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Why you should enjoy Star Wars Episode I, II and III in spite of public opinion

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So, let's have a quick review of Star Wars episode I, II and III. Anakin is discovered on Tatooine, Qui-Gon Jin brings him with them, he dies and Obi-Wan Kenobi raises him. He learns about the force and how to use it to his advantage. As Padmé Amidala, his future wife's life is in danger, he turns to the dark side of the force in order to save her, but ends up almost killing her as rage takes over his mind. From their union Luke and Leia, the twins are born. Their tale is narrated in episode VI - A New Hope (1977), V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and IV - Return Of The Jedi (1983). But now let's discuss the first three.
Let me tell you, that I love these, despite public opinion. I am not here to tell you that all the reviewers who have described the huge plot holes are wrong! No, no, on the contrary I can firmly say that they all share a fair point, and I cannot argue with them, beside a couple of points. What I am hear to tell you, is what I am capable on enjoying in those movies despite the somewhat huge plot holes. Maybe you'll find a way to appreciate them from now on! It isn't going to be easy, so pay close attention!

Let's have a look at episode I - The Phantom Menace (1990): I hated it. Seriously, except for the so cute little Keira Knightley who took the place of Natalie Portman as Queen Amidala, there is not one second of this movie that I found memorable. Many people argue that Jar-Jar Binks was annoying, I did not find that to be true! To be honest, I hate C-3PO far more! He is the annoying little bitch, Jar-Jar is simply stupid. And R2-D2, quite frankly, try and install a program that can speak a human language, OK?
What I did love about the first movie is when they travel in the city under water. To start with, Jar-Jar's planet reminded me a lot of the Moon where the Ewoks lived in episode IV. Other than that the first movie was a simply an excuse to show everyone that they got the same actor to play the chancellor (Ian McDiarmid) and well... Darth Maul really looked cool! Also they showed us that in fact Anakin is very handy, so we know where Luke gets it from. Yes, it was boring, so what? In the long run it was in fact necessary, it has hidden points that are interesting, we see he has natural chemistry with Padmé, we see the Jedis for the first time, which is pretty cool and Qui-Gon got a pretty awesome death, which I cannot say for the other Jedis in episode III... Anyway, you need to admit, that there were some pretty important key elements that people shouldn't overlook, but they do!

The biggest disappointment for people was, that they wanted to see more of Darth Vader. And I don't get that, you already have three movies about him, was I the only one who was interested in knowing why Luke and Leia are the way they are? Where they come from? Why they don't have a mother? Who was their mother? Because I got an answer to all of those questions, yet people only preached about how annoying the relationship and the kissy-kissy between Padmé and Anakin was, which brings us to:

Episode II - Attack Of The Clones (2002): I loved it. Every minute of it, I seriously considered it to be the best one (!!!), until I heard other people's complaint. And the funny thing about that is, that I don't think people know why they don't like it. One person told me that they didn't like the drooling relationship. Well, that is the only thing anyone ever told me afterwards... They probably heard it somewhere and decided to stick with it because it sounded plausable! But that isn't right! I am seriously starting to wonder, if people realize what they are saying! Everyone loved episode IV, V and IV, and why wouldn't you? It was one of the first movies that defined the future of cinema. But if Anakin and Padmé don't fall in love, as in, that one particular story line that you all defined as 'boring' doesn't occur, THERE IS NO LUKE OR LEIA! People, the whole reason why he ends up being Darth Vader is because he was driven mad by the fear of losing her! The struggle to be together even if they are not allowed to, the hiding, the fear, it is no wonder she died in childbirth, it is a miracle she managed to give birth with all of that stress!
You need to look at it from my point of view, if these two don't come together, episode III, IV, V and IV does not happen. You people complain that the relationship between the two was boring and I don't get that. We see in the first movie that they have chemistry, they fancy each other. The whole basis of the story is that Anakin is different from everyone else, we all know that, and you people seem to complain that he is different! No sane minded Jedi would cross to the dark side, that's the whole point! If we don't spend an entire movie showing us what kind of problems he has got with dealing with strong emotions, then him changing sides is actually useless and somewhat stupid as well! I have heard complaints, that Anakin's route to the dark side wasn't built up properly... OH MY GOD! People, it is the thing you have defined boring IS the build up!
I also loved the planet and the creatures Obi-Wan visited when he found the clones. Also, if you pay close attention, you will see and error, one of the clones does not look like Jango Fett at all, but in fact is the actor that played Captain Typho! It is quite funny! And come on, Christopher Lee is still fucking Christopher Lee! Even if Yoda fighting is at first funny, when you've watched it for the 20th time like me, you will find it cool and awesome!

And this explains episode III - Revenge Of The Sith (2005): the fear. If you pay close attention to Anakin's reaction when he finds out Padmé is pregnant, it is not joy right away. He knows it is a sin. The highest kind; not only he is not supposed to have any feelings, but he killed because of his mother, he married someone, someone who should not allow herself to have feelings either and now he is going to have a child! Just imagine the pain and stress that can cause! And someone offers him a way out, a way where he will not be judged nor excluded for having feelings. And Obi-Wan has gotta be the biggest hypocrit for telling him off because of him changing sides! He himself of course loves Anakin as a brother, if he didn't he would've killed him without thinking about it and then there would be no Darth Vader. You have to think about it, why would they all judge Anakin for changing sides? It is quite obvious, because they would do it themselves if put into the same position. They all have someone they loved and when they are not allowed to. And that idea is simply intolerable to them. "She has lost the will to live." said the robot about Padmé. General Grevious looks awesome on screen and I loved the Wookies.

I can understand that the relationship between Leia and Han is far more entertaining and well we finally get to see a side of Yoda that we couldn't in these episodes but you cannot say that these were not important. I know that you think this was all an excuse for George Lucas to use SGI and get himself some money. And I might be the only one who thinks that besides the obvious plot holes, if you concentrate on the main story line as in why and how Anakin was chosen; how he became brothers with Obi-Wan, therefore why he felt the need he felt to be killed by him in episode IV; how his love for Padmé only grew stronger and stronger; how she couldn't live without him; what self betrayal must have been knowing he will be a father when he is not allowed to; how a solution, at that point any solution seemed applausable for him to be able to just live forever with his wife you will find that these movies are just great. They really are in my opinion. And yes, these three were directed to a different generation, and with that generation it stroke 10 points out of 10. It might be a girls opinion, but I don't know that many Star Wars girl fans, so try and take my word for it! Re-watch these movies keeping in mind these points!

Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader - Hayden Christensen
Padmé Amidala - Natalie Portman
Obi-Wan Kenobi - Ewan McGregor
Yoda - Frank Oz
Chancellor Palpatine - Ian McDiarmid
Qui-Gon Jin - Liam Neeson
Darth Maul - Ray Park
General Grevious - Matthew Wood
R2-D2 - Kenny Baker
Shmi Skywalker - Pernilla August
Count Dooku - Christopher Lee
Jar-Jar Binks - Ahmed Best
Mace Windu - Samuel L. Jackson

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