Saturday, August 18, 2018

What's Next On My List? Murder On The Orient Express

Last summer I got an ebook reader for my birthday and the first thing I read on it was Agatha Christie's classic novel. Gotta say, it hit hard. I loved every second of it, read it in one day too. I could not wait to see it on the big screen with this wonderful cast.

The ultimate story of crime not being black and white: there are two sides to every coin. Hercule Poirot stumbles onto the conspiracy of a life time within a closed door murder where everyone and no one looks guilty. This becomes the toughest mission for the detective, as he has to question his own moral choices.

I decided to read this book because of the teaser for this movie. I just had to know how it was written in order to see how good a job Branagh did bringing to life the script. I have to say, I always forget what a wonderful director this man is - and he is a great actor. The cinematography of this movie is simply breathtaking. The story alone takes you with it, as it showcases that one death can have a ripple effect, and it is not just one person who is effected. Moreover, Poirot's approach to a crime has always been black and white: murder is a no go, and there are no excuses for it. This story teaches him one very important lesson: there really are two sides to every story. I loved the book when I've read it and I already started thinking about the layers of morality it touches upon, and me and my sister had the same talk after seeing the movie. One you lose someone, you break a bit, and the people that care about you? They break too, and so on. The outsider in this story, Poirot, is, however, filled with compassion and care, and he is no blind to the tragedy that preceded this murder. I do not wish to spoil more of the story for those who have not seen or read it yet, I just wanted to make sure I get you all interested, because it is more than a simple crime story.

Watch it? Please do. If you know the book, you will be very appreciative of the accuracy of how it was brought to life. If you don't know it, then you'll have your jaws dropped all the way through as you uncover the truth behind this murder. Either way you look at it, as far as crime stories are concerned, this is a 10/10.

Until the next item on my list!
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Hercule Poirot - Kenneth Branagh
Miss Mary Debenham - Daisy Ridley
Dr. Arbuthnot - Leslie Odom Jr.
Bouc - Tom Bateman
Biniamino Marquez - Manuel Garcia-Rulfo
Pilar Estravados - Penélope Cruz
Hector MacQueen - Josh Gad
Edward Ratchett - Johnny Depp
Edward Henry Masterman - Derek Jacobi
Count Rudolph Andrenyi - Sergei Polunin
Countess Elena Andrenyi - Lucy Boynton
Pierre Michel - Marwan Kenzari
Caroline Hubbard - Michelle Pfeiffer
Princess Dragomiroff - Judi Dench
Hildegarde Schmidt - Olivia Colman
Gerhard Hardman - Willem Dafoe

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