Monday, September 22, 2014

Homework Assignment: American Literature 4 (part2)

I already posted an essay I had to write for this class, but I also had to do a presentation. I hated this presentation with every fiber of my being... first of all, that wasn't a very good day, or quite frankly, month for me and I just wanted to be done with it. Second, because of my attitude toward it I feel that I fell short of my actual capabilities and I hated that because I really care for the teacher who taught this course. My partner and I tried our best to make it appear well put together, but I feel we failed in that task...

That being said, we did prepare a handout with trivia quiz questions and divided our presentation into four parts: (1) The definition of 20th century drama; (2) Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?; (3) A Streetcar Named Desire and (4) a concise conclusion and summary. And to start off the presentation I made a video out of the Oscar nominated movie versions of these two plays that you can see here:

I wanted to create a separate post for this video because I think you get an idea of both plays without having heard our presentation. Plus, perhaps it will help some of you out there who are forced to watch either one of these movies. Undoubtedly the movies are great - if you like the story they tell, well, that depends on you!

Another reason why I wanted to tell you about it is that I really liked preparing for the presentation. I watched my movie with my sister and it was one of the best afternoons we had in years! We love to discuss movies, and of course we kept in mind the fact that this was an adaptation of a theater play, which, quite frankly, elevated the whole story and the actors' performance to a whole new level! And my partner in crime loves this Tennessee Williams play and you should see her face when she talks about it! Just for that the whole hassle was worth it!

And the last reason why I wanted a separate post for this is to remind myself that I can do more! In our American Literature 2 lecture we actually had a list of dramas, and it also included Long Day's Journey Into Night and Death Of A Salesman. I originally wanted to include all four adaptations into the video, but then gave up because I lacked the proper codec in my edit studio and well, the former mentioned play is only available on YouTube... and although it has a great cast (Jack Lemmon, Peter Gallagher, Kevin Spacey) it is also impossible to download due to its size... Also it is not HD. With my OCD I would've gone insane to cut together a movie from the 80's, two black and white movies that have been released on Blu-Ray and another YouTube footage of a live play...

So, laziness and OCD don't mix. But this post is here to remind me to reach the finish line the next time I set out to do something! Enjoy the video!

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