Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What's Next On My List? Hotel Transylvania

Trying to find a lot of new things to add to my Halloween movie/TV show list. And I have found one that will always be a favorite of mine! Let us talk about one of the best cartoons I have seen in past five years:

Count Dracula has a daughter whom he wishes to shield from the evil that lurks in humans. He comes up with the idea of a secret hotel where all of his supernatural friends can hide and he can take care of his daughter Mavis.
But all seems to go wrong, when by accident a boy named Jonathan does find his way to the hotel. Mavis' 118th birthday is coming up and Dracula tries to disguise Jonathan as another Frankenstein monster to make sure nobody is freaked out by him. Dracula has been telling everyone about the evil humans do - not even knowing how they evolved into the 21st century and it is Jonathan that makes him realize that their kind won't be rejected by society the way it was in the 19th century. Only one thing is left to make right - he needs to see that Mavis and Jonathan have something special and he needs to allow for them to be in love without interfering.

I loved every second of this cartoon! It was simply amazing! First of all the animation was incredible. With every second passing I just fell in love with everything I was seeing. The details? And the attention to detail? I just couldn't get over it! There are so many things to see and so little time - you need to re-watch it and re-watch it to see everything. And it is very worth it :D I loved these characters and the when you think about it, there are a lot of Halloween specials, but not an entire cartoon devoted to these characters. This movie will become a classic in our family!
As far as the story goes - I was very pleasantly surprised. We heard so little about this cartoon, that I was convinced it was going to be awful. About two months ago I already discussed how I feel about Adam Sandler (click here to read that review!) and fart/poop jokes. So again, not having heard neither too good nor too bad about the cartoon, I wasn't sure what to think. But that didn't stop me because I knew that even if I didn't like parts of it, I will still enjoy that sweet Halloween feeling that comes with it - and I did! I loved every character, the story, the background and the colors: It all just simply worked for me! Despite the total amount of one fart joke and of course one necessary barf, it hit home run with me!

If you watch it, keep in my mind that my favorite characters were the werewolf family! They were downright hilarious, and you couldn't really tell that they weren't real characters - that is probably the thing I enjoyed the most.

Thank you for reading, Happy Halloween! I'll try to do one more post on the topic before I run out of time to make my costume :D Please check out my lists of favorite Halloween music here and favorite Halloween movies here!

Until the next item on my list!
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Dracula - Adam Sandler
Jonathan - Andy Samberg
Mavis - Selena Gomez
Frankenstein - Kevin James
Eunice - Fran Drescher
Wayne - Steve Buscemi
Wanda - Molly Shannon
Griffin - David Spade
Murray - CeeLo Green
Quasimodo - Jon Lovitz

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