Friday, March 2, 2012

My Poems: Not a sonnet

Az összes versem megtalálhatod a "My Poems" oldalon, ahol nyelv szerint színekkel el vannak választva! You can find all of my poems on the page of the same name, where they are color coordinated based on the language they were written in. Puoi trovare le mie poesie sulla pagina "My Poems" dove sono colorate in base alla lingua nella quale le ho scritte.
_ _ _ _

Did I ask for your love?
Passion, devotion, any of the above?
Did I ask to be your object of lust?
Why do you feel this "must"?
We played our fair share
Of this stupid game of "truth or dare",
But you've never spoken the truth
You've kept it hidden down under your roots.
But about what I had to share,
you never really cared.

A simple phone call, "ring-ring"
Answering would be the right thing.
At least that's what one would think...

A question I had to ask,
One you could've answered from behind that desk.
I've grown tired of your games,
scenes, rules, and all the names.
I have no hidden agenda,
To your will I completely surrender!
Might be silly, but I don't care.
I just wish once you'd choose "dare."
Therefore I could ask for this tiny favor:
So if we ever meet, you'll have to sign my waiver.

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