I thought Austen would be. I could tell that she enjoyed playing this character!
Of course, being a writer, my idols influence me a great deal. About her books I don't so much care for the happy ending, but the relationship among the characters. She wrote with such finesse, and if you get to re-read any of her work, you'll notice that the dialogues are the best part. There is something wonderful about insulting someone by being polite, don't you think? Either way, the movie allowed for the characters to develop and there are a lot more facial expressions than there are dialogues which I can say was a brilliant idea. More importantly you realize where this writer got her inspiration from. If am completely honest, I enjoyed her books a lot more after having seen this movie, because yes, there are theories that teachers can tell you about, but the movie makes you feel like you had tea with her and she told you her story. Really, it's a wonderful idea to get to know your favorite author that way.

Watch it? Definitely. If you like costume movies or biographical movies than you will not be disappointed. And you will find that Austen has lived all of her novels, which I think is quite magical.

Until the next item on my list!
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Jane Austen - Anne Hathaway
Tom Lefroy - James McAvoy
Mrs. Austen - Julie Walters
Reverend Austen - James Cromwell
Lady Gresham - Maggie Smith
Mr. Wisley - Laurence Fox

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