Thursday, September 11, 2014

What's Next On My List? Eight Below

Today, September 12th is Paul Walker's birthday. I have decided, seeing that I do want to get around to talk about all of his movies, that I will do so every year on his birthday. I miss him a lot! I sure wish he would still be out there making great movies! Rest in peace Paul!

An unforseen cold forces two Antarctic explorers, among them Jerry Shepard, to leave their team of sled dogs behind. Based on a true story, the eight dogs chained get free and have to survive until Shephard gets the funding necessary to return for them.
Although most people are sure that the dogs couldn't have survived in the cold for so long, Shephard doesn't give up. On their last expedition he worked for a professor named Davis McClaren, who owed his life to the dogs and with the latest grant he won, he has the necessary funding to visit the base where the dogs where left. Having escaped, the dogs managed to get food and even shelter themselves from the snowstorms. Not all make it, but Shepherd saves them and takes them back home.

I already told you several times that I eternally love these movies that are either situated in the Caribbeans, Hawaii or in Alaska and at the poles. There is just something wondrous about them for me. All places I wish to visit one day and these movies make me even more curious. That said, yes, the movie appealed to me from the beginning. Even if the story wasn't compelling - and it was - I probably would've still liked it. But I couldn't not like it, seeing that these cute little dogies made me cry so hard that I was embarrassed... This story is very beautiful and you get why are dogs really man's best friend.
I don't think you should force your kids or young siblings to sit through it, I was 16 and I still cried like a little baby! The Lion King is enough of a trauma for them, but do get around to it as it focuses not only on the dogs, but also the horrible conditions these explorers have to live in. They help scientists study everything from the weather to the smallest of rocks and people don't really throw big piles of cash at them for that. The dogs are part of the team and without them the team doesn't function. That is the key element in our story as Shephard somehow becomes less as a person without his dogs. With explorers there really is no 'I' in team.
You forget that this is a true story and when you remember at the end it feels you with a warm happy feeling! I loved these dogs, I loved the setting and the drama of it as well as the casting. You watch it and you root for the dogs and root for Shephard to save them and you really start to hate nature for a couple of minutes for that damn storm and then you see the sky clear out and it is wonderful. It's a great tale indeed.

Watch it? Yes, please do. Maybe save it for a rainy day and get under the covers with a hot chocolate and enjoy the adventures of these adorable eight dogs and their dad. As a matter of fact, I'll re-watch it right now!

Until the next item on my list!
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Jerry Shephard - Paul Walker
Davis McClaren - Bruce Greenwood
Eve McClaren - Wendy Crewson
Charlie Cooper - Jason Biggs

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