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My Top 15 Halloween Television Specials

You might have discovered that I really love Halloween and every year my sister tries to gather the TV specials so we can watch as many fun stories as we can - even with the shows we don't watch. Among them we have some that have the funniest and most original stories I have ever seen. Others? They are simply good fun for the holidays!

15) Norm
Season 3, Episode 5 - Norm vs. Halloween

I grew up in Hungary, where the TV stations buy all of the sitcoms - even ones that are cancelled. Thankfully, the one we are talking about now lasted over a season and it was one of my favorites. In the Halloween special, everyone dresses up to impress somebody and end up doing a horrible job at it. But, at least they all get enough candy to enjoy the party! Not many people know this series, and that is a shame. This special will always be one of my favorites!

14) SpongeBob
Season 1, Episode 13 - Scaredy Pants

Who doesn't love SpongeBob? And the time when he finally gets to celebrate Halloween? It's about the funniest thing you can ask for! SpongeBob tries really hard to scare the citizens of Bikini Bottom by dressing up as a ghost. Not succeeding he accidentally reveals how he trimmed his sponge to fit in the ghost costume and his brain is revealed and he actually manages to scare every single friend of theirs! It is one of the dumbest and funniest cartoons I have ever seen :D

13) One Tree Hill
 Season 8, Episode 6 - Not Afraid

I was really mad at One Tree Hill because it never had a single Holiday special for seven consecutive years! You'd think that a series that is so focused on family would at least have a Christmas special! So you can imagine my delight when finally they had a Halloween special that was actually about Halloween and not just a masquerade party. The eight season wasn't nearly as good as the first ones, we all know that, but it made a great special with candy, costumes and even a zombie gag in the beginning! I love it!

12) Everybody Hates Chris
Season 1, Episode 6 - Everybody Hates Halloween

This TV show is way underrated. It is actually a diamond in the rough and the holiday specials are even better! Chris needs to take his brother and sister trick-or-treating even though he wants to go to a grown up party for once and he almost manages, but as always he is caught by his suspicious mom. The punishment, however is completely worth it! My favorite part about the episode is Chris' dad who tries to give the children cheap candy and keeps fighting with his wife about it. They are really hilarious!

11) Freakazoid!
Season 1, Episode 2 - Candle Jack

Another very stupid - but hilarious cartoon that I grew up with. There is one episode in particular, which isn't directly Halloween related, however it is very spooky. I mean foolish. It is simply idiocracy, but a very fun one :D The boogeyman Candle Jack snatches kids on a camping trip. He can only get them if they say his name, and well...

"- What are you gonna do to us?
- I'm not sure. I've never gotten so many at once... Not a very bright bunch, are you?"

10) ER
Season 9, Episode 5 - A Hopeless Wound

The whole crew refuses to dress up, with the exception of Abby and Carter - who become the butt of every joke during a very chaotic night in the ER. In the focus is Doctor Corday, who has no time to get to home to trick-or-treat with her daughter as she has to jump from surgery to surgery. I do no want to reveal the main storyline, but there were a total of four Halloween themed episodes during the 15 seasons and this is my favorite of all. All of the episode is focused around Halloween night and that makes it excel above the other specials - also these were my favorite cast members!

9) The Neighbors
Season 1, Episode 5 - Halloween-ween

I don't really know this show, but during the special I just kept on laughing hysterically! The new family tries to explain to the alien neighbors what Halloween is all about and it seems that they don't want to understand it, even if the idea of it really appeals to most of them. On the same hand, the family is struggling in dealing with the fact that perhaps the children don't need them anymore. You are in for a treat, so make sure you get this episode on you list of specials! (There was one in the second season as well, that was great too!)

8) Supernatural
Season 4, Episode 5 - Monster Movie

I don't actually watch Supernatural, my sister used to before the series changed around and took a more... let's say catholic route. And even though there is an episode that is considered to be a Halloween special, it is actually this one from season 4 that hit all the right spots with me. The guys investigate a person who can change its appearance - and he decides to change into Dracula... the one that Bela Lugosi portrayed! This leads to several comedic moments and the whole episode is in black and white, to add to the feeling.

7) Modern Family
Season 2, Episode 6 - Halloween

Here is another series that I don't watch, but it has the best specials ever! The first one I saw was from the second season and quite honestly it very quickly became a favorite. The families are preparing for a haunted house, but everybody seems to have had the worst day ever and they try to compete over who has the best excuse to drop out from the haunted house. Of course, in the end it all comes together, and well... "Enter, if you dare!"

6) Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23
Season 2, Episode 2 - Love and Monsters...

This has got to be my new favorite as it has absolutely nothing to do with any of the other Halloween specials I have seen in my life! It is downright hilarious how stupid it is. There is only one party in it and even that is about happiness, as the host doesn't like scary things... Have you heard anything so stupid before? It's genius! I can't tell you more, because it is so different than any other special - you just have to see it!

5) The Middle
Season 3, Episode 7 - Halloween II

Actually one special is better than the other, but I think the story-lines in this one appealed to me the most. This is one of the funniest families and in the specials they all do something extra sweet that really touches the heart. Mike convinces Sue to update her wardrobe, but he is scared by what he sees. Meanwhile, Frankie takes Brick's social group to trick or treat, and Axl takes his friends are not sure if they want to let go of trick or treating. The last one is the best story!

4) Roseanne
Season 2, Episode 7 - BOO!

This is one of my family's favorite series growing up. Every year there was a Halloween specials and each one is better than the other but the first one has got to be the best! The first of the annual Halloween episodes finds Roseanne doing her best to scare Dan who is waiting to hear about an important business deal going through. The fact that they keep pranking each other is so cute and to me it proves a very special and strong bond that not many sitcoms have.

3) Community
Season 2, Episode 6 - Epidemiology

The study group is left to fend for themselves by Dean Pelton during a rabies outbreak due to tainted food at Greendale's Halloween party. It is all one fun zombie special and it is unique as no other sitcom has tried this before. They had a holiday episode for each season, but as you get to know the characters better you appreciate the specials even more. No exception when it comes to this series! Just watch them, trust me!

2) Happy Endings
Season 2, Episode 5 - Spooky Endings 

Jane and Brad spend a scary Halloween house sitting for friends in the suburbs, while the rest of the gang heads to a warehouse party, where their respective costumes don't quite have the effect they anticipated, especially for Alex and Dave. They try to dress up as iconic characters, but everything seems to go bad when nobody gets their costume. It is again, out of the ordinary and ads something extra to the holiday and it is very very funny!

1) Gravity Falls
Season 1, Episode 12 - Summerween

A town that loves Halloween so much: They have it twice a year! Do I need to say more? I eternally love this cartoon and well, each episode actually has something creepy and scary about it that makes it very Halloweenie! And what is awesome, is that they used that opportunity to make a special for themselves, even though the series aired during the summer! You need to see it, even if you don't watch the others, trust me when I tell you that this cartoon tops every special you have ever seen!

I actually watch plenty more specials that are absolutely fantastic, but the 15 I shared are the ones I actually do re-watch every single year. But some others may be to your liking too - for example Last Man Standing, Cougar Town, My Little Pony and some awesome specials in Dawson's Creek.That said, I need to go finish my costume, I've got a party tomorrow night :D

Coming up, a very special comic-movie review, until then!

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