Friday, April 28, 2017

Bulding with CsorEsz: Gift Ideas

Having finally given everyone all of the Christmas presents I can post all the things I worked on this year to give others inspiration! Again I mostly worked with beads because I think they are the coolest thing, especially because there are so many things you can do with them! They are colorful, make for good decorations and then your friends don't use them the way you do, then there is always something new about it as well!

Graduation gift: it's just a simple flower, but it'll never dry out and it will be a nice memory for years to come of a long awaited graduation!

Notebooks: this one is easy, you just gotta know what your friends love the most, or better, what fandom they are the biggest fans of! I have made a lot of these because people love receiving notebooks and books. It is the best gift in my opinion!

Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon
Donald Duck

Nutella jar on a notebook!
Pins: this is the easiest and cutest of all. You'll find that your room can always handle a tiny decoration, whatever that is. I have made these pins specifically, all you need is a wooden pin and glue and done!

Music note for musicians.
Pride heart.
Photo camera - if you saw the circular part onto it instead of
gluing it, it will move just like a real lens.

Kitchen decorations: I made these as coupons, on the back it says that if the person sends me a picture of them I will appear within 72 hours. It is something to showcase that I am always available, but it makes for a fun kitchen decoration!

Frame: if you buy frames that have a thick, well, frame, then you can attach to it whatever you make out of beads. I added two here, a moped and a Pusheen cat, but I actually I made more, on one there is a rainbow in the corner and another with flowers. Really, there is no limit here just your imagination. Make sure that what you make is not big enough to take from the picture that you'll put in the frame.

Other ideas: Playing around with beads is just fun. My best friend loves dinosaurs, I have been making her these for every birthday and then you have retro gifts like cassettes and so on. I also made a bag for my wooden chess set and sawed a queen and a king onto it! Keychains, pins, decorations on bags and so on... think about it, due to the holes it is super easy to saw it onto materials!


Chess set, king and queen.

Extra Christmas gift:
this is for those who love Doctor Who, and I know a lot of people do! You just need an ornament and a wire.

... and a gift for me: This is the one I am most proud of. I made me a Mr Meeseeks from Rick and Morty, who appears to help you with your chores and once he is done he disappears. I have a couple of things I need a reminder of, so now my Mr Meeseeks is on my door and he reminds me of everything I need to get done before leaving the house!

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