Monday, May 6, 2013

The Blogger

Dear Readers,

I am introducing a new segment. You know, I barely use my blog for personal entries - even though expressing opinions about movies is also very personal. Either way, there are several things I have always wanted to talk about. For example, the fact that 'hating' something seems to become a new trend that brings people together. Also, topics like how Harry Potter books are better than movies (for me, it is the other way around).

At the university there is one thing I have learned: If you don't have an argument for your opinion, then your opinion doesn't really matter. It is said, but also very true. That's one of the reasons why I like movie reviews so much. I enjoy fighting for my opinion. My aim is to make sure that people don't take my reviews as angry rants from a young girl. (Well, for the exception of the What The F*ck Is This Sh*t? entries.)
That is why I would like to express my opinion in a more formal way, rather than blabbering on and on about stuff. Hopefully, I'll give people something to talk about and or wish to discuss with me.

The new segment will be called 'Blogger'. I plan my first entry very-very soon, beforehand a couple more reviews coming up. Stay tuned!

And thank you all for your support! I can't believe we are above 40,000 views! As soon as the exam period is over, I'll be back with a lot to say and a lot to dissect.
Spread the word ;)

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