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My Top 10 Favorite Marvel Characters

Still have one Marvel review to go, however, it is just a book adaptation in comic, so really let me wrap up the well known sort of "Stan Lee-an" sort of Marvel comics and movies and cartoons reviews here. Still got one Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions coming up soon, however I wanted to finish off with a list of my favorite Marvel characters: all of them! Hope you enjoy it!

10) Mystique

I don’t know much about Mystique to be honest, but it is exactly that mystery that keeps me  interested in her. There are two things that fascinate me about her though. First is her loyalty to Magneto. Second is the storyline according to which she is the mother of Nightcrawler. In this story we find out that the father of the child was Azazel, a red skinned mutant with a pointy tale and the ability to teleport. Because he was considered to be the devil himself, he is a touchy subject, however he was brought to life in X-Men: First Class (click here to read my review!). At the end of which movie Mystique and Azazel both joined Magneto’s team. I don’t think that the writers will be smart enough to encorporate this story to the sequel, but I sure would like it a lot!

9) Captain America

Everybody loves him… that is probably why he is so low on my list. I loved him in the Ultimates series and I loved him in the movie cartoons (click here to read my review!). He is a fantastic character and not for his strenght or his shield, but for his charisma. However he has lately turned into this even more iconic character thanks to the live action movies (click here to read my review!) that I am embarassed to admit that I like him. People just give me that dumb look like "Yeah, of course you like him.”. So I just keep the cute Steve Rogers all to myself now.

8) Deadpool

This crazy character was introduced to me in a little cartoon by the title of Hulk vs. Wolverine (click here to read my review!). I had fallen in love with him at first sight. He is an idiot. A smart and a funny one. He is also incredibly strong. Originally he is known as Wade Wilson from Canada, he was offered hope in the form of Department K, a special weapons development branch of the Canadian government. Wilson became a test subject in Department K’s branch of the joint U.S./Canadian superhuman enhancement project, the Weapon X Program; his cancer was temporarily arrested via the implantation of a healing factor derived from another Department K agent, the mutant adventurer Wolverine. He is a wonderful character, a bad guy, but don’t you wish that sometimes the bad guys were fun? Instead of you know, incredibly annoying…

7) Spider-Man

I loved him ever since I saw the Sam Raimi movies, which made me start reading the Ultimate Spider-Man comics and now I loved him in the new version. It’s just a great character whom you get to grow with and care for more than you’d think. I love his love stories; his relationship with Aunt May; the way he has learned to cope with his losses and how he fights evil until his last breath. He is the kind of guardian angel you want looking after you.

6) Iceman

Originally my favorite character from the Ultimate X-Men comics, Bobby Drake has the ability to turn everything to ice, including himself. He is a young but incredibly passionate kid with a heart of gold. He was portrayed by Shawn Ashmore in the X-Men live action movies (click here to read my review!) and gotta say he worked with the character very well. Even though in the comics he is a very cheerful person who makes you smile, in the movie they approached him differently, which was all fine, but if I must choose, I’d go with the comic version! Looking forward to seeing some more of him!

5) Giantman/Antman

Many people love Antman, and recently I finally discovered why. He is a geeky, yet very smart and good looking guy with the heart of gold and the true personality of a hero. However, the person I care for is Giantman from the Ultimates series. I always loved this version because Hank Pym is a total asshole. Not only in this, also in the cartoon that was based on these comics (click here to read my review!). There is even a storyline where he hits his wife! It fantastically creates this contrast that a superhero doesn't have to be the kindest and most caring person in the world. His wife Janet and him have this relationship that destroys them. But that's love for you, we might not always care for the right guy! 
At Comic-Con they announced the plans for an Antman movie - by a director who takes action movies and comedies to a whole other level, so it should be really fun - I will miss my asshole of a Hank Pym though!

4) Beast & Storm

If there is one love story that gets me more excited (beside the one coming up!), is the one between Beast and Storm. I never knew the original stories, but in the Ultimate X-Men comics their love just kept me hanging on and longing for more! Hank never really understood how this beautiful and mysterious woman could fall for him, but she did. And when William Stryker turned him into a blue monster... they just drifted apart. Their relationship got to a destructive point, where Hank couldn't believe that Ororo still cared for him. They loved each other far more to be able to live with the guilt of causing each other harm. I was so-so pissed that they didn't work with this in the live action movie (click here to read my review!). I was so excited when I heard that they were going to cast Beast in X-Men: The Last Stand and yet, beside a mild blush from the part of Ororo there was nothing. Damn you movie!

3) Hulk

The love that Bruce Banner has for Betty Ross is something that always keeps me going. The hope that there is such a love that beats illnesses, near madness, distance and literally everybody's disapproval... it's magical. Bruce is an incredible character, a true inspiration to me. He is one of the weakest people and yet when human, he is the strongest with his heart and mind. I loved their love in the live action movies (click here to read my review!) as well as the Ultimate Avengers cartoon. People don't care much for the Hulk, because in that state we all know that he is invincible... he is sort of like Superman, but I am touched by the fact that even if he loses his mind in that state, his heart still clears his vision: he could never hurt Betty.

2) Mr. Fantastic

I have fallen in love with his version in the Fantastic Four movies (click here to read my review!), after that I started reading Ultimate X4, in which there are a couple of versions of Reed Richards. The first is a very young version who wears his glasses and lab coat all the time. The other one is a bit older, with the grey hair - this version starred in a cartoon in 2006 called Fantastic Four - but he still looks young because his hair is longer. So far I liked every version of him. I don't want any mistakes made, it is not his special power that keeps me interested... I find his elasticity to be incredibly creepy! I like his mind, his heart, the way he looks! He is hot! Also there is a storyline in which we discover that he and Hank Pym are great friends. I liked that. Cameos and overlapping of stories always makes me curious and interested. The clash of such great scientists... it was sort of like Bruce Banner meeting Tony Stark in the Avengers movie (click here to read my review!). Yeah, I'm hot for scientists!

Before I go on, there are a few runner ups I didn't mention because I find them to have become incredible clichés nowadays. First is Iron Man, who would've shared a spot with Captain America (3). Second is Johnny Storm, aka Human Torch, who appeared in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic and I fell for his childish cuteness. He would've shared a spot with Iceman (6). And finally Daredevil, who is just as mysterious as Mystique (10) and he has a Batman like charm to him that melts a woman's heart. I've heard the rights for the movie version of him has gone back to Marvel, so let's hope they will sell him to the right people now! And here it comes, my favorite character:

1) Colossus

You probably didn’t see that coming, and in that case I'm glad because I did mean to surprise you all! Colossus, Peter Rasputin, was born in the Soviet Union and has later been recruited by Xavier in his new X-Men team. His ability is to transform all of his body into steel. If you want to compare him, the closest superheroes are the Thing and the Hulk. There was also a miniseries in which it was established that his family is the descendant of the real life historical figure Grigori Rasputin.
I'm attracted to muscles, I have to admit, and also he is one of the most interesting characters in the Ultimate X-Men comics. He has a love story with Shadowcat, although in the live action movie this story line wasn't used at all. The actor who portrayed him was Daniel Cudmore, who I think was a good choice body wise, but I fear that they didn't give him any lines because he wasn't the best of actors back then.
Peter has this introverted and shy personality. He is also an artist. In a storyline his mind was wiped and he didn't remember any of the X-Men: he just painted. After his return to the team, he and Shadowcat get together but they can't seem to make it work. He has one the biggest hearts in the whole X-Men team. He is sort of a big brother you want to confide in and let him make you hot cocoa in the middle of the night. I hope he gets a storyline in one of the new live action movies, I really hope so!

I do admit that I change my favorites often, however one constant has always been Colossus. If the new Thor: The Dark World movie comes out, I'll probably change my mind again, same with Iron Man 3 or Captain America: Winter Soldier. As a matter of fact The Amazing Spiderman (click here to read my review!) just reminded me that I love Spidey too. So, yeah, hard choice but Colossus is always up there!

That's gotta do it. Not sure when I'll get the chance to write my next review, I'm going away for a while and I  am also currently working on my book, not to mention that there are only three weeks till my third semester at university starts, so I really gotta take care of a couple of things sooner or later. Make sure to check out my previous reviews, that's gotta do it for Marvel's best and brightest, coming soon with Dark Horse and DC!

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