Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Blogger: My Completely Justified Hatred Of (Some) Vegans

Disclaimer: No, I have nothing against anyone's dietary choices. I have a family member suffering from gluten intolerance, and that is no joke. People like to leave out gluten when they are doing small diets, and it enrages me, because it makes people suffering from this actual disease (which has been proven to be the leading cause for stomach and intestine cancer) are not taken seriously. People keep making jokes about how stupid people are for shoving their allergies into your face, WELL, you would not hate on somebody with a peanut allergy, so STOP hating people who have allergies that cause harm within their body. The same way some vegans do not have a choice, and many vegan meals help people with intolerance as well as diabetic people, I understand the need for it and I appreciate. 

My beef comes from those people who think they have the right to shove it into my face. (Pun intended.)

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I respect everyone who has their dietary choices, I have a lot of vegetarian friends, and I too choose what kind of meat I like to eat because I know that red meat is harmful in every way.  Actually, if asked, I crave a big fresh salad over any fast food option, always. I not only get that it is a healthier life style, but it can also be very tasty. The reason I know that being vegan is also good, is because I had discussions about food, I have read books on it, listened to interviews with doctors and so on. I do not wish to share my food preferences because I don't want to be "hip", or to showcase my superiority, in  this case, in comparison to the rest of humanity. If you do that, I hate you. I find that vegans as a whole approach everything from a wrong angle: they have become aggressive over the years and to me they are a nuisance because of this particular practice:

I am sick and tired of people taking a hammer to the outcome of a problem instead of trying to solve it at its root.

I read an article that a group of vegans stood in front of a meat fridge and ambushed people who wanted to buy meat products... they wanted to raise attention to the fact that the animals that provided them were mistreated. That's is indeed an important issue, but why the f*ck are you ambushing grandma who is trying to make meatballs for her only grandchild instead of petitioning against animal cruelty? You can't change a consumer's mind by being a bully! You can't lie in the middle of a store and "protest" the items they buy and sell and just wait for human compassion to kick in... it won't. The same way, and I am not afraid to make this comparison: by shoving pictures of babies into a woman's face who wants to go to an abortion clinic is NOT gonna make her change her mind. You have no idea why she has to do that, nor do you have any idea about a person's dietary choices. You can inform someone, you can approach them and share your concerns, ONLY if you are welcome. You can still make an impact, a far bigger one, by you yourself showing the kind of compassion that you are waiting from them. 

The issues some vegans are fighting for are very important, but the message is lost.

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You need to come up with sooo much better practices to inform people. Look at a math equation: if you don't get the result you should have, you don't go and check only the last step, no, you go back to the beginning and start again. Same with animal cruelty, you have to go back to the source of the problem! Teach this at schools to children, teach it in high school, teach it at university, it does not matter, but help change in some place other than by bothering grandma!!!! Inform people by approaching coffee places and restaurants to change their products to local farmers and markets, petition the government to help the little guy, so they can lower the cost of freshly produced fruits and vegetables, ask the farmers then to teach their costumers. Make MORE youtube channels, NOT about taking action, but about instructing people on how to change their diets. I understand that the consumer has an impact (you know, supply and demand), but we have to be smart about it instead of being aggressive. It is a little bit like religion to me: I care and love you when you wish to share, the minute you want to force it on me, I am going to be very upset, and I feel that way about many if not all vegans that I encountered so far (and I am sure that not all are like that).

And you know what? There might be youtube channels like that already out there but none of the reached me. And that is at the root of this problem, at that is what needs fixing. 

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