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Top 10 Best Movies From The 00's

For the month of June I decided to just give you all best of lists, and this one was really hard, because there were a lot of good movies between 2000 and 2009, so much so that I will include a list of movies that I recommend you check out, or read my review of the ones that I took a closer look at. I do not want to put these in any particular order, it is more about recommending you guys some awesome things out there. I will keep these short, I promise.

These movies are becoming harder and harder to re-order into just the top ten, mostly because with each year more content is being put out in Hollywood. I know that I am not a big movie buff here, and thus most people are very likely to have very different lists of "must watch classics". I am just a central European movie lover who loves to recommend and to dissect stories. These are all great because of casting, plot, screenplay, music, photography, and every single person behind the camera too. Very few movies hit all the right notes, these do for me:

I have seen a lot of movies about dancing, this is still the most original and the most wonderful out there. Great casting, great story, great characters and just incredible dancing. I just feel like it does not compare to any other story I have seen out there. I sure hope more people see it, so I will recommend it anywhere I can. (Read my review here!)

This movie sure does not need me to advertise it, but there are two sentences that I want to add to it anyway. One, this is probably the best adaption of a book of such length, not to mention, of any Austen story. I love the BBC TV shows, don't get me wrong, but the fact that they are episodic shows allows for them include every detail of the books, which is much harder in a movie. Here, in just a little bit over two hours you experience the couple of years in which this foolish love story took place without it being rushed or feeling that it left out key elements. And two, we all love Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth, and love to debate who is the better Darcy, but I can tell you for sure that for Keira Knightley's Lizzy, Matthew Macfadyen's Darcy was the perfect match. (Read my review here!)

I keep bringing up this movie. It's just wonderful! If you ever saw the musical on stage, you know why this is the best adaptation of a live show, and if you didn't, go check it out and see how this was remade into this charming movie. Although I might never forgive them for cutting my favorite songs, there is no other movie I have seen so many times in the theatre. It's a cult classic by now, I don't need to introduce it to anyone!

I wanted to include a cartoon, of course there were great ones over the span of ten years, as technology advances even better ones have come about, so this decision was really hard. Nonetheless, the one thing I kept in mind is "Which ones do I re-watch almost yearly?", really that applies to all the items on this list. And this cartoon is just so dear to my heart. 

Debra Messing has had an extensive career in television, and she has not done as many movies as I would have liked, but the ones she did are great. This one was just exceptionally fun, heartwarming and I promise, it gave me more advice on life than any other movie I had watched in that period. Great casting, great story, great things all around. (Read my review here!)

When it comes to comedies, Will Ferrell and Jon Heder are some of my favorite people. I find that comedies that are dear to my heart don't always gain the same success with everyone, which is a shame. But when these two themed up they just made one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. It is funny, unique, really, I have seen comedies about sports, but none are as crazy as this one. It's just a good time!

You know my love for musicals already, well, this one took a long time to cross my path, even though I knew about for years before. I feel that I did, however, see it when I was supposed to. There are those songs, movies, and books that find you at the perfect time. This is just a precious gem, and if you find out more about the background of this musical the more you'll feel just how precious it is. I hope more and more people discover it when they do, and how they do! (Read my review here!)

Bandits (2001)

I don't think there is need to introduce Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton and Cate Blanchett, but I sure you might need an introduction to this movie. I  have written about it a couple years ago (read my review here!), but there are no words that can do justice to this awesome movie. Everytime I mention it my mom starts to laugh, its just a family favorite: drama, comedy, romance... it has it all! 

This is a remake of a Korean movie, Yeopgijeogin geunyeo (2001), which was translated into My Sassy Girl, and the American version starred the awesome Elisha Cuthbert and the wonderful Jesse Bradford. This has got to be my favorite romantic comedy of all time. It's funny, there is a tiny twist there, it makes me cry every single time, the dialogue is simply superb, and the chemistry between these two is quite unique. I cannot help but love it.

This is a Hungarian movie, that got some remarks and has been around with subtitles on some platforms. To me it is still the best Hungarian movie ever made, period. I am just turning the age that the main characters were and it resonates with me even more, making mistakes but learning to live with them. I have been cheated, I have been robbed in my life before, but I also found love in the people who were there when I was an idiot, and if that isn't the definition of family, I don't know what is. If you get the chance, make sure you watch it! 

What is your top 10? 

Until my next top ten!
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Here is the list of movies that did not make the cut, but actually, they could make a whole new list of themselves. Just make sure you watch them if you hadn't!

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