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Blogger: The Best Christmas Gift I've Ever Received

This very Christmas I've received 4 of the best gifts I've ever got in my life!

(1) This Halloween I dressed up as Marty McFly from Back To The Future. We took a couple of silly pictures for fun, sort of a cosplay sensation and my brother turned it into a real poster from the movie. Here is my wonderful picture with Doc Brown!

(2) I've always been a Doctor Who fan and from my brother I received a rectangular lamp on which he attached four of the Doctor's helpers: Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) and Amy Pond (Karen Gillan). We do not own these pictures and I am grateful to the fan who made them and uploaded them to the internet!

(3) From my dear sister I got a Tardis of my own, it is a picture of the Doctor (Matt Smith), River Song (Alex Kingston), Me in the middle, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and her husband Rory (Arthur Darvill). She put it into a Tardis blue corner and attached the little lamp onto it. She is the one who drew these pictures as well!

(4) My last and the most awesome gift was a River Song diary, the one you can see for the first time in episode 8 Silence In The Library from season 4 (Doctor was David Tennant at the time). Ever since River came on, she is my favorite character of all and I loved her little diary full of 'spoilers'. A diary that was Tardis blue. And my awesome sister made me one! I love her too!


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My Photos: Last Photos Of The Year

Nézd meg most utolsó utazásomról a képeket! Az alábbi linkeken vagy tekintsd meg a blog-on a "Photography" oldalt és a WIEN und der Weihnachtsmarkt és a Rebel Santa alatt keresd az új képeket!

Check the pictures from my last trip abroad! You can either click on the link below or go to the "Photography" page on the blog and look for the titles  WIEN und der Weihnachtsmarkt and Rebel Santa to see my new photos!

Guarda pure te le nuove foto della mia ultima vacanza! Puoi cliccare sui link qui sotto oppure vai alla pagina "Photography" dentro il blog e cerca i titoli  WIEN und der Weihnachtsmarkt e Rebel Santa per vedere le mie nuove foto!

Why Are British Christmas Movies Better Than Americans?

If you are American, this question might raise doubts in you about my well being and tastes in movies. And that is alright, but as soon as you’ll see my point, you will find that I am quite lucid. The main fight among movies is:

Quality vs. Quantity

Americans love Christmas, there is no doubt about that. I love it too! And I am not questioning that they have a really special way of celebrating it, however there is a point where... it’s just a bit too much! I am of course talking about the countless Christmas family movies that come out each year, which as time passes, have little or nothing to do with what Christmas is. Why? Because these movies seem to show us that no matter what kind of fallony you commit, no matter how a big lie you tell, never mind what kind of betrayal you’ve done, it’s Christmas. It is all forgiven. Or, my other favorite story line, is that there is a grave danger that Christmas might not be and it needs saving... Yeah, about that... that’s just stupid!
Here you can see all of the horrible Christmas movies I refer to, and I personally like many of these because no matter how stupid their plot and moral lesson is, they still let the Christmas spirit in me grow.

(Take Jingle All The Way, e.g. I love that movie, because I never saw it English. I am aware of how horrible Schwarzenegger sounds, therefore I avoided that by not watching it in English and it made for a really good Christmas movie! But, uhm, Ernest Saves Christmas? No, no. There should be a law against that!)
But make no mistake, I do not want to trash all of the American Christmas movies, no-no, they have some really good ones. They are classics, and you know why? Because they don’t want to push down your throat the deeper meaning of Christmas, they only focus on why Christmas is important or the story simply occurs during the snowy winter time.

But why then, why am I still convinced that British Christmas movies are better? 
The question is easy, yet hard to answer. I would like to discuss two movies in particular:

There is a recipe for disaster in America: the more famous people you cast, the worst the movie is going to be. Think of New York I Love You. It’s shit. Or think of Valentine’s Day. Biggest piece of crap ever released. I haven’t seen New Year’s Eve but let me tell you, my hopes are not in the very least high! Yet, the British took this recipe and made something awesome out of it. How? They probably had good stories before they cast the actors, they didn’t just hope that the pretty faces will wash away everybody’s attention from the fact that there isn’t a good standing main plot, and to top it, none of the sub-plots are interesting either. Movies like this are money makers, because you don’t only get the fan base of 1 actor but of at least 20, and since it makes money, it must be a good movie, right? Not necessarily. Think of the Disney-Pixar Animation Cars. Did you like it? I didn’t. And yet, they made a sequel. Was it worth it? No. Did it make a lot of money? Yes, because parents still brought their children to the theater!

But here we have Love Actually. You have basically every single British actor the world loves, along with some unknown faces and seeing that the stories alone are so touching and worth telling, the fact that you add Christmas to it makes it wonderful! 
Now, Love Actually is pretty much the favorite movie of the Hungarian population. It is effing creepy how much they love this movie over here, one person watches it at least three times a year, and not only in the Christmas season! And why? Because it is a good movie! It tells you what people go throw the holidays: you can be alone; it can be a chance for you to get off your ass and find something better for yourself; it can be a way to rediscover yourself; to embrace in new things; to admit defeat or victory or simply to embrace the Christmas spirit. There is no need for talking dogs to save Christmas for it to be cherished! (A Dog Who Saved Christmas). There shouldn’t be... Love Actually focuses on those little details that you know get under a magnifying glass during the holidays and basically tells you that it’s OK. There won’t always be a happy ending, no, actually it might suck for you for a very long time. But don’t let that beat you down.

Let us move to the second movie Nativity. You might not know this movie, but I sure hope that you’ll check it out after reading my review. This little story is about Paul Maddens, an actor who after art school decided to become a primary school teacher, but besides being quite good at that, he is unhappy. His girlfriend Jennifer left him and he is forced to put on the Nativity at his school, even though he once failed at it miserably and doesn’t want to. He is forced to work together with Mr. Poppy, who is a grown man with some mental issues of his own, but he is the one who, after putting him through hell, gets his spirit of Christmas back. He tells us that his girlfriend loved Christmas and made him love it too, but without her it has no meaning to him. I don’t want to give away too much, because the story is quite complicated on its own, but for you to understand why this movie is beautiful:
it not only focuses on one man’s rediscovery of the gift of Christmas, but of how much little children are affected by the actions of the adults around them. During the movie we have a little insight on how the children feel about Mr. Maddens and how they feel his sadness. Also, their insecurities, their want to act out because they feel neglected by their parents, feeling inferior simply because one teacher said "You are incapable.” It is hurtful, but it is true, we never realize that little children understand a lot more than we assume. And especially a time when Christmas should be above all cherished, a time for little Children to fell all the joy there actually is in the world, and yet it can all be thrown out because they worry for one teacher who is very important to them.
You know, in real life, actually all the way to University, after our parents, the second most influental people in our lives are our teachers. Some of us take a bigger liking to some of them, than others. And we often, I for sure wonder, if there is something to matter when I can’t see their smile. And I love that this movie puts into perspective, that nothing goes unnoticed for the students. Even those that pretend not to see. And here we are talking about nearly 10 year olds and not young adults. 

Christmas is a time of happiness, and some lack that happiness. Both these movies tell you that it is OK, because there are ways to find it. I love Christmas. I really do and the biggest reason I feel that these movies are better than others is because, just like in my review about dancing movies, (click here to read!) the stories alone are interesting, they glue you to the screen and the fact that it is Christmas? It’s just a miraculous bonus! But others, such as those TV movies released by ABC family have very poor stories, actors that lack talent and not even the magic of Christmas is properly embraced. Christmas is not an excuse to make a movie! And America, if the Brits can beat you with their funny paper crowns and crackers, there must be something that you are doing utterly wrong!

So, be sure to check out some of these movies, I’m sure you’ll add some to your holiday favorites!
By clicking here you can see my list of 15 favorite Christmas movies!
To read my Arthur Christmas review, which also underlines the above stated, click here!

_ _ _ _ _ _
Love Actually cast:

Billy Mack - Bill Nighy
Daniel - Liam Neeson
Karen - Emma Thompson
Jamie Bennett - Colin Firth
Juliet - Keira Knightley
The Prime MinisterHugh Grant
Natalie - Marie McCutcheon
Sarah - Laura Linney
_ _ _ _ _ _ _  _
Nativitity cast:

Paul Maddens - Martin Freeman
Mr. Poppy - Marc Wooton
Gordon Shakespeare - Jason Watkins
Jennifer Lore - Ashley Jensen
Mrs. Bevan - Pam Ferris
The Critic - Alan Carr

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Happy Holidays Everbody!

Every year I prepare a Christmas card for my friend, this year I just made a big clusterf*ck because I totally lacked ideas, but hey it is good enough for me!

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My Poems: Last Christmas

Az összes versem megtalálhatod a "My Poems" oldalon, ahol nyelv szerint színekkel el vannak választva! You can find all of my poems on the page of the same name, where they are color coordinated based on the language they were written in. Puoi trovare le mie poesie sulla pagina "My Poems" dove sono colorate in base alla lingua nella quale le ho scritte.
_ _ _ _ _

This Christmas I say, 
no crying, no way.
No presents worth buying,
I give up trying.

You don't appreaciate gestures
kindness or smiles;
you don't care for affection
and I'm done with the lies.

As if the brown and fluffy,
cute Teddy weren't enough...
Here I am still suffering,
go on and laugh up.

I am still somewhat a hardcore Christmas fan
and you're my little Grinch,
can't you understand?
You steal my cheer;
destroy my "spirits" of the holiday
and water every tear.

"No more!" I'd like to shout,
but still here's my head
dreaming about
that Christmas that wasn't so damned.

So this Christmas I'm not spending away:
no DVD or CD worth the pay...
'Cause honestly I'd rather
wait another year,
maybe I'll feel better
and to someone I'll be 'dear'.

A 15 kedvenc Karácsonyi dalom!

Miért 15? Mert 15 kedvencem van!

15) Nightmare Before Christmas (Jack) – What’s This?

Egy alap kedvencemmel kezdjünk. Minden évben Halloween után megnézem a "Karácsony Lidérnyomás" című filmet, hiszen se nem igazán Halloween-i, de nem is tökéletesen Karácsonyi film. Hiszen eléggé ijesztő, de utána átérzed a Karácsony szellemét, és akkor meg tönkre teszi a halottak éjszakáját... De természetesen hallgatom ezt a dalt. Minden évben sétálok a városban, Karácsonyi dekorációkat keresek és néha oly egyedi ízléstelen gusztustalanságokba botlok, hogy hangosan megkérdem "EZ MI?!".

14) Prince & The Revolution – Another Lonely Christmas

Ez a legrosszabb dal a bolygón. Nem viccelek, a dalszövege? Borzasztó! Prince a barátnőjéről mesél nekünk, aki, annak ellenére, hogy a testvérei közül a legszebb volt, MEGHALT tavaly Karácsonykor... Nem viccelek, borzalmas! És most egyedül van minden Karácsonykor. Annyira depressziós, hogy hihetetlen. De már annyiszor hallottam, mert nem hittem el a szöveget, hogy az egyik kedvencemmé vált. Nem szomorú?

13) The Grinch Soundtrack

Igen, nem voltam képes csak 1-et választani.Itt van The Who Song, amit a Whoville lakói énekelnek, a közismert You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch és Where Are You Christmas?. Mindegyik felébreszti bennem a Karácsonyi hangulatot, de meghagyom, hogy ti kiválasszátok a kedvenceteket! (a film linkjéért kattints ide!)

12) Tim Minchin – White Wine In The Sun (A Christmas Song)

Mondhatom, hogy ezt a dalt semmilyen másik listán nem fogod megtalálni. Ez a dal egy Ausztrál humorista, Tim Minchin szerzeménye és a lányának énekel ebben a dalban. Lehet, hogy nem ismered Tim-et, de ezt a dalt biztosan ismerni akarod!

11) The Drifters – White Christmas

A "White Christmas" egy gyönyörű karácsonyi dal. Főleg akkor ha először a Holiday Inn című filmben hallod. De ha netán kisgyerekként hallod először, amikor csak a rock zene kelti fel érdeklődésed akkor eléggé unalmas és depressziósnak fogod találni. Én is így voltam vele, de felnőtt fejjel már tudom értékelni. Ennek ellenére a kedvenc feldolgozásom ebből a dalból egy Segitség Karácsony című amerikai vígjáték elején hallható és én inkább ezt hallgatom.

10) Elisa - Heaven Out Of Hell

Ez nem is annyira Karácsonyi dal, viszont télen jött ki azaz olasz film, Casomai (= Amennyiben), aminek a fő dala volt. A dal magát egy olasz eredetű Amerikában nevelt énekesnő énekli, Elisa, ő az egyik kedvencem. Ha a maga a dal nem is annyira de a klip az, ami igazán Karácsonyi. A videóban egy két jelenetet láthatunk a filmből és egy párt akik korcsolyáznak, ezen kívül pedig Elisa maga gyönyörű fények között énekel. Valahányszor látom a klipet, elolvad a szívem.

9) Robert Downey Jr. – River 

A "River" című dal először Joni Mitchell Blue című 1971-es albumján szerepelt. Azóta több ezer feldolgozás készült róla de az én kedvencemet Robert Downey Jr. énekli az Ally McBeal című sorozatban. Az epizód szerint Larry (Robert) rendkívül szomorú Karácsonykor és Ally próbálja megfejteni, hogy vajon miért, aztán hallja, ahogyan ezt a dalt énekli. Igaz a dal maga nagyon szomorú de megfogja a szívednek egy részét, ami lehet, hogy nem annyira meleg az ünnepek alatt, pedig annak kéne lennie!

8) Aqua – Spin You A Christmas

Ezt a dalt a szövege miatt imádom:

"The DJ's gonna spin you a Christmas - A DJ majd felrak neked egy Karácsonyt
To get you in the feeling - Hogy belerázzon a hangulatba
And there will be plastic snow all over the world  - És mű hó fog esni mindenhol a világban
Falling from the ceiling, oh-oh-oh - Esik a plafonról oh-oh-oh
Whether you love or hate it, oh-oh-oh  - Ha kívánod ha nem oh-oh-oh
You're gonna celebrate it. - Ünnepelni fogod."

Nagyon szellemesek és őszinték, amitől vicces lesz és hangulatos. Maga a videó klip eléggé ijesztő... De hát ez az Aqua stílusa, szóval imádom így is úgy is!

7) Josh Groban – Bells Of New York City

Igen, ez a dal csak tavaly jelent meg de már a kedvenceim közé tartozik. Amikor először hallottam Josh-t énekelni egy vendég szerepe volt az Ally McBeal című sorozatban, azóta követem a munkáját. Imádom a hangját. Igaz ez a dal azt idézi fel bennem, hogy az ember mennyire egyedül tud lenni az ünnepek alatt. Mégis, ha egyedül kell lennem, akkor az kívánom, hogy ez a dal legyen a társam. A szövege gyönyörű a dal pedig egyenesen Isteni!

6) Wham – Last Christmas

Oh, tudtad te, hogy ez is itt lesz! Ez szó szerint az egyik kedvenc dalom. Minden betűjét és hangját tudom fejből és minden feldolgozást! Kezdve a kissé tiniszerelmes Hilary Duff, majd a depis Jimmy Eat World-től kezdve a diszkós Cascada-n át a legutóbbi Taylor Swift verzióhoz, ami a legközelebb áll az eredetihez. Igaz a Jimmy Eat World a kedvencem a feldolgozások közül, de hát George Michael-nál nincs is jobb! A 80-as George-t nem üti semmi! De vissza térve a dalra, maga az (amúgy 21-ik századi szemmel borzasztó) kliptől kezdve, a hátsó csengő hangok, a szép havas tájak és a gondolat, hogy barátaiddal töltöd a karácsonyt... hmm, imádom az egészet! A nővéremmel van egy közös viccünk, hogy George szegény minden áldott évben elajándékozza a szívét a rossz embernek... "Vajon mikor tanulja meg a leckét?"

5) Carol Of The Bells

Van legalább 1000 verziója ennek a dalnak is, de a legnagyobb gond vele az, hogy túl rövid. Köszönjünk a Trans-Siberian Orchestrá-nak az a 3 perc 20 másodpercet mert rajtuk kívül senki nem volt képes valamivel több életet adni a dalnak. Én ezt a dalt először a Télapó című filmnek az elején hallottam és azóta is ugyanazt az izgalmat és kíváncsiságot ébreszti fel bennem, amit a film iránt éreztem, amikor először néztem. 

4) The Raveonettes – Christmas Song

Ezt a dalt eredetileg a Narancsvidék című sorozat egy Karácsonyi epizódjában hallottam. Azóta az egyik kedvencem és minden évben ezzel kezdem az ünnepeket. Sajnos nem egy hosszú dal, de olyankor csak bekapcsolom az "ismétlést" és addig hallgatom míg meg nem unom, ami általában nem szokott bekövetkezni!

3) Band Aid II – Do They Know (It’s Christmas Time)

Ez tipikusan egy olyan dal, amit mindenki ismer! Hidd el nekem, akkor is ha nem tudod ki énekli és mikori ez a dal, biztos ismered mert nincsen bolt és bevásárlóközpont ahol ne adnák le naponta legalább egyszer Decemberben! Maga a dal egy jótékonysági akció által született, hogy az Afrikai gyerekeknek Karácsonykor jusson valami a gazdag országokból. Sikeres is volt, de azóta bele ivódott mindenkinek az agyába úgy mint egy egyszerű Karácsonyi dal.

2) Mariah Carey - Oh Santa

Ez a dal 2010 Karácsonyán jelent meg Mrs. Carey-nek a második Karácsonyi albumján. Ami vicces, hogy mindannyian ismerünk olyan alap karácsonyi dalokat mint Jingle BellsOh Christmas Tree és stb. De nem sokan tudják, hogy a manapság legelterjedtebb Karácsonyi dal az All I Want For Christmas (Is You) eredetileg Mariah Carey dala volt és egy olyan klasszikussá vált mint az 50-es évekből ránk maradt dalok. De mivel valóban mindenhol ezt hallom, bevallom, hogy megutáltam... na jó, nem utálom, de kicsit unom. Viszont tavaly Karácsonykor hallottam ezt a dalt és egyből beleszerettem: hangulatos, vicces, kellemes a dallam és minden porcikám táncra vágyott. Ha éppen Karácsonyi bulit tervezel, hidd el nekem, ennek a dalnak a playlist-eden kell lennie!

1) Chris Rea - Driving Home For Christmas

Igen, lehet, hogy erre a dalra nem számítottál, ha belegondolunk, hogy vagy totálisan gyerekes vagy valami mély szentimentális témát faggattak a dalok, amiket választottam. De messze ez a kedvencem, mert minden Karácsony napján apum eltűnik órákra, és azt hiszi, hogy nem tudjuk hova megy... de persze mindenki tudja, hogy az utolsó percben veszi meg az ajándékokat, mert nem volt rá ideje a munkája mellett, de akkor is imádjuk. Szóval otthon vagyunk, én díszítem a fát, bátyám és nagyim segítenek nekem míg anyum főz és a nővérem mézeskalácsot süt. És mindig látom magam előtt, ahogy apum siet, vezet haza, hogy itthon legyen Karácsonykor. 

Ez az én 15 kedvenceim, melyikek a tieid? :D

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My Top 15 Christmas Songs

Why 15? Because I have 15 favorites!

15) Nightmare Before Christmas (Jack) – What’s This?

To begin our list, let’s start with a basic. Every year after Halloween I watch Nightmare Before Christmas, because I find it to be nor a Halloween, neither a completely Christmas movie either. You see it is quite creepy to begin with, but after a while you just feel Christmas-sy, and that ruins the spooky feeling of Halloween for me… But I do listen to this song, because every year I wonder around the city, looking for new Christmas decorations and often I encounter such rare and disgustingly inappropriate things that I can’t help but yell out loud “WHAT’S THIS?!”.

14) Prince & The Revolution – Another Lonely Christmas

This is THE worst song available on the planet. I am not joking with you, the lyrics? Awful! Prince sings about his girlfriend, who, despite being the prettiest among her siblings, DIED last Christmas… I’m not kidding with you, it’s awful! And now he has a lonely Christmas every year. It’s so depressing it is incredible. But I listened to it so often, not being able to believe what he was ACTUALLY singing about that now it became a holiday favorite. How sad is that?

13) The Grinch Soundtrack

Yes, sorry I wasn’t able to choose just one. So sorry, we have the The Who Song by the Whoville carolers, we have You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch and Where Are You Christmas?. They all awake the holiday spirit in me, they are equally wonderful songs. You can pick yours! (movie link here!)

12) Tim Minchin – White Wine In The Sun (A Christmas Song)

This song won’t appear on any of the other music lists, trust me! This song is by a comedian called Tim Minchin who sings a song to his daughter. If you look up Tim’s life, you’ll find that he and his wife went through a great deal of trouble and countless useless painful moments through their lives, until their first child was born. To me, this song is beautiful. Not many people know Tim, and that is alright, although he is a wonderful comedian! But trust me you will want to know about this song!

11) The Drifters – White Christmas

Now, White Christmas is a beautiful song. And if you’ve seen the movie Holiday Inn, you won’t be able to resist it. It will find a way to your heart immeadiately and stay there for eternity. But, if the first time you hear it you are about 12 and very much into rock music, you will find it terribly slow and depressing. It was the same for me. Of course now, with a grown head I know how to appreaciate it. But back then I needed something more jolly. The beginning of my favorite Christmas movie in the whole wide world, Mixed Nuts, begins with this cover by The Drifters. Ever since then I only listen to this.

10) Elisa – Heaven Out Of Hell

Well, yes, this in itself isn’t so much a Christmas song. But when this video came out, it was Christmas. It is the soundtrack of an italian movie entitled “Casomai” (= In Case). It is sang by Elisa, a musician of Italian origin who was brought up in the US, therefore her accent is somewhat none existing. The music video, as in the reason why it is Christmas-sy, features a couple of scenes from the movie, but most importantly, a pair skating and the kind of Christmas lights that just melt my heart. The song itself is beautiful, and it might not awake the Christmas spirit on its own, but trust me, watch the video first!

9) Robert Downey Jr. – River 

"River" first made its appearance on Joni Mitchell's album Blue in 1971. Ever since then houndreds of people have made covers. Every year I watch the Christmas episodes of Ally McBeal, where Robert Downey Jr. played Larry PaulAlly’s boyfriend. For a while, we don’t know why Larry hates the holidays, until Ally hears him sing this song. It is a very sad one, but it also touches another part of your heart, the part that usually isn’t warm enough during all the other times of the year… but is should be on Christmas!

8) Aqua – Spin You A Christmas

This song is one of my favorites, because of the lyrics: 

"And now I bet you that the DJ's gonna spin you a Christmas 
To get you in the feeling 
And there will be plastic snow all over the world 
Falling from the ceiling, oh-oh-oh
Whether you love or hate it, oh-oh-oh 
You're gonna celebrate it."

They are witty and very  honest, making it fun and enjoyable. The music video itself is creepy... but it is very Aqua style, so I love it just the same!

7) Josh Groban – Bells Of New York City

Yes, this song has only been realeased last year, and already it is so high on my list. The first time I heard Josh sing, was in an episode of Ally McBeal. I was fascinated by his voice, and ever since then he only had good songs. This song in particular reminds me of how lonely you can actually get during the holidays. That’s not a pretty thought, but if that is the case, this song will help you right through it. The lyrics are beautiful and the music is truly heavenly.

6) Wham – Last Christmas

Oh, you knew this was coming! And so high on the list too! I L-O-V-E this song! There are no words to describe how much I love this song. I know every single letter from the lyrics and listened to every single cover, starting from Hilary Duff, down to Cascada, all the way up to Jimmy Eat World and the new Taylor Swift version. Even if, my favorite is the Jimmy Eat World cover, I love George Michael. 80’s George Michael more than others. But, back to the song, I love the jingly sound in the background, the music video with all the scenic snowy mountains. The idea, of having a Christmas celebration with friends... Hmm, it’s wonderful! My sister and I have a joke, where we pretend, that George gives his heart and the very next day, she gives it away, every single time we listen to this song... She always asks "When is he going to learn?

5) Carol Of The Bells

Now, there are about a 1000 covers of this song, one better than the other. But this song symbolizes for me is something different than the idea of a bunch of carollers at my door. You might know the Christmas movie The Santa Clause. In the movie, as our main lead Scott Calvin heads home to meet his son for Christmas Eve this song is played in the background. It immeadiately raises doubts in you, makes you  wonder what the story will tell us, who is Scott Calvin anyway and so on. It is a very good choice of music. I only wish that it would be longer than 2 minutes, but besides the Trans-Siberian Orchestra cover (thank you for the 3 minutes and 20 seconds!), NOBODY has ever thought about, I don’t know, make it longer seeing that it is a beautiful melody with wonderful lyrics.

4) The Raveonettes – Christmas Song

This song was originally in the soundtrack of The O.C.. That is where I first heard it since 2006 it is always the first Christmas song I listen to every year. I love the music, it makes me want to dance and sing. Unfortunately it is very short so I just click on "repeat” for a while, until I feel better and feel that jingly feeling in my stomach that the season of Christmas brings with itself!

3) Band Aid II – Do They Know (It’s Christmas Time)

This is one of those songs that everyone knows! Trust me, even if you don’t know who sings it or which era it is from. But you know it, because around Christmas time they play this song in literally every effing shop around the world! The song itself was supposed to raise money for African children. It actually did, but besides that it has become a big hit and a holiday classic. Being of so high esteem and prestige, it really brings the Christmas spirit with it, so it deserves the beautiful third place on my list.

2) Mariah Carey – Oh Santa

This song has been released in 2010 on a new Christmas album by Mrs. Carey. What is wonderful is that we all know the typical Christmas songs, such us Jingle BellsOh Christmas Tree and so on, and Mariah Carey’s biggest international hit has been All I want for Christmas (is you). Not everyone knows, that that was in fact her song. It is used in movies, malls and Christmas concerts all around the world. Therefore I have grown to hate it... no, OK not really. But I find it a bit boring. On the other hand, last year I heard her new Christmas song Oh Santa and I fell in love immeadiately. I can’t stop dancing, the lyrics, the music it’s all just wonderful. It may not be the first song that pops into your mind when you think of Christmas, but if you’re having a party, undoubtedly this should be on your playlist!

1) Chris Rea – Driving Home For Christmas

Yes, you might not have seen this coming, considering the either completely childish or deeply spiritual songs I have chosen so far. Every Christmas my dad, on Christmas eve, would get his coat and disappear for a couple of hours, thinking no one will notice. Of course, we all do... And we all know that he went shopping because he didn’t have any time during the year, next to his job. But that was alright, even if the presents were obviously bought last minute, we still really loved everything he got us. I would trim the tree, my mom would cook, my sister would bake, and my brother and grandma would help me. And everytime I listened to this song, I just pictured my dad, hurrying home for Christmas, driving home for Christmas, to be with us. 

That was my 15 favorite Christmas songs! What are yours? :D

My Videos: First Snow

Megünnepelve, hogy hazaköltözésem után végre a világ olyan helyén laktam, ahol van hó Karácsonykor, készítettem egy kis videót az első havas napokon. A dalt pedig Robert Downey Jr. énekli, címe "River".
Celebrating the fact that after finally moving back to a part of the Earth where it actually snows at Christmas, I put together a little video to get the feeling of a nice snow storm across. The song is "River" sang by Robert Downey Jr.
(Ally McBeal Sondtrack, season 4, episode 6).
Celebrando il fatto, che dopo anni vivo di nuovo in una parte della Terra dove nevica a Natale, ho deciso di mettere insieme questo piccolo video, solo per ricordare tutti quanto sia bello l'inverno. La canzone é "River", cantata da Robert Downey Jr 
(dalla colonna sonora di Ally McBeal, episodio 6, stagione 4).