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What's Next On My Marvel List? (Movies) X-Men

So, let us dig in, our first quartet will be the X-Men movies, let's get down to it, shall we?

Oh, it was 12 years ago that the first movie was released... a lot has changed since then, but still it is one of my many favorites. 
The story concentrates on Rogue, a young girl who's mutant power is to suck the life energy of one (in case of a mutant, their special power as well), and how she came to meet the X-Men. She runs away from home, fearing she will hurt the ones around her, only to encounter Logan, aka Wolverine. She catches a ride with him, when they are attacked by Magneto's mutants, who need the girl for their master's evil plan to enhance everyone's X-gene, therefore closing the gap between humans and mutants. Logan fights them off for as long as he can, when they are rescued by the X-Men. Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey take them bake to the Professor's school for gifted youngsters where they will be safe. But, wouldn't you know it, they catch Rogue just the same and it is up to our main characters to save the city. They succeed and Magneto is put away, while Wolverine leaves the X-Men to find answers to his own questions.
General thoughts? I find that the casting is somewhat marvelous, they got every character right. If you look at it today, a couple of effect are somewhat silly, but considering it is still a lot more enjoyable then many movies that came out recently. It doesn't contain unnecessary CGI, or anything extra that the comic fans might dislike - meaning they didn't add any movie cliches just for the everyday viewer. To sum up, imdb's 7.4 rating is more than fair!

Before I begin, please let me point out that I hate these posters. I just don't get them! Well, I do partially. Let's put the girl with the Oscar and the guy with the biggest fan base in history on top, that is simply an honest marketing strategy, but really... Storm? She doesn't do shit in this movie! Her only contribution is helping Nightcrawler, and he is the fundamental one! I also don't understand on what basis were the characters divided, seeing that Rogue and Magneto appear on both versions! I find that ones who actually contribute to the story are somewhat pushed to the bottom... Why? Who knows.
Anyway, three years later the highly anticipates sequel arrived. Rogue is quite happy with her boyfriend Iceman, the school has many students and Logan returns to ask for help from the Professor. But just as he arrives, a mutant tries to assassinate the President and the Professor fears that this will only enhance the gap between mutants and humans. Because of this attack, an army general by the name of William Stryker is given permission to take down the Professor's school. A couple of children get kidnapped, Colossus manages to save most of them, while Logan gets stuck with Rogue, Pyro and Iceman, while he almost found answers for his questions: Stryker knew him before his amnesia. The Professor is captured as well and Stryker uses him to kill mutants, while Logan meets up with Jean and Storm who found Nightcrawler, the mutant who tried to assassinate the President. They also join forces with prison escapee Magneto, who wishes to stop Stryker just as much as they do. They manage to succeed and also give evidence to the President that Stryker was behind his attack the whole time - trying to incriminate the mutants. But tragedy occurs as Jean sacrifices herself to save the others from the collapsing remains of Stryker's secret military base.
General thoughts? I can tell you that you will hardly find anyone who's favorite X-Men movie is other than this one. People love it, and I can see why. The first movie laid some pretty thick and strong stones on which the writers and directors could build on and they did so wonderfully. How? Not simply because it is a great sequel, but because it stands on its own as well. The first movie is needed for those who don't originally know the comics or the characters, but for those who do, this one brings them closer. Again the casting is wonderful, the story is very enjoyable, and we get the chance to see more characters that we love. It probably is the best of four (so far!).

Oh boy... people did not like this one! And why? I can think of a couple of reasons, which I will list to you later, but personally... I LOVE IT. I really do, I really do. I loved it because I think it fits well. I think it has a wonderful ending, and my most solid excuse is that by far my favorite X-Men is Peter Rasputin, aka Colossus. I literally have a crush on him, and while he barely appeared in X2, he was more of an important
character in the third movie. Although he didn't have a story and barely spoke... never mind!
Story: A new sirum that can "cure" the X-gene is discovered, and Rogue, jealous of the friendship between Kitty Pride and Iceman decides to try it out herself. But mutants who embrace their powers are not happy about this cure and they fear that although they say it is not obligatory, one day they will force it on everyone. We thought Jean was dead, guess what, she isn't. Her inner mutant, the one that was caged in her mind, the Phoenix is unleashed and she turns into a bitch. She kills Cyclops and joins forces with Magneto to take down the humans. In the meanwhile peace is getting stronger, mutants and humans haven't had a disagreement in over a year and a mutant, Hank McCoy, aka Beast is a member of parliament. Unfortunately, the Professor becomes a casualty of Jean's killings as well, and the school for mutants is stuck in silence. What to do next? Our heroes decide that the only way they will live in peace is if they show the humans that they do not concur with Magneto's evil plans, so six stand against over a hundred and in the end come up triumphant. However, victory is not enjoyed, as too many friends have lost their lives and Logan is forced to kill Jean.

General thoughts? During the shooting, the money ran out and well... suddenly from the afternoon we pass to nighttime in a flash. That was weird. Also the CGI isn't the best. While Colossus looks awesome, Iceman looks exactly like him and that was a bit off too. Everyone loves the Phoenix because she is powerful enough to destroy entire planets, but she barely shows her power. Jean Grey was actually setup wonderfully in the first two movies, all of her doubts and questions on her powers and feelings were displayed perfectly, but you have a sense that her character was rushed. Another problem, which I didn't really relate to, is something that my brother pointed out: Logan would never be able to kill her. That maybe so, and I see the basis he had, especially having read all of the comics, but still, if you think about it, what else could've been the solution? My personal problem was that although they brought in Beast marvelously (showing he knew the Professor, he was part of their history prior to Logan's encounter with them and so on), one of my favorite love stories of all time is the one between Storm and Beast. It is truly the most beautiful one in history. AND I WANTED THAT! With all the drama between Rogue and Iceman, with the oh-so-old love triangle of Cyclops-Jean-Logan, wouldn't we have liked a bit of romance? Although there is a very cute scene where Storm blushes on a comment by Beast, still, I WANTED MORE! But as far as the new characters and X-Men go, they didn't add much to the story and you couldn't really relate to them. Angel was supposed to have this big role like Rogue did in the first one, but I fear that the writers forgot about him while writing and when he shows up he simply fears forced. Lastly what I loved was Storm's look: she finally looked like the one in the comics! Many thanks to the make-up and hair department!
As the Nostalgia Critic claimed that this is one of his guilty pleasures, I have to say it is one of mine too. It really is bad, from the point that it wouldn't stand alone and even with the other too it isn't strong enough, but I look at it as more of my favorite characters in a movie and I love it.

Oh, yes, one of the many new favorites. I had the fortune to see this in the theater and it is a good one indeed! Biggest problem? It is claimed to be a prequel to the others, but it really isn't.
Although the Professor has become iconic with his wheelchair, you still have to wonder, what was he like before that? Or, how can the most genuine hearted Professor be such a good friend with Magneto, who resembles a homicidal maniac? And why is he like that? Where does this pain and constant anger come from? How did he get to be with Mystique? How did Hank McCoy become the Beast? And so on. Of course, if you read the comics you know the answers to all of these, but let's assume you don't, or even if you do, you'd like to see it on screen. Where, here you go!
Magneto loses his mother in a concentration camp prior the second world war, where he meets face to face with her killer Sebastian Shaw. Professor finds Mystique lurking in his kitchen and decides to take her in as his own sister. The two only meet up years later, while both are trying to get Shaw who, in this version is actually responsible for the missile crisis between the USA and Cuba, during JFK's presidency. The two decide to take in youngsters, to form the X-Men in order to show them that their powers are nothing to be ashamed of but have to be embraced. While Professor is driven by the mission of peace, Magneto only seeks revenge and this conflict is never resolved among them. Although Shaw is stopped, Magneto defends himself and pushes a bullet away, and that lands into the Professor's spine, paralyzing him for life. The two divide and both travel on their own road, only to encounter each other again.
General thoughts? I always love movies that use existing historical events and alter them in a funny way, for example did you know that the cuban missile crisis was actually Kevin Bacon's fault? I didn't think so. You finally get to discover many of the characters who's interesting and unique background story was taken for granted in the other movies. I personally found that I can relate to both Magneto and Professor more now that I have a sense of who they are and why they really fight for what they fight for. Another story line that I hope will be continued is that on the bad guys side we had a mutant by the name of Azazel, who is Nightcrawler's father, and in the old X-Men cartoon we were told that Mystique is his mother... I would love for this tale to be included in the following sequels, if they make a sequel. Two awesome cameos by Wolverine - Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romijn is included and the casting was once again well done. I was lucky to have seen it in the theater, but you should check it out just the same!

Coming up next is "Why should you enjoy X-Men Origins: Wolverine in spite of public opinion". Until then!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blogger: Me & Comics

Ever since I was young, I hated reading. Which is plenty ironic, if you consider that I plan to be a writer some day (this is mere practice!). However, one thing I was willing to read, was comics. Ones like Garfield or Calvin And Hobbes. My parents, both of them teachers, were somewhat devastated that I rejected books in every way I possibly could. But then I laid eyes on my brothers mangas. And this little anime was on TV, I'm sure you have never heard of it, it was called Pokémon or something. Anyway I started buying mangas, watching more and more anime. But it wasn't until the first Spider-Man movie with Tobey Maguire came out that I really started caring for the good old fashioned comics.
But I wasn't into the old ones, I liked the new ones. The one I am specifically referring to is, according to my Wikipedia source: "Ultimate Marvel is an imprint of comic books published by Marvel Comics, featuring reimagined and updated versions of the company's superhero characters, including Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four. The imprint was launched in 2000 with the publication of the series Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men. The characters have new origins, freeing them from the sometimes convoluted back-histories of the original versions. The universe has been designated as Earth-1610[1] within the Marvel Multiverse, which comprises an infinite number of alternate universes."

I started reading everything I could find on my brother's shelf. If he didn't have something, then I would look for it online. I was presented to the wonderful world of Spider-Man, I got to find out what made the Fantastic Four, well, fantastic, and I finally met some of the awesomest X-Men characters one could ever come up with (and wonder why they don't have bigger roles in the movies). But Marvel comics weren't the only ones I've read... I just wish.
No, I went as far as reading masterpieces such as Krypto The Superdog. I was literally desperate to get my hands on comics. I was open to a whole new world. I wanted to fly, I wanted superpowers, well... I became just like anybody else who ever read about superheroes. But I didn't mind, it felt awesome! I felt like the new comics were written especially for me, because I fell in love with the new universes that were provided  by the new movies made from the beginning of 2000 and on. Starting from the X-Men all the way to the very last comics movie yet to be realized this summer, which is The Dark Knight Rises, depending on whether or not The Amazing Spider-Man will come out sooner in my beloved country.
That is how comics and I came to be. Ever since then I look up everything I can in a graphic novel version: I've got Jane Austen adaptations and lately I got my hands on all of the Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series adaptations. It is one of my favorite books, therefore I will write a whole entry on it so I don't want to discuss it here!
After seeing The Avengers this summer I decided that I would make game and movie reviews all through summer and I've found a perfect link, that being that they are all somehow related to the hands of an artist, let that be a director, a writer or a comic artist. One of my goals in life is to get to a Comi-con, any of them really... I never got the chance yet, but I am getting there! So, even if I will stretch this into early Autumn, I have about 20 entrys planned. This should be fun!

Thank you all for reading and for the views, see you soon!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Poems: Holdfény S Hársfaillat

Az összes versem megtalálhatod a "My Poems" oldalon, ahol nyelv szerint színekkel el vannak választva! You can find all of my poems on the page of the same name, where they are color coordinated based on the language they were written in. Puoi trovare le mie poesie sulla pagina "My Poems" dove sono colorate in base alla lingua nella quale le ho scritte.
_ _ _ _

Éjszakai hársfaillat mellett
Lángyos szellő izgatta bőrödet.
A függöny alig mozgott,
De te dideregtél a forró melegtől.
Szíved lüktetése volt az egyetlen hang a szobában.
Selyem ágyneműd hűvöse takarta hajlataid,
A csillagok varázsa csillant ajkaidon.
Oly szép voltál ahogyan a hold fénye festménnyé varázsolt.
Bőröd érintésre mégis meleg,
S bár örökké néznélek...
A világos kék a hajnal torkát kaparja.
Kell fel a nap, mely szerelmünk síri csendjét megrontja.
Só kerül a sebbe,
Könny kerül a szembe.
Szép éjszakánk emlékére,
Csókot leheltem száraz ajkaidra,
És a hársfaillat mellett
Számomra az örök szépség szobra vagy.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Building with CsorEsz: Egyedi Képkeret

Igaz Karácsony óta nem nagyon volt időm semmi érdekeset, vagy szépet készíteni, de tegnap végre sikerült alkotnom valami egyedit. Ez lehet ajándék, vagy lehet saját emlék, attól függ, mit szeretnél. De arra tökéletes, hogy egy szép nyaralásnak az emlékét felidézze bennünk.

Először is szükséged lesz a következőkre: tempera, hozzá természetesen ecset (nagyobb fejű legyen!), ragasztó (lehetőleg olyan, ami a müanyagot-anyagot-fát tud ragasztani) és ha esetleg van már otthon, akkor glitteres ragasztó a díszítéshez (de ez hanyagolható).

A kerethez az alapunk pedig, irónikus, de egy képkeretnek a hátsó falapja lesz. A hozzájáró üveget tegyük el, bízzatok bennem, ha eltörik egy másik keret, akkor szükség lesz rá! Ijesztő, de üvegre mindig szükség van! A falapunkat pedig tenger színűre fessük be. Az alább képen látható, én 3 különbőző kék összekeverésével értem el ezt a hatást. Nem egy Picasso, mi tagadás, de, ahogyan haladunk előre látni fogjátok, hogy a színek változása milyen szép háttér effektet fog elérni.

Következő pedig a kép választás. Először is fogalmam nincsen, hogy mekkora képkeretet vettetek, én az A4-es méretnél egy pár centivel nagyobbat használtam, hogy több képet tudjak rátenni, de ha csak 1 képet szeretnétek, vagy max kettőt, akkor a 18x13cm-es is tökéletes. Most jön az első izgi rész: a képek díszitése.

Vajon mihez kellhetnek régi fotók negatívjai? Nagyon egyszerű! Ha szeretnénk, hogy a fotó ne csak úgy magában álljon, akkor a tetejére és az alljára lehet ragasztani a negatívnak a lyukasztott oldalát. Én személy szerint a számítógépen terveztem meg Photoshop-ban, de ez csak egy sok módszer közül. A másik fantasztikusan poénos pedig egy polaroid fotónak az alakját felidézni (ha nem tudod mire gondolok klikkelj ide!). Ennél nincsen egyszerűbb! Fényes fehér lapot használjunk, vagy simát, és egy kocka formát vágjunk ki belőle -kellhet vonalzó!- majd egy tégla lapot vágjunk ki belőle, úgy, hogy alul maradjon egy vastag csík a szövegnek. Ezt ragasszuk rá a fotónkra és voilá! 

A képeket, amiket használni akarunk ragasszuk rá kedvünk szerint a megfestett lapunkra. FONTOS! Nem feltétlenül van akasztója a falapnak, ezért én pillanatragasztóval damilt erősítek rá, az mindig megtartja. De ha nem oldható meg, ne aggódjunk, egy polcra kitámasztva is ugyanolyan gyönyörű lesz a képünk! Viszont ha valóban damilt használunk, akkor azt még a díszítés előtt applikáljuk rá! Mint látható, én 3 képet is felhasználtam. A fenti a negatív ötletnek felel meg, van egy polaroid típusú és a harmadikat pedig egy másmilyen kék árnyalatú karton papírra tettem. Mind a három különbözik valamiben, ettől egyedi lesz a képek hangulata!

Bizony, most jön a keret díszítés. Én a polcon találtam 3 üveg kagylót, amit még ezer éve gyüjtöttem össze utazások során. A fele már törött volt és hát van köztük egy pár olyan méretű, ami nem is nagyon ragasztás barát! De ne féljünk ha nincsen otthon kagylónk (amit, amúgy nehezen hiszek el!), pont két napja láttam a Hobby boltban! (Van kettő is az Üllői úton! Információ lejjebb!). Két csomag volt, az egyik 600Ft, és a nagyobbik pedig 800Ft volt. Ezek kis dísz csomagok akarnak lenni, de nyugodtan szedjétek szét! 
És most kell a ragasztónk. Ne dühödjetek fel, ha lassan száradnak rá a kagylók, ez egy türelmet igénylő munka. Én már egy napja szárítom a sajátomat.

Valami ilyesmit kéne kapnunk. De ez még nincsen készen. Persze, itt abba lehet hagyni, de vannak más díszítési módszerek is! Például az IKEA által adott kis csöpp formájú kék-átlátszó-zöld színű üveg díszeket lehet még ráragasztani. Én még tengeri csillagot és csikót fogok rárajzolni a glitteres ragasztóval, de persze ezek is mind teljesen opcionálisak! Hagyjátok, hogy a képzelet vigyen titeket. Szerintem ez egy remek módszer arra, hogy a régi szép emlékeket megosszuk másokkal, és jó ajándék ötlet is! Itt lent még vannak variációk, jó munkát kívánok mindenkinek!


Budapesten itt találhatod meg a hozzád legközelebbi Hobby boltot: 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Cooking With CsorEsz: Baconos Sajt Bomba

- trapista sajt/laktózmentes sajt
- tejföl
- tojás
- bacon/szalonna/sonka
- muffin sütőforma

Nem véletlenül nem írtam oda fent mennyiségeket, és ez azonnal egyértelművé is válik a kedves olvasónak! 
Először is mossuk ki jól a sütőformát, majd az általában 12 lyukas formában annyit rakjunk ki baconnel, amennyi sajt bombát szeretnénk készíteni. (A baconöket a legegyszerűbb kereszt formájában egymásra helyezni. Kettőnél többet ne használjunk egy lyukra.)
Egy tálba reszeljünk sok sajtot és adjuk hozzá a tejfölt. 6 darab sajt bombához olyan két evőkanál tejföl kell, és 1 db tojás. A fontos az, hogy a sajt mindig több legyen, de, aki tejfölösebben szereti, az nyugodtan csinálja úgy! Keverjük össze! (A tojás segít ahhoz, hogy folyósabb legyen a keverékünk és persze szép aragy színt is ad neki.)
Ezek után egyenlően osszuk el a keveréket a baconökön. 
A sütés problémás lesz, de megoldható! Én 250°-on sütöttem olyan 30-40 percig. Mivel nem mindegyik sütő tud ilyen erős lenni, ezért lehet, hogy több ideig fog tartani. A bombák akkor készültek el, amikor kicsit megemelkednek, de ne ijedjünk meg a méretétől, amint hideg levegő éri, azonnal leeresztenek az eredeti méretükre. Ajánlott melegen tálalni, hiszen akkor még olvadt a sajt!
Pár másodperc várakozás után egy kanállal a legegyszerűbb kiemelni. Fontos, hogy a bacon eléggé sós magában, ezért nem érdemes utána sózni a keveréket. Viszont ha esetleg másmilyen hússal sütünk, akkor nem árt egy csipetnyit beleszórni. Tálaláshoz friss zöldséget ajánlok! 
Ez egy rendkívül egyszerű előétel és az ember észre se venné, hogy az első két alkalom után már csukott szemmel is megy!

Jó étvágyat kívánok hozzá!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why Should You Enjoy The Three Musketeers (2011) In Spite Of Public Opinion

So here comes our last chapter before the wonderful beginning of Comics Summer. Yesterday I saw a little movie called:

I chose the french version on purpose. Many people objected to missing the accents.

Oh boy, how people hated this one! Actually I have found very opposite opinions when reading the imdb comments. They either claim to have seen one of the best movies of all time or one of the worst ones. The best comment however comes from a reasonable person who claims the following: there is a book. It is nothing like the book and as time passes it will be less like the book. That doesn't change that people’s opinion on why the movies suck usually involve things like "they don’t use the muskets enough”; and let us be honest, that is plainly dumb. Just because we call them musketeers? They are guards, more precisely bodyguards and actually they do use the muskets quite a lot! But, let us discuss this version.

Athos, Porthos and Aramis travel to Venice to retrieve plans for France, but they are betrayed by Milady who sells them to Lord Buckingham. A year later they aren’t in the best of shape and they encounter D’Artagnan who already had an encounter with Rochefort. D’Artagnan manages to piss off all three and they all prepare to duel him when the Cardinal Richelieu’s guards arrive. The four become friends. However the Cardinal plans to implicate Queen Anne and Lord Buckingham, so King Louis XIII of France will declare war on England. The Queen’s lady in waiting Constance hires the Three Musketeers to stop Milady from finishing her plan. Milady kills herself, D’Artagnan kills Rochefort and the Musketeers, instead of revealing Richelieu’s plans to the King, they only let him know that they know. In the end we find out that they have angered the Lord Buckingham and he is on his way to attack France. Also he happened to fish out Milady from the channel. They were probably hoping for a sequel.

What worked?
To be completely honest with you I loved this movie, although I see its faults. The reason why I wanted to see this is Matthew Macfadyen, Athos. I am literally in love with this man and his got a voice that makes chills run up and down your skin. His got charisma that not many share! And to be honest, he did not disappoint! What else? Orlando Bloom. Dear God, this man is a god! I didn’t care for him as Legolas, to be honest, I didn’t find him particularly talented. I then saw him in New York I Love You, where he had by far the most interesting storyline, and in the end in Main Street which was an UTTER PIECE OF SHIT!!! (To read my review, click here!). He was a very good villain and with any luck he will play more in the future and I shall look forward to it! What else? Luke Evans was a wonderful Aramis and Ray Stevenson an exceptional Porthos. Mostly these three had great chemistry together and I enjoyed their every scene.

What didn’t work?
Or, should I rephrase it, what other people didn’t like: Milla Jovovich. When we saw the movie my sister asked me "Did her husband direct this? He is usually the only one who casts him.". And as sad as that may sound, he actually did direct it (Paul W.S. Anderson). Many comments come to talk about the fact that if perhaps zombies where in it, her role would’ve been far more justified. They were referring to the fact that she resembled more of a Bond Girl, instead of a graceful Lady. However I didn’t mind. The whole movie is set up to be a big spy movie and in an age and day where costume movies and new versions of Sherlock Homes have such a high fan base and so many followers you’d have a hard time understanding why people didn’t like this one. Not to mention that although people have criticized Jovovich’s accents and acting, she got me. I have believed that she was driven between money and love, however she did love Athos. I did find her beautiful and I think it was interesting how she has proved to be a very good spy. In other versions I find that we never get to find out why everyone wants her on their side. So all in all, I see that it was a bit far fetched, but I liked her.
What my biggest problem was however is King Louis XIII of France. He was a total wuss and he appeared to be gay. And that is me putting it litely. Consider a woman who is trying to impersonate a man, but without trying to act like a man. If you could give grades on gayness, he would get an A+… +++++++! Always! And that wasn’t the biggest problem of them all. We all know that he is young and he got the throne way early, but in this movie he is simply dumb! Stupid! Being young doesn’t necessarily imply that you are an idiot! Quite the contrary, younger you are, more curious you are. But this King wasn’t curious at all. In other versions Richelieu has a reason to want to assassinate the King, he always gets in the way! He doesn’t here! He couldn’t care less about France or the war or literally anything that Richelieu wants! He cares for appearance, fashion and his wife. The conflict is none existing!
Not to mention D’Artagnan. Dear God he was bad! The long hair? Awful choice. He wasn’t convincing; he wasn’t charismatic and in the long run he didn’t even prove to be such a good musket. He had too few scenes and in those he didn’t convince me. His best fighting scenes were the ones he shared with the Three Musketeers. The fact that he defeated Rochefort was a mere luck. And in the end the problem with him was the same I had with the King: too young. And they were not acting according to the age they were supposed to portray. D’Artagnan was too smart for his age, not to mention too talented. Think of Chris O’Donnell: he looked young and foolish, but he was also smart for his age and he obviously spent more on his training than one would immediately assume. Unfortunately I couldn’t say the same about the 2011 version. And his relationship with Constance was a huge Hollywood cliché, and not even a good one at that!
Lastly, the biggest pain of all was a little character called Planchet. He was the servant of the Musketeers and he was the comic relief guy. Except he wasn’t comical… and there was no relief caused by his scenes! It was predictable, he said birds would shit on him, guess what? They did. He is fat, will he steal food? Oh wait, he did! It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t necessary and honestly it had bad timing.

Biggest problem: we know that they are friends; we know that Athos is destroyed by love; we know that the King and Queen feel mutual affection, however they fear that the other doesn’t feel the same. Therefore what does the movie do? Avoid these very important plot points. Seeing that you are supposed to know them, you are supposed to enjoy the movie just the same. Only you cannot, because these are the basic story lines that define the characters and their actions. Someone who hasn’t read the books, nor has seen any previous movies, will be unable to understand the characters real emotions and their actions. So movie, if one day a sequel will be made, I hope you will work on this. I also want a SEQUEL!! MORE MATTHEW AND MORE ORLANDO PLEASE!!!

Yes, I can see why people didn’t like it. I also see why others would. I liked it because the actors were good. The story I think is enjoyable, it needs work mostly because there were a few gaps, but it was entertaining. The graphics and scenery wonderful, I mean, the palace of Versailles? Gorgeous! I think it was totally worth my time (both times I’ve seen it yesterday). And I can’t wait to see it again. You’ll probably be thorn the same way the others were: you’ll either love it or hate it. Anyway, trust me, you want to make up your mind on your own!

Up next: Comics Summer! See you then.
_ _ _ _ _ 

Aramis Luke Evans
Porthos Ray Stevenson
Milady Milla Jovovich
D’Artagnan Logan Lerman
Rochefort Mads Mikkelsen
Lord Buckingham - Orlando Bloom
Constance Gabrielle Wilde
King LouisFreddie Fox
Queen AnneJuno Temple
Cardinal RichelieuChristoph Waltz