Monday, March 19, 2018

What's Next On My List? The Girl Next Door

Well, when I saw it, this movie was a real sexual awakening for me. I learned a lot of things about myself, and I have to say that even today I look back at it with a smile because of the little elements in it, and well, the overall idea.

Matt is about to graduate from high school, and for the first time in his life he cannot focus on his studies because the most beautiful and dangerous blonde girl moves in next door. Danielle is funny, smart, charming and everything a boy could ever dream of but she is, nonetheless, a porn star. Not only does her past haunt her, but Matt as well, and together they come up with a way to be able to start new. It only involves money, more porn stars, and everything illegal they can think of!

Yes, this is an older movie, compared to how many things there are at the cinema that I could be talking about instead of this is, but I looked it up on purpose. Just today I had a class where we went into detail about the terrible sexual education that is provided in some Hungarian schools. Let me add that U.S. schools are not better... goes to show that they made a whole movie out of it! The shame we still associate with porn baffles me, because let's be honest, almost everyone today gets answers from the internet to their questions regarding sex. And is that OK? I had a debate about abortion today and the common understanding we came to is that people are not really educated. Following another debate about how parents always say that 'How am I supposed to explain gay couples to my children?' and my answer is: 'Why are you afraid of talking to your child?'. Do you think anyone enjoys these? No, of course not, but the more embarrassing the more need to talk about it! The thing this movie focuses on is that kids might laugh at sexual education for several reasons, mostly I think because of the same embarrassment, but not trying to educate them is still a bigger crime - both of the parent and the teacher's alike. There should be no scapegoating here!
There is room for debate here, let me just say that the movie tackles it in a very smart manner, adding a great twist at the end and handling everything with a great subtle sense of humor. The whole situation is absurd, and as such so is the solution. But at least the movie offers one...
That said, I also love the cast. I keep seeing these actors again and again and I am completely mesmerized by the talent they showcase with every new role they take on. Let's be honest, young actors can be tricky, you never really know how far they will be able to go. Finally, I challenge anyone to watch this movie and not fall in love with Elisha Cuthbert... seriously, this girl has such natural charisma and presence on screen that is very hard to ignore. From the industry that gives you incredibly grotesque sexual comedies with the main characters being completely unable to understand the mechanics of sex (or even question what they are putting their dicks into...) I was incredibly gracious to have come about this simple movie about youngsters working super hard to make their dreams come true in a world that is full of obstacles and stupid vindictive adults. You'll get this sentence if you watch the movie.

Should you watch it? Absolutely. It is fun comedy that packs a punch.

Until the next item on my list!
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Matthew KidmanEmile Hirsch
Danielle Elisha Cuthbert
Hugo PoshJames Remar
Klitz - Paul Dano

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