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IMPORTANT! You will not find any ads on this site, or on any of my other social media platforms. This blog is my passion project and I do not intend to use it for financial reasons. As a result: I have no setup page for anyone sending me money either. This is a hobby, and the reason I enjoy doing it is because it isn't my job. If you like anything here, I hope you will share it, but if not, that is OK too. I am just happy that you found my page! (On that note: I do use sometimes copyrighted songs for my Youtube videos, know, that those ads are set up by them, and not by me.)
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Dear Reader,

This is my small world, I am CsorEsz, the author of this blog. I started writing this blog nine years ago, but it went through a re-brand eight years ago, when I decided to start writing reviews. First, I used it to share my work as the head of the student body in my high school, but as I graduated, I knew I didn't want to stop writing. I am not a professional reviewer, I just enjoy writing. I wish to be a published author one day and because of that I try and write something every single week. I have found, that I am hard on myself and refuse to believe that this counts as much as my fiction writing, and so here is a reminder to all of us battling this impostor syndrome: any kind of writing - diary, poetry, blog, etc. - that keeps you practicing counts.

What's next on my list? You will see this sentence at the top of every post, why? Because I think of my blog as big list of chores. The word "chores" is the closest thing to my nickname, and when I came up with my blog, I wanted to include my love of organizing into it. Imagine a to-do list, that is what I have in mind when I write my posts, because I usually do have them planned out and each week I get an item off my list.

You will find movie, TV show, game and sometimes book reviews ("Reviews"). Many times I'll compile list of favorites, or recommendations in a larger entry of Christmas or Halloween special, just to give you an example. Turns out, writing these are equally entertaining as reading them! ("My Lists"). When I do DIY works I also like to share them. I am not great at them, but I got many ideas from other blogs, so if I can make something useful I like to pass on that idea. Almost every month I have more personal entries, with the intent of starting discussion, that you can find on the "Blogger" page (where the language of the entry is specified in brackets). I am from Hungary, I grew up in Italy and the English language is my passion. That is why the blog has all three languages.

As far as official writing is concerned, I have publications of my academic texts that you can view under "Publications" and I also write poetry. I often post my poems on the blog (you can still find many under separate entries), but right not I am sharing them on the page of Hello Poetry. I rarely receive comments on them, and I would like to be part of an online community that shares and talks about works, nonetheless, some will still be up here as well.

As a hobby, I do make small "Movies" with my group of friends, since screenplays involve the same amount of writing work as fiction would, and finally, I also share my "Photography" online. Which, out of all the things listed above, truly is just a hobby. You can find everything on the pages above, just look around and please leave a comment if you wish to talk to me!

The Author

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