Saturday, October 26, 2013

Building With CsorEsz: Halloween Beads

What better way to decorate the house than homemade decorations? I have been going all out this year as we have these big switches for the light that are able to hold the beads. So on one I have a black cat, on the other I have two pumpkins in a little window!
You will see that many are far better, those were made by my sister - and they are her own creations!We are very proud and I love everything I see around my house :)


Make sure you try these out - you will not be disappointed! This is especially fun when you are watching all of those Halloween movies that you re-watch every year and know by heart :D I always do beads when I am watching the TV specials, well... Re-watch them actually! Awesome series like Roseanne, sometimes even ALF, one great party in Friends and others alike!

Before the big holiday, I still have one very special list planned, so stay tuned because you're in for a treat!

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