Monday, March 25, 2019

What's Next On My List? Treasure Planet

I decided to write about a couple of cartoons that I think are massively underrated, despite the wonderful world they presented us. Growing up, I fell blessed to have had these stories teaching me valuable lessons.

Jim Hawkins, a boy longing for adventure, embarks on a trip to find the mysterious treasure planet of a famous pirate. Along the way, Jim has to learn that what he had was perhaps more valuable than he thought. And that even those who seem to be good men can turn to evil when blinded by the reflection of gold. But all the riches in the world are nothing compared to the people and love Jim has in his life already.

If I remember correctly, my brother and I saw this movie in the theater, and already then, barely 11 years old that I was, I was mesmerized by the visuals. I loved this story as a kid, I remember the Muppet Treasure Island movie, and how I was scared but intrigued at the same time. I do believe that it was this tale that taught me that money doesn't matter. Essentially, a man wasted his entire life looking for a treasure that he thought he deserved and... I think we do this on an everyday basis. All of us who believe that we need to have a reason to be alive... I don't think we do. We put a great deal of pressure on the idea of being part of something larger, or at least, wishing to be part of something larger. Many of us have an insuppressible fear of not having any meaning and when you look at this story, you realize a lot of things. First, we take for granted the good things around us. Let it be material wealth or our families. Second, by focusing on what is to come, we forget where we are. The present alone is something that should be valued, and it isn't.
Our jobs, schools, relationships, even the simple pleasure of having a cup of coffee or tea is something that becomes rushed. We deem people lazy when they lay back and enjoy the little things, while I can tell you for a fact that those are the people who are alive through every moment of their life. And third, money is good, trust me, in today's world especially, when you want to have a family or just a dog, it is good to be financially secure. But we also live in a world where harder jobs (e.g. teaching) is not as respected as pushing numbers in an excel table. This leaves a lot of us running after numbers in our bank accounts. And I blame society for that, but I also know already that getting that number that will always make you secure is virtually impossible, unless you win the lottery. So I for one don't want to run after treasures. And that is the lesson that this movie has taught me. Not only does it have a great cast of voices, and a mesmerizing design, but it also teaches great lessons. Of course, the story comes from the novel Treasure Island (1883), written by Robert Louis Stevenson, but this is one of the best adaptations out there. Unfortunately, it is massively underrated.

Watch it? Honestly, I believe the main reason why I am offended by the live-action iterations and by the unnecessary cult following that Frozen has, is that I always believed - before the internet ruined me - that every single Disney movie is successful. Now, that I look at the numbers I don't understand them... but I will try and talk about those underrated movies, because they are much better than you'd think.

Until the next item on my list!
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Jim Hawkins - Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Sarah Hawkins - Laurie Metcalf
John Silver - Brian Murray
Doctor Doppler - David Hyde Pierce
B.E.N. - Martin Short
Captain Amelia - Emma Thompson

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