Sunday, August 20, 2017

What's Next On My List? Marvel's The Defenders

Well, of course, I watched all eight episodes in one sitting and I was just (pun intended) marveled by the experience that this show provided! Now, before I go into a review about it, I will talk a bout about each Netflix Marvel show first, in order of appearance. If you only wish to read The Defenders review scroll on down to the poster! However, I will include everything you need to know to watch it in case you haven't seen the other series so I advice you to read them!

My take on Netflix shows: Thank god they exist. The fact that people know that they have a fix number of episodes, to write something that has a beginning, a middle and an end has improved American shows tenfold! Usually a show starts, they have a pilot, then six episodes, maybe 13 and if they are lucky they get extended to a full season. If you are a fan you can sit and hope and pray that they get at least one full season to tell the story... that does not always happen, unfortunately. Now, doing it like the British do, ordering a full season at least gives the fans satisfaction, because even if the series does not get renewed, you still have one complete story that you can always re-watch and see just how much better writing and story telling becomes. I am personally super happy that these shows are not on any other channel! I am glad that the internet is giving a helping hand in reshaping the way shows are created and watched.

(Season 1 and 2)

Matthew Murdock (played by Charlie Cox) is a blind lawyer, who has enhanced senses, and deems sight overrated. He fights crime at night because he lives in Hell's Kitchen, one of the worst districts in the big city of New York. In the two season span he discovers that it becomes almost impossible to keep his two lives separate as more and more skeletons start to pop out of the closet. First, he sees his instructor, Stick, a man who has been trying to get him to join a war that can only be won with his help. Second, the love of his life, Elektra Natchios returns into his life and she always had a destructive power over him, he sees the good in her but she wishes to bring out the bad in him [she is very accurate to the comic version]. Finally, someone new arrives, Frank Castle, a man most already know as The Punisher, and he has a detailed conversation with Daredevil about how beating people does not teach them a lesson, only by eliminating them will the streets be rid of the bad guys. Matt is continuously struggling between being patient and wanting to see results, whilst trying to walk his own path without being forced into anything he does not deem morally acceptable.
Review: People have been sh*tting on the movie version of this character for the longest time, and I never understood that... yes, minor details could have been redone, but think about all the Marvel movies that were made before Disney bought them... when you go over it, you'll see that Daredevil is not that bad at all... Now, those minor details have been improved in the TV series and this might be the most important difference and the reason I am glad that Daredevil is not a movie: pacing. A 13 episode season leaves you time to discover a character and see exactly who they are and what they are meant to be. The best way to reintroduce this lovable and great character was through a TV show and I am happy that they did. I always cared for Hell's Kitchen's fate and I honestly hope that at least once Matt will cross paths with Spiderman!

(Season 1)

Jessica (played by Krysten Ritter) is a private investigator, an alcoholic, and a simple girl with super strength. She lost her parents in a car accident, which is also the accident that gave her her powers. She grows up in a family and gains a sister, Trish, who becomes the only person to never give up on her. Jessica encounters a man named Kilgrave, who is able to make anyone do whatever he wishes, but his powers do not seem to work on Jessica anymore. Having been used and abused by him she sets out to make sure he never controls anyone ever again under her watch.
Review: The show is made up as a modern day noir and I loved every second of it. Jessica is a witty, funny, sarcastic... well, bitch, who has no problem with speaking her mind. Of course, she refuses to be considered a hero because she has no gain in being considered someone who has a heart. Staying far from people helps her to avoid conflict and to be able to stay on top of things. It is when feelings get involved that she is most vulnerable, but her weakness is also her strength. She kicks ass for me because she is smart. Of course, being a private investigator you would expect her to be, yet, many times shows fail in that regard and forget the basic qualities of their characters. But, this show did not, and Jessica is by far one of the best characters and the show itself is simply marvelous. I can't wait for the next season.
(Season 1)

The bulletproof man, Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter), escapes prison after experiments are conducted on him which result in his superpower. Luke hides out in Harlem under a new identity, but his wish to help others cannot be suppressed and he sets out to make the city a better place. In the end his demons catch up with him and he has to deal with them, but more importantly, his love for Harlem is never lost sight of.
Review: I did not like the bad guy at all... one thing is his costume that was simply put, urm, unappealing. But other than that, he explained in detail who his beef is with and it was not our main character, yet, he made him out to be the enemy. It was dumb... and I am especially upset about it because otherwise this is an awesome show. Of course, everything is as it is in the comics, it even referenced Luke's original looks and it was logically built up with very intriguing characters. Claire Temple (played by Rosario Dawson) arrives in this series after Daredevil and having met Luke in Jessica Jones, unsure of what to do next but being inspired by Luke to do good no matter what. After Luke is caught in the end and has to go back to prison to finish his sentence, Claire remains to wait for him. This was a great show I just had a hard time taking the villain seriously and that was a bit of a problem for me.
(Season 1)

Danny Rand (played by Finn Jones), is presumed dead by the whole world after the plane crash he was in with his parents. However, he survived and was adopted by a group of monks that trained him in the art of kung fu and after winning a trial, in which he punched the heart of a dragon, he became the immortal Iron Fist, protector of K'un-Lun and sworn enemy of the Hand. The latter he comes across with in New York and decides to fight them to the best of his abilities with those he loves and trusts.
Review: It was not the best out of four, and for one specific reason. Danny was who he was because he is a very optimistic person and I had friends who argued that the actor did not do a great job and I beg to differ. He does justice to the character and you find that out once you see The Defenders too, but even before that, the last 4 episodes of the first season make up for the shortcomings of the beginning of the show. My problem was the enemy... the Hand. Having already seen them, what they are capable of, how they work and how they exist and what they look like once their training is complete, I expected to be shown the same. Now, here they were portrayed completely differently, and although it was important to fool Danny, there was no need to fool the viewer. Actually, okay, they could, but after that, once it was revealed who we are dealing with they should have shown us the face of the Hand the way we already know them. They did so in The Defenders! That is my biggest problem with the series, although there were minor details, I did not mind them because all is well that ends well and the end of the season was great! There is one thing I had questions about, but hopefully it will be answered in the second season!

And now...
(Season 1)

The Hand has reached New York, and has already encountered Daredevil, he fought them with Elektra (played by Elodie Yung). He lost her in the fight and has put down the suit. Danny comes back to New York as his chase for the Hand leads him back here. Luke comes out of prison only to find that crime is still alive and well in Harlem and instead of fighting he decides to help the little guys, but this too leads him to members of the Hand. Finally Jessica takes a case after a long retirement and she finds herself in the same building where all four of them meet for the first time realizing that alone they could not do much to stop them. They hit a few bumps along the road, but in the end they encounter the five fingers of the Hand and face them off to make sure that they are able to save their city.
Review: OH MY GOD. I loved every single second of this show. I have watched it twice already since it came out. I just... first of all, Matt. He becomes be the leader of this team and his trust issues were justified from the beginning. His love for the city is not just something that was emphasized over and over, but it was also a big contributor to the end of the story. Then comes Jessica, who is easily bullied into taking a case, but once she does she doesn't regret it. Luke gets to meet Danny thanks to Claire and Danny finally realizes that he does not have to face the Hand alone. The show kept color coordinating the scenes and it was directed magnificently. It brought back everyone you know and love from the separate series and each character was true to themselves. She doesn't give a shit, he believes in his destiny, he wants to protect Harlem and he wants to avoid a war. The writing was simply magnificent!
Finally, the villain... we have been given enough insight to want to know everything we can about the Hand and all the puzzle pieces finally fit. We re-encounter familiar faces, we are given answers, and we are shown the true intentions of the organization. What I liked about them is that you care for them. Not in the 'rooting for the bad guy' kind of way, but the 'I understand what you are doing, but you are still wrong' kind of way. You admire their tenacity and strength in never stopping and always being a few steps ahead. They are worthy enemies, is all I want to say, and that is important because the villain can make or break a story. The set up of this organization was well thought out and our group of unlikely heroes does their best to defeat them and if the awesome fighting choreography wasn't enough, the jokes and interactions make this even better than The Avengers! THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT!

Watch it? Please do. You will NOT be disappointed! I find this to be Marvel at its best. Each series we have been given so far (by Netflix) just raised the bar higher and higher. Now, you have a whole season that, in my opinion, not only delivers but showcases what super hero shows should be like. I want more and more and I thank the writers and creators for this adventure! Season one of The Defenders will always be among my top five favorite stories ever told!

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