Sunday, November 3, 2013

Homework Assignment: History Of The USA I.

Az egyetemen eddig volt négy órám, amit élveztem is, és mind a négy előadás. Ez konkrétan teljesen megváltoztatta az érzéseimet a történelem iránt, mint tantárgy! A félév folyamán mindent megtettem, hogy pontos és jól használható jegyzeteim legyenek, mert sok barátomat segítettem ki, akik nem tudtak bejárni óra ütközés miatt. A jegyzeteim őket már átsegítették a vizsgán, remélem neked is tudok segíteni!
Jó szórakozást a tanuláshoz! (a dokumentumhoz a link-et lent találod meg!)

At the university I had an overall of four classes that I actually enjoyed so far, all lectures, and this one in particular completely changed the way I feel about history as a subject. Over the course of the semester I made sure to have very accurate lecture notes as I have given them to a lot of friends of mines who couldn't attend. My notes helped them, I hope they will help you too!
Have fun studying! (the link for the document is at the bottom!)

If you have found my notes, it means that you are preparing for your exams at some University or you have recently picked up a course by a similar name. I uploaded my notes and you are completely free to use them, there is, however one request I make of you: You are allowed to use, print, share these notes, but please, do NOT upload it or the link to any forums or facebook groups! 
Please accept my wishes and have fun studying! 
Good luck on your exam, thank you:
The author"

The file is not available at the moment, it will be re-uploaded shortly!

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