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Happy Halloween Everybody! 2011

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My Favorite ER Quotes (1)

"- Carter used to be in the circus.
- A clown?
- Human cannonball. Until I got fired."

"- You want me to call a psych consult?
- No, I just think he is stupid."

"- Can I see a doctor this century?
- Hang on.
- If I'll be hanging any longer I'll be dead.
- If you are talking, you are not dying!"

"I'm starting to think ER stands for 'everyone is retarded'."

"- A have this hangnail. And it really hurts.
- I have a brain tumor. It's inoperable.
- What?
- I win."

"- Pupils reactive? Then she can wait.
- She's an old ER patient.
- Ma'am, do you know where you are?
- A hospital. A crappy one.
- I'd say she's pretty lucid."

"(about Neela)
Abby  - I hate her.
Susan - She's a med student.
Abby  - I'm a med student.
Susan - You're right, let's hate her together."

"- What's with all these boxes, Frank?
- It's where I keep my lists of idiotic questions."

"- Chest pain, scratchy groan.
- I've already got 8 on the board.
- And I've got 12, what's your point?"

"- George?
- What, you don't like George? It's the name of the first president. The quiet Beatle.
- The current occupant of the White House.
- Well, no name is perfect."

"- Abby what would you do if the UE was normal on two year old with fever no sores?
- Call it viral syndrome. Have them follow-up with a PMD.
- What if the kid vomited while they were in triage?
- Give him a rectal dosage and explain to the parents that fever won't hurt him.
- And what would you do if a med student asked you out?
- Ahh... call for a psych consult."

"Med student - Do you know if Abby is seeing anyone?
Frank - Just me. It's a casual sexual relationship but we are always looking for a third."

"- Doc, can I ask you a question?
- No."

"- How did this happen?
- My sister pulled the TV down on me.
- It was an accident.
- I guess it really is true. TV is bad for the kids."

"Margaret if you turn these lights off again, I'm gonna beat you to death with a fruit cake!"

"- Weaver?
- Yes. Also known as the four letter word beginning with 'c'.
- Crab?"

"- Abby, could you excuse me? I need to go yell at someone.
- Have fun."

"- Students want to be residents.
- Residents want to be attendings.
- And attendings want to be left alone."

"- You know, 'The Show Must Go On'.
- Yeah. Why is that exactly? I mean why can't the show stop, once a while?"

"- Pratt, what are you doing down there?
- Lewis, what are you doing up there?"

"- Where are all the doctors?
- Who are you looking for?
- Anyone. Carter, Weaver, Pratt. I'm not picky.
- Carter is stuck in triage, Pratt is on at midnight and Weaver is MIA.
- What else is new?
- Kovac is sleeping.
- With who? Thought he was suspended.
- He's back. In the lounge."

"- There wasn't much teaching. He seemed irritated by the students questions.
- Well, they wouldn't shut up."

"- Can I give another 4 morphine to Mr. Mckenzie?
- Do you think he needs it?
- No, I just want him to stop breathing."

"- I think I know why you got fluid in your lungs.
- I take long showers."

"- So the rumors are true.
- Yes. And I'd like you to be my bridesmaid. Maid of honor. Whatever. I---
- Well, normally I'd say no, because of the dress and the matching shoes. But this time, it's because you had a total brain lapse."

"(Christmas episode)
- Guess what I got you.
- A glass frog.
- How did you know?
- Not even close?
- Page me when you get a clue."

"- Was that Jodie?
- How did you know her name?
- Because she calls Frank about 8 times a day and I talk to her about 3 times.
- That's great.
- Must have been. Your fly is down."

"Sir, you are blind, maybe you shouldn't drive."

"- Did you have breakfast?
- Yeah. I had a diet soda and two saltines.
- That doesn't sound like breakfast.
- We're gonna be thin and tan at Spring Break, even if it kills us.
- Yeah, well you're on your way."

"Neela, since you have been ignoring Dr. Crenshaw's pages, he asked me to read you this out loud: 'Get your ass into the trauma room, now!' "

"- I'll see you in court.
- No, you won't.
- Oh, you think I won't sue you too?
- You're not gonna live that long."

"- ER is the last place where you should be.
- Really? I like it here.
- Now I definitely know you're sick."

"- Mrs. Reynolds had a subjective fever last night.
- Which magically resolved along with her abdominal pain after passing gas.
- You're gonna charge my insurance company 50 grand to tell me I needed to fart?"

"- Why did you think that?
- Well I assumed.
- When you 'assume' you make an ass out of you and me.
- What?
- Never mind."

"- In the meantime you're in charge.
- What if there is an emergency?
- Call a doctor."

"If you got the flu, it is too late FOR A FLU SHOT!"

"No, I do like your mother I just don't want to have dinner with her three nights in a row."

"- Are you sexually active?
- No, mostly I just lie there."

"- Who's next?
- Ho-ho-ho.
- Santa Clause?
- No, that's who's next: three hookers."

"- You OK?
- Oh, somebody that talks to me. You must've not gotten the memo."

Jerry: "You're in early."
Randy: "I have no life."

Lydia: "We have two bounce-back migraines.
Weaver: "One of which could be mine."

"- Randy, how long is Abby's mom going to sit in chairs?
- I bet three days. Wanna join the pool?"

"- I never had to remind my husband about Valentine's day.
- I had to remind mine we were married.
- Oh, that is not good.
- No, it's not."

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Poems: 2008 Október 20.

Az összes versem megtalálhatod a "My Poems" oldalon, ahol nyelv szerint színekkel el vannak választva! You can find all of my poems on the page of the same name, where they are color coordinated based on the language they were written in. Puoi trovare le mie poesie sulla pagina "My Poems" dove sono colorate in base alla lingua nella quale le ho scritte.
_ _ _ _ _ 

Három éve hunyt el az a rendkívüli ember, aki megváltoztatta az életem. Azt kívánom bár ma is köztünk lenne. De talán egy szebb helyen van és mosolyall tekint le ránk ma is. Tovább élsz szívünkben, nyugodj békében örökre.

Három év telt el,
Megéreztem a visszaélt bizalom árát,
Számban éreztem a hatalom savanyúságát.
Láthattam a felnőtt elme butaságát.
      Szerinted más lett volna?
     Ha ezt előre tudtuk volna?
     Bár volt, aki állítótta
     és érzi igazát bizonyította.
     De mérges szónak nincsen súlya,
     Hiába a sértések dobálózása, érzed egyszer elmúlna.
Mit tettünk volna, ha maradsz?
Ha a csontos kar
nem szakít ki a meleg ölelések közül?
Lenne olyan diák, aki fájdalom nélkül örül?
Ha nem marad ez a feketeség a szívünk körül?
     Itt hagyott volna minket, hisz neki ott az egyetem?
     Vajon viszonzott lett volna szerelmem?
     Nem kellettek volna új osztályfőnökök,
     talán kevesebben lettek volna bűnösök.
     De elismerem én is csak gyermek voltam,
     mindent azért én sem tudtam!
A seb nem gyógyul ha
forgatják a benne maradt kést.
De lassan megszokod az érzést,
ott lent ahol érzed az élét,
s mintha egyedül járnál a szakadék szélén.
     Szerintem többet nem megyek be,
     feltételezem a szívem nem engedne.
     Na, meg gondolom ki lettem zárva,
     ha magadnak adsz igazat, annak most ez az ára.
     Basszus mennyivel jobb lett volna, 
     ha valahogyan mégis köztünk maradhattál volna.

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Poems: Le fasi di una relazione

Az összes versem megtalálhatod a "My Poems" oldalon, ahol nyelv szerint színekkel el vannak választva! You can find all of my poems on the page of the same name, where they are color coordinated based on the language they were written in. Puoi trovare le mie poesie sulla pagina "My Poems" dove sono colorate in base alla lingua nella quale le ho scritte.
_ _ _ _ _

The following poem is my reply to all those countless literature classes in high school consisting of "finding the deeper meaning of the poem", when all we actually did is being told that it is about death. End of argument. And your argument is invalid. I learned a lot from that! 

This poem is not about love
Don't look for a deeper meaning.
This poem is not about pain
Don't look for a deeper meaning.
This poem is not about sorrow
Don't look for a deeper meaning.
This poem is not about death
Don't look for a deeper meaning.

This poem could be about a monkey,
ghosts, puppies, or pineapples that are funky.
You can write without
mentioning the passage of lives
"we'll eventually die" is something you can leave out;
no need for brief pauses and long sighs.

But they'll dissect it,
the future generations will talk of every beat,
give it a meaning it doesn't have;
And if you'd still be living, it would drive you mad!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Le fasi di una relazione

di amare.
e baciare.
poi negare
di imbrogliare.
e tagliare
il dolore.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Building With CsorEsz: A Tökéletes "Pumpkin" Faragás!

A Halloween tradiciója lassan ellepi Magyarországot is, ha figyelemmel követitek, akkor már láthattátok, hogy a még egy hónapja a maradék görögdinnyével megtöltött fa ládák most óriás dísztököket tartalmaznak és minden naracssárgán világít! Na, de a magyar ember, azon kívül, hogy feltalálja magát, nem biztos, hogy 100% tudja, hogy-hogyan is kell a tököt megfaragni, hogy jó régi Jack-O-Lantern legyen belőle! Én magam vagyok annyira szerencsés, hogy még Amerikában megtanultam a módszert, és szeretnék segíteni azoknak, akik ezt a kellemes ünnepet szeretnék elsajátítani! Lássunk is neki:

1) A szép tököt mossuk meg alaposan. Mivel a lakásunkban fog díszelegni, nem ajánlott, hogy homok/föld foltok legyenek rajta, és, ahogyan haladunk tovább látni fogjátok, hogy jobb ha tiszta!

2) A töknek a tetejét vágjuk ki, és egy éles élű kanállal essünk neki a belsejének. A tetejét tegyük el még szükségünk lesz rá. Készítsünk ki egy zacskót, amibe a belsőt tesszük, ha csak nem akarjúk a híres "hányós" tököt elkészíteni, abban az esetben egy tálban szemeteljük a tök belsejét. Maga a tök fal nagyon vastag, és nehéz kivágni rendesen a szemet és a szájat, ezért ajánlatos a húsát rendesen kivájni ott, ahova az arcunkat akarjuk vágni! (A belsőből kiszedhetjük a tökmagokat, és sózás után bedobhatjuk a sütőbe és kész a pirított tökmag!)

3) A tetőre még nem lesz szükségünk, ugyanis most jön a faragás, és ilyenkor még a tök belsejébe beleeshetnek darabok a husából és a falából, és egyszerűbb azokat úgy kihajítani, hogy a tököt felfordítjuk. FIGYELEM! Nagyon sok féle tök méret van, kérlek vedd figyelembe, hogyha magas tököt veszel, akkor az arcnak a szája NAGY legyen, ugyanis a gyertyát, amit majd a belsejébe helyezünk nagyon nehéz lesz meggyújtani különben! 
Segitség képen egy egyszerű fekete filcel (ellenőrizd, hogy lemosható-e!), az arcot, amit kitaláltunk rajzoljuk fel a falra és essünk neki a késsel! Nem biztos, hogy elsőre kipattan a kocka, amit vágtunk, ne adjuk fel, sajnos könnyen törik, inkább menjünk végig rajta mégegyszer! Ajánlatos a szájat több részben kivágni, mert ha sok fogat csinálunk neki, akkor képes az kitörni a szájjal együtt! (Ebben az esetben a fogat egy félbetört fogpiszkálóval erősítsük vissza!) Ezek után egy szivaccsal mossuk le a filctoll nyomát, amennyiben véletlenül fent maradt valamennyi, vagy ha faragás közben megváltoztattuk a koncepciót!

4) Ha minden lépést megfelelően követtél és a kivágott részek körül megfarigcsáltad a húst, akkor a tököd elkészült! Most helyezd bele a gyertyát és a tetejét, ugyanis a sötétben csak akkor látszik igazán az arc, amit készítettünk. Vigyázzunk, a teteje nagyon fel tud melegedni a gyertya füstjétől! Ha meggyújtottuk a gyertyát, akkor le a lámpákat és HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Zárás képpen egy-két arc ötletet szeretnék megosztani veletek, ha netán hírtelen nem tudtok mit kitalálni, és lehet, hogy ezek megihletnek majd titeket! 

Kellemes Ünnepeket Mindenkinek!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blogger: Music Of The Heart

Why do we listen to music? What is it that we like about it so much? 

For me, music has the same rhythm as my heartbeat and no matter what kind of song I listen to, it adapts to me. And for me it is almost always about the lyrics first and song second*. But it does work the other way around as well. Something quite interesting I have experienced, and as I was told this happens to a lot of people as well, is that when I am in a certain mood I somehow, call it fate, come across a song which lyrics' are 99.9% adequate to my state of mind. This is by far fascinating for me, and today it has happened again. But before I jump ahead to that, I'd like to show you a couple of examples. *(That's another reason why I don't really listen to lyrical songs, only if I know them from somewhere, like a movie score). 
We all have weak moments in our lives, when we feel that we need to do something or depression is going to take over us. Moments where everything is bad and you just can't get a break from life. That is when I like to get out my 80's songs, because let's face it, those are the best ones! My favorite song in all of the world is It's My Life from Talk Talk. (Yes, there are a couple of more songs with this title, like Bon Jovi's or Dr. Alban's, and this very song was remastered by No Doubt with lead singer Gwen Stefani. That is a very good version too, but I am old fashioned!) The lyrics take you on the second you hear them and you can't help but shout:

"It's my life, don't you forget
It's my life, it never ends"

The music itself is very important as well. A song can have good lyrics but be very, very bad at the instrumental part at the same time. I feel quite sorry those times, but still as long as I can shout the words I feel fine. Now you have heard what kind of music I hide behind when I feel like the world is treating me bad, but what do I listen to when I am happy?
I have found many times that when I feel sad, I just need something to lift my mood as soon as possible. Those times I put my earphones in and start to dance in the dark. I do, this is a ritual of mine, I sweat out my problems. Exercise helps you relax, therefore I dance my way through a problem. In these cases I have 2 kinds of songs I like to listen to, the first one is one whose lyrics do not appeal to any situation but the music is just so damn good! The second one is when I try to come up with new choreography, and I need a base that even those with two left feet can hear.

"Ask me all the questions you need, I don't tell lies my conscience don't bleed
You get all the time I can give, as long as you respect my freedom to live!"
Infidelity by Simply Red

"Hey now, hey now! 
What's the matter with ya?
Girls just want to have now, come on!"
Hey Now (Girls just want to have fun) by Cyndi Lauper

I really admire Cyndi Lauper, she had a great song in the 80's which was an international hit, singing about the fact that girls just want some fun! Isn't that cute? And then she recorded Hey Now in the 90's, singing about transvestites, singing about the fact that girls just want some fun! It became an international hit, once again! She is someone we can all learn from!

What do I listen to when I do want to remain sad and my poor heart aches? Well, I listen to the saddest song available on the planet:

"I can shine even in the darkness."
Gabriel by Lamb

We have heartaches, sorrow, we lose people close to us, we suffer the consequences of every act. And those times, those couple of really low points in our lives we like to hear it, that it's not our fault, it is just that others don't understand. 

"When everything seems to be broken,
yeah you bleed just to know you're alive."
Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

There are two more cases I can recall that I use to handle my problems with music, my eternal companion :). I very often listen to musicals. Often? That is an understatement. I have a dozen favorites and I know the lyrics and dialogues by heart for all of them. It might be the story, it might be again the lyrics, or simply the live performance but I am given chills and it is a feeling that I simply love. They speak to me, they understand me, I find, even a musical like Romeo&Juliet has a couple of lyrics that I find are adequate for my taste. Here are a couple of examples, first is when I feel really pessimistic, the second one is when I feel realistic and the third one is when I feel optimistic!

"We all deserve to die, even you Ms. Lovett, even I!"
Epiphany from Sweeney Todd
/performed by Johnny Depp/

"There's a moment you know you're f*cked
Not an inch more room to self destruct."
Totally f*ucked from Spring Awakening

"The world and I, we are still waiting,
Still hesitating, any dream will do."
/performed by Lea Mead/

To end this little fairy tale of mine I would like to talk to you about two songs that came out of nowhere exactly when I needed them. I have a talent for understanding lyrics in a song, of course, not always. But sometimes I get lucky, I hear out a couple of verses, I type into Google and song comes up on YouTube! That is awesome. One time, I was heading home from my friend's house, she was driving, and I was in a pretty bad shape. I did not want to neglect it but at the same time I needed something that made me energetic despite the ability to cry at will. We got into the car, the stereo turned on and I head the following words "I am in misery." I looked at the stereo, seriously? I asked myself. Do I have an official channel now that judges me as well? That is kinda cool, but still. I only got the last 10 seconds of the song, but as soon as I got home I looked for it in a hurry. And I found it. The music still pumps the adrenaline and yet the lyrics define my feelings:

"Why do you do what you do to me?
Why won't you answer me, answer me YEAH!
I am in misery, there ain't nobody who can comfort me!"
Misery by Maroon 5

The last example, is the one that happened this morning. You see I am writer and I have currently been checking a work of mine where the main character was based on an acquaintance of mine with whom I lost touch. It hurts me deeply that this has happened, but it is sanitary for me to get over it. Yet, after months of feeling perfectly fine, I started checking my work and I fell back down. It is not pretty. And what happened this morning? I was sitting in the so called "Freshman-Castle" on our campus, where I have all of my lectures, and as we waited for the lesson to begin the teacher popped in a song while he connected his computer together with the projector. I don't really believe in fate, or that things happen for a reason, but I've found it incredibly creepy that the song which we had to listen to for about a 1 minute, perfectly summarized how I feel, what is wrong with it, what my conclusion should be and the song itself is gorgeous. What are the chances of something like this actually happening? I mean honestly! I did not know this artist previously, he reminds me of a clash between Sting, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel. I don't want to write down all of the lyrics, but this is really accurate to my life, if you are interested click here for the whole lyrics, but here is the song, my new favorite song:

"Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over
But had me believing it was always something that I'd done
And I don't want to live that way, reading into every word you say
You said that you could let it go
and I wouldn't catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know."
Somebody that I used to know by Gotye

So, how is music my companion?
When I want to feel good about love, I listen to The Proclaimers. When I don't know what is going on and I just need a break from reality, I listen to IAMX, London After Midnight, or The Smiths. When I want good rock, I either listen to Nickelback or Bon Jovi. When I want to dance I listen to Katy Perry or Kylie Minogue.
I hate R&B and rapping makes me sick from a certain amount on. Yeah, on my MP3 I have Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Mr. President, Spice Girls, Vengaboys, S Club 7 and BB King. And I love it :). 

And if nothing works, then it is time to take out my La Roux discography! That always solves any and all of my problems!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Poems: The Rainbow

Az összes versem megtalálhatod a "My Poems" oldalon, ahol nyelv szerint színekkel el vannak választva! You can find all of my poems on the page of the same name, where they are color coordinated based on the language they were written in. Puoi trovare le mie poesie sulla pagina "My Poems" dove sono colorate in base alla lingua nella quale le ho scritte.
_ _ _ _ _ _ 

Yellow are the locks in your hair.
Green is the jealousy you can't bare.
Red is the anger in your eyes
when your pink cloud is lost in your skies.
Calm orange light you would need,
when for me blue you feel,
'cause my purple wounds you can't heal.

Yellow were the locks in your hair.
Green is my jealousy you just can't bare.
Red is the passion in your eyes
when you kick your pink cloud up to the skies.
Calm orange light I would need,
when for us blue I feel,
'cause my purple wounds you just won't heal.