Friday, May 31, 2013

Blogger: Happy Birthday

Dear Readers,
yes, I am selfish enough to congratulate myself on having lived another year. This is the first entry in this segment, so you'll just have to deal with what I have to say: I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!
Why? Well, to start off with, I never really understood people who don't like their birthdays and want to keep their age a secret. You know, unless they are vampires or they actually managed to stop time at one point and are now upset that it didn't last very long: Aging is part of life - essentially it is what life is all about. And if you are not aging, let me tell you that something is awfully wrong with you! You should see a doctor right away!
That said, I make it my personal mission to make my friends' birthdays as memorable as possible. Unfortunately, most of them don't share my passion, so I often don't get anything - but I'll talk about that later.
Since I can remember I tried to always build something for my friends or get them something I remembered them telling me they wanted. Unfortunately I have way too many friends who don't like personally made gifts... So I try and buy sometimes and balance between the two big groups. Last year, I bought a pink light saber for my best friend - one time I organized a sort of scavenger hunt with letters and clues, I make pearl animals and design birthday cards that remind the birthday girl or boy of something special. And surprise parties! Oh my god, I love surprises! I think it is wonderful when you realize that not only your friends remembered your birthday, but they were actually planning something for it in advance!
This has changed over the years unfortunately, mostly due to facebook. And even that sometimes doesn't help because my guy best friend managed to forget me one year... And it was really horrible! Being forgotten is about the only fear I have in life... And you know it is in these times that you understand the sentence "It's the thought that counts!" - even if people just write onto your facebook wall and don't spend a penny, you still feel appreciated.

Last year I told you all about how ever since my sweet sixteen on the day of my birthday I re-watch one of my favorite movies: Sixteen Candles (click on the picture above to read my review!). This year I want to tell you about the little rituals I have on my special day.
First of all, I like to go to cemetery to see my grandparents. I grew up with only one grandmother and it's always been my wish to know my grandparents - I know its an impossible wish, but I still feel closer to them this way. Second, each year I do something significant (to me at least!). When I was 16, I watched this movie for the first time and I listened to Neil Sedaka's Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen.
The following year I got my left ear pierced. It was awful, I fainted and the 2 meter tall bald guy who was piercing it had to slap me conscious with his latex glove. Good times :D Either way, I went home and I listened to Abba's Dancing Queen ("Young and sweet, only seventeen!').
For my 18th birthday I got a small Pilsner keg from my folks and I did my graduate exam in English and Italian - and as dorky and eager-beaver as that may sound, it was a huge accomplishment for me. The following year I did another graduate exam, this time German and when I was 20 I finished high school, which was humoungos for me!
I usually buy myself something small, like a book or sunglasses - just so I get a present from other than my parents. This year I'm going to go to the theater to see the sixth movie in the The Fast And The Furious franchise with my best friend. (Click the picture to read my previous reviews!) Last but not least I made myself a picture. As you know, I love comics and mangas, so I created myself a card with all of my favorites in comics style. My song this year is from Switchfoot Let That Be Enough ("It's my birthday tomorrow, no one here can now. I was born this Thursday, 22 years ago.")

I hope I could persuade you to not be ashamed of your age and enjoy your birthday AND persuade others to enjoy it as well :D It is the one day in the year that is all about you! Don't try to hide it or act as if you were ashamed. Because being alive is awesome! We get to see the new Star Trek movie, or watch the sunset, feel salty sea water on our skin and you know, watch the new Star Trek movie :D (seriously, watch the new Star Trek movie!)
So, sorry but I have to :)


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