Wednesday, December 31, 2014

5 Jobs I Wanted Because of Movies/TV Shows

It took me more time than I thought it would to get here, nine months later, however, here we are! I had several posts lined up, but I decided to get over them before the new year, and because of that I managed to get this as the last entry of 2014 - and I feel very proud of myself for having arrived here as I barely managed to get any work done this past half year. With that in mind, here is my 300th entry and something very personal to finish off this year.

I did not know how to finish off this year. The reason for that is that I had horrible year. Both physically and mentally. I just hated every single second of it. And I hate to say that because some great things did happen and I wish to remember them with a smile, but for now I just can't. Because of that I decided to share with you something quite personal as I am trying to figure out where my life is headed. Hopefully this coming year will be better than the previous, either way, I still have some energy to dream, so I definitely will!

5) Architect

This job was always among the top three careers that I wanted. What I like about it is the science of it and the models. I love models. I have once re-created my favorite house by memory. The whole experience calmed me and I felt a bliss I haven't before in my life. I like to build models and draw blueprints. In the Life as a House Kevin Kline's character builds a whole house from scratch. I just love that. The whole idea of working with wood and manual labor... does this making me sound weird? I don't know, maybe that's why I love creating and crafting with my hands. I have had pretty big missteps with larger items, so I need to stick to the smaller ones. The reason for that is below.
But this job still amazes me to this day. In the movies that I watched the person who had this job was always a character who was a great person. They were somebody to aspire to, a role model of sorts. It made the job that more attracting to me. I have dreamed of one day getting this job, building my models, have my name on a building or something. I remember one great quote from the first season of The O.C., and it is something I lived by for quite some time! In the end I went with something else. Reasons why I gave up on this dream: I suck at math. And I don't mean that as a "I was bad in school". Actually, I wasn't as bad as some people are, I even enjoyed parts of it. However, this job requires a knowledge of the subject that I would never have been able to master. It is sad, I will admit it and it still pains my heart. But I wish to believe I moved on to better things, nonetheless, I'm always happy when I receive a 3D model of a famous building as a present, I have quite the collection!

"- I always wanted to be an architect.
- And what do you want to be now?
- 17.
- Me too."

4) Doctor

This job was sweet to me because of this show alone. I do watch a lot of other medical dramas but there is something about the dynamic of these characters--- I don't know how to explain it. I think it was the workplace that I was drawn to, not so much the job. Of course, saving people would have been a beautiful profession and I am very sorry that I literally don't have the guts for it. Reasons why I gave up on this dream: I can't stand blood. Fun fact, this show helped a lot in dealing with my fear. But I saw what this job actually does to people and what Hungarian hospitals look like... And no thank you. What made this profession so attractive to me was the characters and their dynamic and the way they worked together. I might be lucky enough to find a place like that, but it is unlikely, as my co-workers won't be written by a panel whose work goes through a focus group. Still, there is something magical about being a doctor and this show made sure to equally showcase the good and the bad, and I fell in love with it still.

3) Dancer

The funny thing about this particular job is that all the movies I have seen about it talk about how hard it is. In Center Stage a girl becomes bulimic in order to stay in shape, in Staying Alive the main character almost never gets a job, not even as a backup dancer. Smash reveals that really, if you don't know the right people, you won't get anywhere - in most workplaces favoritism prevails. While in Flashdance the girl dances her heart out on a stage in front of complete strangers yet she is afraid of a simple audition. I think that it is the hardships of this career the same thing that draws me to it so much. I don't care about how hard I have to work if I am doing something I love - and I love to dance. Reasons why I gave up on this dream: I haven't. I still dreaming! I know I'm never going to be a ballerina, I'm not stupid. I also can't sing, so no, the musical career is not in the cards for me either. But the stage? The lights? And nothing but me and the music? Oh boy, what I'd do to make it come true! I would literally sell my soul to the devil! The routines, the rehearsals, the other dancers, the songs and the rhythm... magical. All I can say is this: magical.

2) Lawyer

I have actually three hundred more examples, but these are the best ones. What I learned about these is that it is a hard job but the worst part of it might be to actually graduate. I also learned that you never stop learning, and I would've been OK with that. Another huge part of it - at least in the American judicial system - is acting. There is usually a whole jury the lawyer has to convince and not just one judge (OK, depends on the court and the case, don't debate me on this, that is not why we are here!). I like the team work and the individual successes, the clients and the cases that draw them into the court room. As cooky as Ally McBeal was, it was pretty strict as far as the court cases went, and I loved that they encountered the same judges over and over, as they do live in the same city! Some shows messed that up as they didn't focus on the more basic elements. Some of these movies are funny, others a thrillers and some are downright sad as even the American system makes mistakes. Reasons why I gave up on this dream: I was told I'm too stupid for it. Law school is no joke and I always felt I didn't have the proper background behind me to complete it. I even feel that now sometimes and I'm simply majoring in philology! Either way, those friends of mine who get through all deserve my highest admiration! And no, I wouldn't want to practice in Hungary. So there is also that. Do you see a pattern? American movies ruin everything...

1) Teacher

These might be a strange combo, as you can see I didn't include any of the major known movies because those did not nearly have as big of an effect on me as these have. Also I have not seen many of them... still, these four all capture something that I could strongly relate to: humanity. All the teachers in these stories were someone normal and not someone extraordinary. They either changed one child's life by simply being themselves or it was the children who changed their lives. In What Goes Up the teacher dies and a journalist meets his students whom all feel like they have lost their own family member. That is a feeling I could only hope to get to someday. I would love to be able to change someone's life for the better. I might not but that's not gonna stop me. Reasons why I-- I didn't. I did deviate from this dream - because some great teachers I had turned out to be horrible human beings -, but never completely. And when I started teaching privately I was set. The boost to not give up came when I met three wonderful teachers at university. They really have touched and changed my life for the better! I came up with this dream when I was seven years old and I can say that it is the one closest to my heart. I also want to write, it is a big part of my personality, but this might be the only job next to which I know I can do it as well. Either a classroom or a small study group of 2 students, or maybe one day a whole lecture hall - I look forward to it with a warm heart and excitement!

Extra) Writer 

I love to write but any movie or series that I've seen about writers only freaked me out. They have literally taken away my wish to do this job. And that is a funny thing, but actually it is my personality that stopped me. I can't write on command and I have already had entire months when I couldn't write down a single sentence, let alone a word. Writing is something that is a part of me and I know already how hard it is, and the movies? They portray it perfectly, in case you were wondering!

What are your dreams? Knowing my friends, I'm not the only one who was influenced by movies and TV shows. And I am sure that some have found more creative choice of careers than I did! Write to me in the comments, let me know what your dream job is!

Looking forward to 2015 and new dreams!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Building With CsorEsz: Guardians Of The Galaxy Notebook

I wanted to make my friend something special, something that only she will have and so I came up with decorating a notebook. She draws a lot and maybe she will be able to use it. We also saw Guardians Of The Galaxy together and she loved it, so what else to do?

First you will need to choose a character. I looked for beads versions of tiny Groot and this is the one I made. Choose anyone you like after a quick google search, but if you want to use mine here is a picture to help you. I ironed it very thin, almost less than 1 mm, that is what you are looking for if you want to keep the notebook still practical.

What you'll need next is a hardcover notebook to decorate. I used an A5 size notebook and decorated it with a stock image of space. Again, use google. Yes, there are several copyrights you don't want to infringe, so either check the background of the given picture, or make sure you don't try to sell your notebook (!!!). You will also need a ruler and trusty glue, I also covered it all in transparent wrap before I glued the character onto the cover.

Now, I left a small frame on the notebook, giving the picture a white frame on one side and a black on the other. If you use an A4 image, then cut into half, it should perfectly cover both sides of your notebook.

You might need an extra hand to cover both sides well, as the glue sometimes plays tricks on you and you have to make sure you avoid bubbles.

After having glued both sides, wrap it. Please, don't avoid this step, because you'll need a stronger glue to attach the figurine and it might ruin the printed image you used to cover the notebook. Not to mention that paper only stays on a surface that these notebooks have for so long. To make sure it won't detach cover it. Look out for air bubbles! Afterwards, attach the figurine!

I thought that the right lower corner was very empty, so I printed the movie logo out and added it, to make it more professional, but I forgot to take a picture afterwards, so this is all I can show you now.

I hope you liked this little guide and that you will try my formula out! My friend really liked it, so it is a guaranteed hit! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comment section!

I am Groot!

Building With CsorEsz: Kazettás Tolltartó

Testvérem rendet rakott és megkérdezte, hogy kellenek-e nekem a régi kazettái, rávágtam, hogy igen. Kitaláltam, hogy építek belőlük valamit. Egyik barátnőm szereti a kézzel készített ajándékokat, hát gondoltam készítek neki egy tolltartót mert szeret rajzolni és így az asztalára kerülhet valami retro és egyben személyre szóló és egyedi.

Ahogy a hozzávalókból is látod, nem elég összeragasztani a kazettákat, még egy kicsit díszítünk is rajta, és ehhez én ezüst szalagot és egy ezüst filcet használtam. De haladjunk sorban. A kazettákat úgy ragasztottam össze, hogy a szélesebb részét (ahol a magnó szalag van) ragasztottam a másik szélére (90 fokban).

Én egy erős Pritt ragasztót használtam, ami fát-papírt-anyagot ragaszt és jól bevállt, csak hagyni kellett száradni sokáig. Ha sietünk akkor a pillanat ragasztót tudom ajánlani. A pillanatragasztó sokszor eszi a műanyagot, vagy magát a szalagot, ezért óvatosan használjuk. Én az egyik kazettából ki is szedtem a szalagot, a másiknál pedig az vált segítségemre, hogy jól megkössön a ragasztó. Próbálkozni kell, és ne aggódjunk ha nem törhetetlen elsőre!

Rakjuk hozzá a következő kazettát ugyanígy, majd a negyediket is. Ekkor az egyik végét le kell zárni, hogy a tollak a helyükön maradjanak. Ehhez vagy fekete/szürke kartont használjunk vagy esetleg egy filc anyagot, vagy dekor gumit. Mind a kettő kapható hobby boltokban, és megfelelőek mert felfogják az esetleges tintát a tolltartóban.

Én egy ezüst szalaggal bevontam a kazetták széleit a ragasztás mellett és a fenti széle mellett is leragasztottam, így:

Visszatekintve eléggé egyszínű lett, de így nem vontam el a figyelmet a kazettákról, ami a retro ajándék lényege volt. De még ragasztottam rá piros matricákat és a fekete karton aljára pedig ráírtam, hogy "Boldog Szülinapot!". Érdemes több masnival vagy díszítő elemmel is próbálkozni, továbbá ha vannak színes kazettáitok, akkor mindenképpen azokat is használjátok! (Nekem van kék, piros és zöld is, még egy sárgát keresek mielőtt elkezdek dolgozni rajta!) 

Remélem tudtam adni valami ötletet, hogy a régi kazetták ne menjenek kárba, így újra praktikusak lehetnek!

Jó munkát és ha más ötleteitek támadtak, akkor osszátok meg azokat a kommentek között!

Building with CsorEsz: Beads #3

Here is the last batch from this year, if you got beads for your kids or you need to make a present ASAP before the New Year comes, then here are some cute ideas for you!

To start with, two simple ones, a kitty cat and a basketball key chain:

Then, Adventure Time, three different Jakes and a tiny Finn.

If you look for hamsters, you won't find many, unfortunately, as most of them copy the Japanese cartoon Hamtaro, so in order to change it up a bit I made him a different nose and colored him differently. Try it with black spots or gray ones to mix it up a bit!

And here are some well known iconic characters or signs. I made a Glee one, something I haven't seen before, play with the colors if you make one, and I hope you like them all!

Minions from Despicable Me


Assassin's Creed

Meeko from Pocahontas

Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy

Chun-Li from Street Fighter

Cooking with CsorEsz: Mézeskalács shake

Két félképen lehet elkészíteni ezt a fajta shake-t, a titok a fagylaltban van. 

- banán (1 adaghoz)
- tej
- mézeskalács fűszer mix
- diós fagylalt/mézeskalács fagylalt

Pár hete egy mézeskalács izesítésű fagylaltba futottam a Spar-ban, és hát sajnos valószínüleg már egyszer kiolvadt, mert kristályos volt a belseje, és igaz jégkrémnek nem volt finom, de ízesítőnek pedig tökéletes volt.

Először leturmixolsz egy banánt egy kis tejjel, ez alatt a fagyit hagyd olvadni egy pár percig. Utána három evőkanálni adagot tegyél a turmixba és addig kapcsold vissza míg el nem osztódik. Ha szívószállal szeretnéd inni, akkor több tejet adj hozzá, más esetben az olvadozó fagyi elég ahhoz, hogy ne fagylalt hanem shake állaga legyen. 
A cél az, hogy miközben iszod banános, de az utóíz pedig a fahéj és gyömbér keveréke lesz. 
Abban az esetben ha nem találsz ilyen fagyit, akkor két dolgot tehetsz:
- Van egy mézeskalács fűszermix és abból egy keveset belekeverhetsz a turmixba és dió fagyit használni (a szerecsendió jól keveredik a sima dió fagyival!)
- Vagy, a macerásabb verzió, ugyanezt a fűszerkeveréket bele főzöd tejbe, megvárod míg kihül, leszűröd és utána kevered a dió fagyihoz.

Az utóbbi egy mézeskalács latte elkészítéséhez is alkalmas!

Érdemes kipróbálni variációkat, az biztos, hogy egy napi banán senkinek nem árt és jó alapot ad a shakenek, továbbá meg laktat, szóval nem fogunk öt percenként a fagyi után nyúlni!

Jó étvágyat kívánok hozzá!

Building With CsorEsz: 3D Origami Swan

Well, if you don't know, I'm insane. I don't care about the amount of time it takes to make someone a special present that they will cherish and appreciate. In this case, it was a swan for my best friend. I learned 3D origami a couple of years back from a classmate and I built an Ocarina of Time with it for my brother, something which I will make sure to share in a bit, but let's get back to the swan.

To make this swan I used the help of razcapapercraft's channel on YouTube. I am very grateful and without it I wouldn't be anywhere, so I will share his video to build the swan.

To make the elements for a 3D origami you should follow this formula:

Make as many as you can. In his video he mentions that he needed 450 pieces, I had to use up almost 470 so make more if you have a chance. You will have to create a closed base for the swan, like this:

You will need 24 pieces for one row, and a total of three layers before you make the closed base, which simply means that you have to put in pieces the other way around than the original layers.

Sorry, I was watching a movie...
Then, add extra five layers of the same 24 pieces and continue like that. You might count nine here, the ninth is the inverted closed layer at the bottom.

Afterwards you have to make the chest. Find one side and put down five pieces, Then four above it, then three, two and one.

You will have to leave out one whole at the end of the previous five piece of the chest. Go around the other side and put in another layer, stop at the same place, leaving out one whole before the chest. Then turn around and do the same until you get the last piece before the whole. And then back. Build it up like a pyramid.

To make the neck use about 20 to 30 pieces. You will have to glue the neck together, but before you do you should position it the way that is most pretty to you. I gave mine a bit of a shorter neck, to make the swan more buff, so my friend can remember how strong she is!

To finish off my swan I used a gold glitter paint for the last layer of his wings and made him an orange beak. For the beak make a piece out of the half of the size of the paper you would need for a regular piece.

Well, she loved it, so it was worth all the time I spent folding those pieces. It is a beautiful gift, so get to work! Here is the video if you want to be guided through it.

And if you want to make a smaller one, here is the guide for that:

Thank you razcapapercraft, you can also click onto their blog here

Have fun folding!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

ABC Original Christmas Movies For The Holidays

Having done a small list of my favorite Hallmark movies (click here to read!), I wanted to make one of ABC's best Christmas movies as well. Now, some of these you might have already seen on my other Christmas lists, not to mention that 'best' might not be the definition you would go with in some cases... they are either very festive or inventive in these cases, but special nonetheless! ABC goes insane during the holidays too, not just the Hallmark channel :D Let's see what we've got (in chronological order):

My list of Christmas movies is right here, so read that if you want more tips, this, however, is fun because although the formula has been re-used, what makes this great is the chemistry among the actors.
It centers on the "I wish it was Christmas everyday" theme, however this wish comes true for someone other than the person who wished for it. In the movie, Kevin (Jay Mohr) has just divorced his wife Jill (Daphne Zuniga), but he goes up to see her to wish Merry Christmas to his son. He gets trapped here, forced to spend Christmas with the in-laws who hate him, Jill's new boyfriend and very disappointed Ben, his son. After several and countless Christmases, he finally learns his lesson. You clearly know where the story is going, but it is still very entertaining and for me it is one of the best versions of this story! There is one other that I like very much, but I'll talk about that next year ;)

Well, I like this movie because it was original, but I am very mad at it because it made the elves into idiots. You might have come across this criticism of mine here and there - but I retain that if you can have magical creatures who have the ability to build toys for billions of children, why make them resemble retards? I especially hate this when they are played by adult actors. It is not cute, it is ridiculous and annoying as hell...
That said, the movie is about Santa's daughter, Mary (Jenny McCarthy), she goes home for the holidays and wishes to take over her father's legacy. At first, however, her approach is not quite traditional and she has to learn that even though some of Santa's ways could use fixing, they still work. She misses out on the importance of keeping the whole North Pole a secret, as it is not a business but one man's entire life. Once she understands that it is not how they get the presents to the children, but that they do, she is ready to take over! It is fun, cute and a nice take on Santa's family. Pop it in if you just want to watch something relaxing!

Cate (Shannon Doherty) is a thief, but her last job didn't go too well so she heads back home to lay low for a while. There she takes care of her niece and nephew and reconnects with an old love, who happens to be a cop... She gets a possibility to make up for her last job with her old partner, but she has to then choose between being a criminal or being an aunt - something she finds quite fun.
I have seen another Christmas movie about a criminal turning good, that was Stealing Christmas with Tony Danza, and I quite like these because you know that crime doesn't stop, but maybe during the holidays people really do change their priorities. At least I hope! Also, Doherty was a fun character and of course you know that she will learn from it, but you still wonder how or for what specific reason does she change to give up this life of crime. And when you think about it, it is scary to have to start from zero. But that is what family is for! This is a good movie and it is very festive! (You know, despite the crime!)

Angie (Christina Milian) has had it with her family. She wants a real American Christmas, but nothing seems to go her way, until one day she gets a snow globe from a mysterious mail man and she teleports into the perfect world inside of it. Only after visiting it several times does she realize, that perfections is not what she needs and that family is much more important. Cute fun story, a bit misleading as the family represents a minority and strongly plays with stereotypes. Not to mention that the girl just wants to go to sleep, because that's when she enters the snow globe, but wanting to sleep all the time is a primary source of depression... OK, sorry for being a downer, it is a good movie, original and very festive! I do recommend it, because besides those two downsides of it, it is still a good movie!

This movie was awesome. I was worried that I was not gonna like it, but actually, it was spot on! It is about a weird family imposing their weird ideals on their daughter who just cracks under pressure and kidnaps a guy to make him pretend to be her boyfriend.
It might not sound very festive, but I'm sure some of us have done some pretty crazy stuff to get through the holidays and I can't blame her. The thing I liked most about the movie is how Trudie (Melissa Joan Hart) keeps coming up with little white lies to cover for the fact that her boyfriend David (Mario Lopez) believes to have been kidnapped. She covers for her story perfectly and in the end David gets to see that she is not so crazy after all, but the holidays put a whole lot of pressure on all of us. He gets her arrested, but also drops the charges as he realizes that his current girlfriend is more fake than the lies Trudie came up with over the weekend. It is a funny movie, and original doesn't begin to cover it :D Check it out!

This might be the less original, as it is a less conventional Christmas Carol about turning a career centered woman into appreciating the little things in life. I never got that, by the way, Christmas Carols that turn people who made their own fortunes into, well, poor people.
Is that what Christmas is all about? I get that they should be more aware, but if the price of that is giving up all you worked for, then really, is it worth it? Most renditions just focus on making a good person out of the bad one, someone who has completely lost their way, here you have someone who has it in her heart to be good they just deliberately choose to be bad. Weird. Either way, there are only so many adaptations one can make of a Christmas Carol and if you want a really modern version, then I recommend it. Also look! Chad Michael Murray!

OK, I'll admit that I have said some pretty harsh things about these movies, but I wanted to list them because the good beats the bad by a mile! Good actors, original stories and very festive movies!

And with that I end this years holiday season! I could write about New Year's Eve, but I'm not going to it would only be a rant about how none of the characters have any chemistry and that I hated every second of it. The only good thing would've been to have the movie be only about Michelle Pfeiffer and Zac Efron. There you go, that's my review of that piece of shit!
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!