Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What's Next On My List? The First Wives Club

Thinking of March 8 today and all the wonderful women out there from whom I have learned the importance of equality, fair rights, standing up for those who are less fortunate and simply learning to love ourselves, I decided to write about a movie that is always the first to come to my mind whenever I think of powerful women. Unfortunately I think that still not enough movies or TV shows focus on this. Now, you can debate me, but then I'd like to remind you that we are yet to see the first female superhero on the big screen! Although I would recommend Supergirl to girls of all ages, as it teaches you all the right lessons, yet, there is more to be done on the matter.

Let us celebrate women today, March 8, 2017, because women make the world go round!

Three friends, Elise, Brenda and Annie are brought together years after college after the death of their fourth best friend, Cynthia. All four have lost touch, but the feeling of not having been there for a friend who needed them makes them realize that life is short. They all confess to having marital problems, and face that their lives cannot go on the way it has for a long time now. They get back what is theirs, either emotionally or in the form of a paycheck and through the process found their way back to their friendship.

"Ladies, you have to be strong and independent, and remember, 
don't get mad, get everything."

I can't remember whether or not I was seven or eight when I first saw this movie, but what I do remember is that I loved it right away. Thinking back it is a curious thing why someone at such a young age would simply love the idea of three strong women taking matters into their own hands, but I was in awe. What I loved about the movie was the fact that these women got the worst cards dealt to them, which they didn't deserve it, and did something about it. Not just that, but when they decided to push back, they didn't go crazy with revenge and never hurt anyone in their plans who didn't hurt them in the first place. All three husbands got what they deserved and nothing more or nothing less. This is perfectly showcased with Brenda's husband, Morty, who was all in all a good person going through a mid-life crisis but realized that his family was more important than anything else. Sometimes people just need a kick in the butt to realize what is in front of them and to learn to appreciate it!
As far as revenge is concerned, all the money they got back from their cheating husbands was spent on helping others. This wasn't a tale about women wishing for more money than they can imagine in order to live luxurious lives. Nor was it about getting the money that their husbands denied them, even if that was their first intent, they then turned it around to pay for a center that could help all women who have abusive husbands, cheaters, liars con-man and those who need help after a divorce. They realize that they could have helped Cynthia this way and this drives them to do better next time. And that is what I learned from the movie: somebody always has it worst than you do, and helping them might not only help you, but it will definitely help them. There is always something you can do!
The only thing that makes me cry every single time is the fact that Cynthia was played by one of my favorite actresses of all time: Stockard Channing. And I wish she would have had a bigger part in the movie. But because of my love for her I am always reminded to take care of my friends and to make sure that they always know they have someone to turn to no matter what happens in their life. This movie taught me more than any others out there. It celebrates women on a whole other level. They are all independent, strong, smart and they use their brains, not their looks (although if you ask me women can only get more beautiful with age! Hollywood got it wrong!), and a fierce woman might just be the sexiest thing I can think of, to be honest!

Watch it? Definitely. It is a cult classic. There is going to be a re-booth in the form of a TV series soon and I can't wait to see it! This story has so many layers and it teaches you all the right lessons. I'm letting you know in advance that my children will be forced to watch this over and over again until they learn to love themselves, care for their friends and if life pushes you to push back justly! Now please celebrate women! They gave us life and we should make the best of that life!

Until the next item on my list!
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Annie - Diane Keaton
Elise - Goldie Hawn
Brenda - Bette Midler
Morty - Dan Hedaya
Gunilla Garson Goldberg - Maggie Smith

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