Monday, September 7, 2020

What's Next On My List? Now and Then

For this summer season, I am going to go back to old movies. The quarantine left many looking for new content, I, on the other hand, went back and wanted to re-watch some movies that I was fond of but never got around to seeing again. A story can be very different if you grow up, if you experience life, if you are no longer just looking for a "happy ending" but for the story that leads there. I decided to talk a bit about all those movies that I re-watched during the quarantine, and will keep on watching this summer. Yes, it is good to have new content to watch, but certain films really merit another look.

In the summer of 1970 four friends, Roberta (Christina Ricci/Rosie O'Donnell), Teeny (Thora Birch/Melanie Griffith), Samantha (Gaby Hoffmann/Demi Moore), and Chrissy (Ashleigh Aston Moore/Rita Wilson) spend their time thinking that they will be young forever. They try to uncover a sad mystery, face the loss of parents, divorce and well puberty. It is one of those dear coming of age stories that you cannot help but love. All the three girls are connected because of the town, its history, and living in the same cul de sac. They "fight" with some other boys in the town, but really that just keeps their bonds stronger. Some of the hardships of their childhood makes half the group leave the town, but they do come back together when Chrissy is about to have her own baby, only to reminisce on the past and their decisions in life. 

This was another family favorite in our household, and I do believe we even got it from the local Blockbuster a couple of times. I know that this is one of those movies that gets different meanings depending on when you watch in life. When I was little I remember not understanding how they grew up into the adults that I see. It hurt to see how some of them were estranged and that is unimaginable when you are young and you have that best friend for life next to you. And it is interesting when you grow up and look back... you can see how adult friendships are much harder. You understand the kind of weight he traumas that these girls suffered through have on a person's life. You understand also why some of them left, why some remained in that little town. But the great thing about the story is that is has something for people of every age: from the young teens, to the kid inside of us, and the adult we are shaped into based on the experiences that we had. 

Watch it? It is a really great little story that is likely to pull everyone's heart strings. I don't really know what else to say without going too much into the story and I would like everyone to experiences for themselves. This is one of those few stories where I discover something new with each viewing, and one that I love to share with my family.

Until the next item on my list!

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