Thursday, May 25, 2017

What's Next On My List? Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical

Welcome to #MusicalMay! If you have followed my blog before, then you know that I am big musical fan. I just think that singing makes everything better, I really do. It is a sort of medicine to the soul. When two years ago I wrote about my favorites from Halloween to Christmas I still had many left on my list and I will cover a few of them this month! Enjoy the music.

Here is a movie that teaches you about the dangers of pot smoking through a musical. In other words, the best possible way out there! 

A man arrives in a little town to show a film about the dangers of marijuana in a local school for parents. The story is that of a good boy who was persuaded into smoking and couldn't stop himself anymore. Once in the grasp of the conman who sells him 'the stuff', the boy involves his girlfriend as well and it all ends in death. The man then highlights that he might be a bit exaggerating, however, the dangers of smoking should not be overlooked.

This was a fun tale, in my opinion, as it had a lot of jokes and little nuances. The songs were great and I don't know about you, but I get a shiver in the back of my knees every time I see Alan Cumming. He is a wonderful actor and his comedic timing really brought the movie together. This was the first thing I saw Kristen Bell sing in, however, my favorite actress in this is definitely Ana Gasteyer! The whole movie tries to parody these awful short films that people were always forced to watch to educate them and help them explain the dangers of the world... and the parody works. You wouldn't expect anyone to die in a film about, well, pot. I said it like that because we live in a world where there are drugs far worse than something which is becoming legalized in many parts of the American continent and Europe. That said, this movie is a perfect example of how easily things can get out of hand, and putting it into this context, which highlights the silliness of it, works perfectly. Gotta say, my favorite thing about it were the visions of Jesus some of the characters got when high.

Watch it? Well, it escalates quickly, I can tell you that, but without it how can you say that it is truly dangerous? The movie brings the point across, with good actors and great songs. It might not be on your top ten list of movies to watch next, but if you like musicals then it is a must!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Mary LaneKristen Bell
Jimmy Harper Christian Campbell
Miss PoppyNeve Campbell
Lecturer / Goat-Man / FDR - Alan Cumming
Mae ColemanAna Gasteyer
Ralph Wiley / Uncle Sam John Kassir
Sally DeBains / Statue of LibertyAmy Spanger
Jesus - Robert Torti
Jack Stone / George Washington - Steven Weber

Monday, May 22, 2017

What's Next On My List? Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Welcome to #MusicalMay! If you have followed my blog before, then you know that I am big musical fan. I just think that singing makes everything better, I really do. It is a sort of medicine to the soul. When two years ago I wrote about my favorites from Halloween to Christmas I still had many left on my list and I will cover a few of them this month! Enjoy the music.

Television has decided to start a series of live events with famous musicals and I am 100% for it. The castings are remarkable, in my opinion, and always have something new. Some musicals, no matter how much I love them, I will never see live and this is the closest I'll ever come to it.

A young engaged couple gets lost in the woods and ends up in a castle owned by a Professor Frank-n-Further. On the night the Professor shows them her creation, Rocky, and from then on the horror ensues as the main characters lose all sense of who they are and were before that night.

Of course I don't have to tell you about this musical, everyone knows it, and there have been hundreds of versions since. The idea of actually casting a transgender actor, however, I think is simply wonderful. I adored every second Laverne Cox was on the screen! It drew me in right from the start. I adore this musical, the songs, the idea behind it, the intertextual jokes and the magic of the overall story.
This musical probably has the largest fan base all over the world. It has been in the theater for the longest time, despite being a fail at the box office at first. Re-enactments of the musical within the theater are, I believe, some of the best ways to pay tribute to something people adore. Now, coming back to this version: it was great. It is different, but then again, what's the point of making it the same as the original? It won't be, so dare to pay homage but move on at the same time. A different angle, a different cast, a more open approach to an idea that was already revolutionary when it came out. As far as I'm concerned, the more versions the better, but people should be introduced to the original before getting to know the newer ones.

Watch it? Sure, it's good fun. Songs you love and actors you should get to know. One crazy night that can change your life, as it changed that of the main characters.

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ 

Dr. Frank-N-Furter - Laverne Cox
Janet WeissVictoria Justice
Brad Majors Ryan McCartan
Columbia Annaleigh Ashford
Riff Raff - Reeve Carney
Eddie Adam Lambert
Rocky Staz Nair
Dr. Scott Ben Vereen
The Usherette - Ivy Levan
The Criminologist, An Expert - Tim Curry

Friday, May 19, 2017

What's Next On My List? Repo! The Genetic Opera

Welcome to #MusicalMay! If you have followed my blog before, then you know that I am big musical fan. I just think that singing makes everything better, I really do. It is a sort of medicine to the soul. When two years ago I wrote about my favorites from Halloween to Christmas I still had many left on my list and I will cover a few of them this month! Enjoy the music.

What I adore about musicals is that they can be of any genre, from comedy to horror, really any story can be told through music. I, for one, don't like horror and yet the musical format not only made me enjoy but also care for the following musical:

In the future an epidemic brings about a company, GeneCo, that provides organs for anyone who needs them, however, if they can't pay or they breach their contracts, then they send the Repo man after them and he gets back what is rightfully GeneCo's. Our main character is Shilo Wallace, who is sick as well, and her father keeps her closed in their home, but she sneaks out to see the world and that is how she discovers much of the horror that surrounds them. This monopolistic system is, however, close to being changed because if GeneCo is no more, then the possibilities are endless.

This is a strange world, but it grabs you. First of all, the story is told as if it was a comic book, with transitions that turn into drawings. This already got me hooked, because much more than brining comics into life, I love it when we are made to believe we are reading one. Second, there is a narrator to the story, a Graverobber, who finds the main character in a cemetery and introduces her to the harsh reality that is their world. This apocalyptic vision of a dark world that is dying and people being obsessed with their looks and plastic surgery is surprisingly believable. The world is no longer in control of the government, but of one company that has money.
The narrator gets a material, zydrate, from old graves which help with the pain if you get a surgery, and some use it to get high - like the daughter of the owner of GeneCo. And the man, the Repo, who gets back the organs if you don't pay in time is the father of our main character. His job - to kill to get back the organs - is justified by the fact that there is not much else to do in a world where organ markets rule and everyone wants to get high enough to not see the chaos and dismay that surrounds them. Of course, there are a few twists and turns to the story that I am intentionally not revealing because I believe you should see it. If you plan a horror movie night, or if you like musicals, or just apocalyptic dystopias then you will surely enjoy it! Grotesque and eerie and chilling in a good way.

Watch it? Well, yes. Here is the problem with musical movies that are made solely for the small screen: they go unnoticed. If something is a hit on Broadway then it is likely to be a hit as a movie as well because the people have heard or known of it for years. Although most actors in this are famous, the movie was somewhat unnoticed. I'm sure it has its own fan base, and that's awesome, but it could be bigger!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ _

Shilo WallaceAlexa PenaVega
Rotti LargoPaul Sorvino
Nathan / Repo ManAnthony Head
Blind MagSarah Brightman
Amber SweetParis Hilton
GraverobberTerrance Zdunich

Friday, May 12, 2017

What Next On My List? The Last Five Years

Welcome to #MusicalMay! If you have followed my blog before, then you know that I am big musical fan. I just think that singing makes everything better, I really do. It is a sort of medicine to the soul. When two years ago I wrote about my favorites from Halloween to Christmas I still had many left on my list and I will cover a few of them this month! Enjoy the music.

This was one my sister's favorite musicals and she was happy it was made into a movie, so was I, because you see we will never go to Broadway. Even if by chance we get the money to go to America, we will never get to see our favorite musicals live. We love musical movies because they bring us closer. And not everything gets translated into Hungarian, so the stage is rarely an option for us. This is one of those musicals too.

The narration of this musical is outstanding. We have a couple, Cathy and Jamie, and the story is told backwards for one of them. Cathy, an actress, starts off singing at the end of their relationship, while Jamie, the writer, is at the beginning. They meet up in the middle, when Jamie asks Cathy to marry him, and in the end we see how Jamie is no longer as happy in this relationship as the fist time Cathy was when she met him.

"Jamie is over and Jamie is gone.
Jamie's decided it's time to move on.
Jamie has new dreams he's building upon.
And I'm still hurting."

This idea is quite spectacular, not to mention that to me it signified that there was a point of view shift within the musical. When Jamie asks her to marry him, the initial scene is repeated, but a bit differently, which to me implied that now we see it from Cathy's point of you. Not only point of view but from her recollection of the story. As the story unravels you sometimes feel mad at Jamie, but then again, that is just one point of view. Each relationship takes two, let that be marriage, love, friendship, and each side has their own good reasons for acting the way they do. You need to listen and be patient. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't, but don't let that be because there was no communication or you were too stubborn to put aside your own expectations.
This musical actually reminds me of a quote from the TV show Nashville, which goes "Sometimes the one we learn the most from is not the one we end up with." When you think about it, we all have relationships that had an impact in our lives. Whoever they were, they had a place in our hearts and left something, good or bad, that we learned from. We learned something of ourselves through that process. In this story Cathy and Jamie learn who they are, what makes them happy, what they want to do for the rest of their lives, and the other one might not be that 'one' they are meant to be with. But the journey they took to get there cannot be underestimated. Shifting the storyline for one of the characters highlights just how important they were to each other. This is a wonderful musical.

Watch it? I'm telling you it's brilliant. The imdb rating is complete idiocracy. This movie had the misfortune of coming out on a bad weekend and people STILL don't take the time to understand musicals and the story behind them... I for one adore every single second of it and wish more people could see it!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _

Cathy - Anne Kendrick
Jamie - Jeremy Jordan

Friday, May 5, 2017

What's Next On My List? Evita

Welcome to #MusicalMay! If you have followed my blog before, then you know that I am big musical fan. I just think that singing makes everything better, I really do. It is a sort of medicine to the soul. When two years ago I wrote about my favorites from Halloween to Christmas I still had many left on my list and I will cover a few of them this month! Enjoy the music.

First up is the musical that reminded me that I need to continue my musical reviews:


A musical of the life of Eva Perón, wife of Juan Perón, the president of Argentina between 1946 and 1955. The story details how Eva came to live in Buenos Aires and how she became an actress only to meet Perón at a fundraiser. From then on the two became a power couple and were beloved as they fought dictators and cared about the nation. The story is narrated by Ché, who appears in the background of all of Eva's life, he is both active and passive, and in the end it seems that he loved Eva maybe more than any other Argentinian. Perhaps Eva loved him too.

"Sometimes it's very difficult to keep momentum when it's you that you are following."

This is one of those musicals in which you fall in love with the songs more and more each time you re-watch it. First time, two or three, second, four or five and so on until you know the whole soundtrack by heart. Whilst watching this movie you'll also ask yourself why doesn't Antonio Banderas sing more?! As far as I'm concerned I would give him a role in every single musical out there :D His voice and his charisma as a narrator are essentially the best part of this movie. Of course that is arguable as Madonna's performance is wonderful. Very few movies I can think of where I was happy that a singer was cast as an actor, but here? I applaud that decision.
The musical of course is quite controversial. Eva Perón was a beloved woman by her people and the movie showcases parts of her life that one might not be proud of on a larger scale. She was accused of abusing her looks and connections to get ahead. Historically accurate or not, the movie does not bring into question that her charity work and her devotion to the people was done with love. She cared. She did make a difference. If she didn't there would be no musical about her, think about that! Even if there are debatable parts, the music and the narration is outstanding, the casting is literally the best of Hollywood and if you have questions regarding the story then look them up. That is the beauty of historical figures: you can always clear things up for yourself! Here is my favorite song from the musical:

Watch it? Well, it is 100% worth it for the music. You might argue that you are not a fan of Madonna, and to that I will say that you shouldn't worry, this is Eva Perón on the screen. Historical musicals I believe are the best way to learn for anyone. It makes you interested in the background, the inspiration and the reason for the need to tell that given story. I would so much recommend this movie that I'm going to re-watch it right now!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ 

Eva - Madonna
Juan Perón - Jonathan Pryce
Magaldi - Jimmy Nail

Saturday, April 29, 2017

What's Next On My List? Children Of Men

Welcome to #ApocalypticApril! The aim is to cover movies that either have an apocalyptic element or take place after it. I had a class on this, "Post-apocalyptic Science Fiction", and although it was over three years ago, it is still one of my favorites to recall of the many free credits I did. I planned this month for a while now and decided that this is the year for it! Hope you enjoy!

This is the last review for April and in the apocalyptic fashion I thought I would leave for last something that had a major impact on me as a viewer.

In the year 2027 a dystopian future has come to life, when everyone is monitored, but women have become infertile. It has been 18 years since the last baby was born and the youngest person alive was casualty to a bombing on the day when the adventure of our main character begins. Theo Faron is recruited by his ex to help a woman to safety, a woman, who is pregnant by some miracle. She has to be transported to The Human Project where she will be safe, but in a world torn apart by war these two fugitives will have a hard time as there is no one they can trust.

I have seen this movie when it came out. Something drew me to it and I was petrified afterwards. First, the idea of this world is something that was more real to me than anything else. Men with guns shooting at everything and everyone, bombs on every corner, in coffee shops and so on. Nobody is safe. Nobody can be trusted. It was plain terrifying and of course the only organization that cares about the life of humans is considered a myth... I have seen and have reviewed some of the worst sets of dictatorships that have been told in movies or books or anime after an apocalypse. While some dealt with the impending doom of an apocalypse coming. This movie to me was scary because all the others had elements to them that made them a bit less real. I'm not scared of encountering a monster like in Cloverfield, I'm not worried about zombie-like vampire creatures, or an alien attack from someone that fears humanity. I am, however, scared of human stupidity. We as a race are f*cking idiots and we reach for a guns before asking questions and that is the future that this movie showed us.
In not being able to understand the reason for infertility we just start killing each other. Soldiers putting their lives on the line for... what? Each country is dying out. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. There is one beautiful scene where the woman has already had her child and the soldiers hear the cry of the baby and they stop to shoot. Everyone stops to listen to the cry of a child. Something they haven't heard in years. You understand that this is what they fight for: life. But even life has become secondary to conflict and someone needed to remind them of it. Our heroes are victorious but at great costs and great losses. The movie maintains its dark grayish hue as that is what a world that is about to crumble will be. Even if there is a sun up in the sky, the smoke of guns and fires will hide it.

Watch it? Be prepared to cry and to be scared, but moved at the same time. The idea that some haven't forgotten what matters, as in, that children are literally the future is great moral message. Humanity at its worst presented in a wonderful movie. I do recommend it.

This, however, ends our apocalyptic tails for a while. I wanted to write about these movies for the longest time, so I'm happy I got around to them. More? We'll see. This is it for 2017 as far as our impending doom is concerned!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ _ 

Theo Faron - Clive Owen
Jasper - Michael Cain
Julian - Julianne Moore

Friday, April 28, 2017

Bulding with CsorEsz: Gift Ideas

Having finally given everyone all of the Christmas presents I can post all the things I worked on this year to give others inspiration! Again I mostly worked with beads because I think they are the coolest thing, especially because there are so many things you can do with them! They are colorful, make for good decorations and then your friends don't use them the way you do, then there is always something new about it as well!

Graduation gift: it's just a simple flower, but it'll never dry out and it will be a nice memory for years to come of a long awaited graduation!

Notebooks: this one is easy, you just gotta know what your friends love the most, or better, what fandom they are the biggest fans of! I have made a lot of these because people love receiving notebooks and books. It is the best gift in my opinion!

Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon
Donald Duck

Nutella jar on a notebook!
Pins: this is the easiest and cutest of all. You'll find that your room can always handle a tiny decoration, whatever that is. I have made these pins specifically, all you need is a wooden pin and glue and done!

Music note for musicians.
Pride heart.
Photo camera - if you saw the circular part onto it instead of
gluing it, it will move just like a real lens.
Kitchen decorations: I made these as coupons, on the back it says that if the person sends me a picture of them I will appear within 72 hours. It is something to showcase that I am always available, but it makes for a fun kitchen decoration!

Frame: if you buy frames that have a thick, well, frame, then you can attach to it whatever you make out of beads. I added two here, a moped and a Pusheen cat, but I actually I made more, on one there is a rainbow in the corner and another with flowers. Really, there is no limit here just your imagination. Make sure that what you make is not big enough to take from the picture that you'll put in the frame.

Other ideas: Playing around with beads is just fun. My best friend loves dinosaurs, I have been making her these for every birthday and then you have retro gifts like cassettes and so on. I also made a bag for my wooden chess set and sawed a queen and a king onto it! Keychains, pins, decorations on bags and so on... think about it, due to the holes it is super easy to saw it onto materials!


Chess set, king and queen.

Extra Christmas gift:
this is for those who love Doctor Who, and I know a lot of people do! You just need an ornament and a wire.

... and a gift for me: This is the one I am most proud of. I made me a Mr Meeseeks from Rick and Morty, who appears to help you with your chores and once he is done he disappears. I have a couple of things I need a reminder of, so now my Mr Meeseeks is on my door and he reminds me of everything I need to get done before leaving the house!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

What's Next On My List? Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

Welcome to #ApocalypticApril! The aim is to cover movies that either have an apocalyptic element or take place after it. I had a class on this, "Post-apocalyptic Science Fiction", and although it was over three years ago, it is still one of my favorites to recall of the many free credits I did. I planned this month for a while now and decided that this is the year for it! Hope you enjoy!

Anime have been dealing with the apocalypse and post-apocalyptic worlds for decades. Anyone doing real and intensive research on this topic HAS to, at some point, widen their range to include manga and anime. I myself have actually got to know this genre through several anime while growing up. One of these was Cowboy Bebop, a 26 episode series that takes place roughly in 2071. A man-made catastrophe blew up the moon and making Earth almost inhabitable. The human race had colonized most of the rocky planets in the Solar System. The Inter Solar System Police (ISSP) established a system in which registered bounty hunters (known also as cowboys) travel in the galaxy to seek out criminals to help the police. Our main character, Spike Spiegel is from Mars and in this movie they go back to the planet to stop someone who actually is about to be responsible for a new apocalypse in the world they live in now.

The movie's story is situated somewhere in the middle of the timeline of the 26 episode anime. Spike, Jet, Faye, Ed and Ein get together to find someone responsible for a biological attack on Mars. This man is a soldier who was used for experiments and is now trying to turn the world into the emptiness that he himself feels inside. The weapon eats up brain cells and everyone infected slowly dies. The man, along with another soldier has the antidote in their body, and the team uses it to make sure that the biological weapon never takes effect.

I love this world. Of course it can be dark at times and well, difficult to digest. But this movie perfectly fits into the main story. Cowboy Bebop is known for having mysteries, allowing the viewer to think about what is happening before revealing the truth. I personally adore that. Not so much the suspense, but the fact that it is clever about it. It gives you just enough to keep on going. In the end it is more like detective fiction, than anything else. In the series there was actually one episode that had a noir style to it. Long story short, these are not your average bounty hunters.
I particularly love this anime because it shows that even if technology advances, people will go back to something they already know, something they are comfortable with. Cowboy very much entails a Western American culture, and there are several instances when the show makes fun of it too. Cowboys on their horses running after criminals. Well, spaceships. And where man is man, there will be wars, conflicts, drugs, everything that is just as destructive as it was on Earth before it got destroyed. It seems that men never actually learn, and that's a powerful message.

Now, the movie, as I said, fits perfectly into the universe and personally it was a gift as the show ended and I craved for more. The writing was brilliant, in my opinion. The criminals, or villains, they all had a background that added to the story. This is one of the reasons why it is important to highlight that our main characters are bounty hunters. They live by their own moral code, and although something might be illegal, it isn't necessarily immoral. This is something I learned thanks to this anime. This movie fits into the apocalyptic thematic month not just because the main story is situated after a man made apocalypse, but because in it a second one is about to come into effect. Arguably I should be writing only about movies that take place during an apocalypse, but actually, I find that it is a lot more interesting to see what kind of worlds humanity builds up after it has to start all over again. This is a great example of how humankind doesn't have to make all of its governmental systems into dictatorships, as it happens in most post-apocalyptic tales.

Watch it? I recommend it highly, even if you don't know the series. It is a stand alone story that introduces to you the characters and you will likely be interested in the series which, some almost 20 years later still makes for a fantastic and original show. I myself wish there was more.

Until the next item on my list!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What's Next On My List? Titan A.E.

Welcome to #ApocalypticApril! The aim is to cover movies that either have an apocalyptic element or take place after it. I had a class on this, "Post-apocalyptic Science Fiction", and although it was over three years ago, it is still one of my favorites to recall of the many free credits I did. I planned this month for a while now and decided that this is the year for it! Hope you enjoy!

Growing up we all had our share of Don Bluth movies, and when you think about them now they are all, well, awful. Just awful. Not the art or the story, but the whole... like you showed this to children?! This is traumatic! It's much worse then the forced orphan story in every Disney movie... that said, there was one that despite being a bit strong, was still awesome as hell:

Humanity was attacked by the Drej, an alien race made of pure energy, which in fear of us decides to destroy the Earth. They are successful but some manage to escape, along with a ship called the Titan, which has the ability to simulate another big-bang, thus giving life to a new planet. The Titan is hidden by its inventor and both humans and the Drej seek to find it before the other. The key to the Titan is on Cale's hands, the son of the inventor of the Titan. Cale must hurry to reach it before the Drej do, who seek, after all these years to wipe out humanity.

The story is post-apocalyptic really, as not only was humanity destroyed but the planet itself. Humanity's worst fear of being wiped out by an alien race has become a reality. And when I re-watched it a couple of weeks ago I was amazed that actually the motivation of the enemy is not unjustified. Cale's father says that their ability to create planets and life is something that can be feared by others. Playing God is very problematic and not without reason. The Drej might have overstepped in wishing to destroy the human race, but when you think about it, fear is a strong motivator. Fear can make you do foolish things. Unlike every other alien race so far that only wanted to rule our planet (I still don't get why though...), the Drej feared us. Us, the one planet that every other enemy deems unworthy and about as good as slaves. That is important. That is unique, in my opinion.
The different creatures and the twists in this movie are phenomenal. I loved how we could discover galaxies and far away planets. I also like that our main character, having actually nothing to lose, decided to fight until his last breath to ensure that those who did survive will have a planet they can call their own. Many of course only wish to get a payday out of the catastrophes around them, but others endure and fight. I just loved the energy of the characters. And I also loved that I wasn't supposed to care just because they are the humans, because they are the ones I am supposed to feel the closest to, but because the story took time to make me care. I was introduced and shown who our heroes are and their adventures enchanted me.

Watch it? I highly recommend it. Yes, a lot of people die and yes, there are some parts of that still scare the shit out of me... I don't know if I would show it to children, but it is definitely a movie that has aged well, keeping its magic with a story that in a world of alien attacks coming from every angle is still creative and unique. I would definitely include it on a bucket-list of apocalyptic movies!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ _ 

Cale Tucker - Matt Damon
Capt. Joseph Korso - Bill Pullman
Preed - Nathan Lane
Professor Sam Tucker - Ron Perlman

Friday, April 14, 2017

What's Next On My List? I Am Legend

Welcome to #ApocalypticApril! The aim is to cover movies that either have an apocalyptic element or take place after it. I had a class on this, "Post-apocalyptic Science Fiction", and although it was over three years ago, it is still one of my favorites to recall of the many free credits I did. I planned this month for a while now and decided that this is the year for it! Hope you enjoy!

This movie too was part of the curriculum and because of it I watched it, and even though I wasn't crazy about it at first, my opinion didn't change after we talked about it in class.

Robert Neville is a doctor who believes to be the last person alive on this planet. He lives with his dog and survives in a home that he seals up over the night when the monsters come out. He captures one of them and does experiments to determine the cause for the zombification of the population around him. One day, however, he meets up with a woman and her son who are traveling to a place that is considered to be a safe haven. A place that has survivors. Robert never travelled, because if the place is a myth he could never get back before the dark hits again. Robert does not make it, but the woman and her son decide to travel on and do find others who haven't been infected yet.

First of all, I'm not a big Will Smith fan. He is a great actor, don't get me wrong, and in the end I am always pleasantly surprised when I see him, but I don't look around for his movies. In this case, he alone was just a bit too much for me. Second, the casting choice actually bothered me more when I found out that the movie is based on a book according to which the main character is a vampire hunter. Yes, those zombie-like, well... not even that. What were those creatures supposed to resemble? Yes, they come out in the dark, and are probably not friendly with the sunlight, but I would not have designed them as such if they were supposed to look like vampires. You can debate me, I don't care. I don't like this movie. After I heard the origin of the movie I just... it became clear in my head what I would have liked to see and this was not it. Smith is very lovable, that's fine. When it comes to the horror and the scary elements, all good. The movie in itself is fine, the 7,2 rating on imdb is actually very fair. I am not saying that this is a bad movie at all, but I personally don't like it. And the reason for that is three, they killed the dog. HOW COULD YOU?! F*CK YOU MOVIE! You think I care about anyone else except the dog? How stupid of you. And I know I'm not alone. No matter how happy I was to see that this wasn't, after all, the end of the world, I still cried as the movie insisted on the clichés of killing off characters to get you invested, but to me it backfired. Unfortunately I didn't see enough of Robert to care and was destroyed over losing the dog.

Watch it? Well, yes and no. As I said before it is not a bad movie so if you are looking for a bit of sci-fi, horror and drama as well then you might have a winner on your hands. The casting is fine and the story is intriguing, however, I can be critical when it comes to adaptations and knowing the background I wanted... not more, but something else. I'd say that this movie was inspired by the book rather then based on it.

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ _

Robert Neville - Will Smith
Anna - Alice Braga
Ethan - Charlie Tahan
Marley Neville - Willow Smith

Saturday, April 8, 2017

What's Next On My List? Cloverfield

Welcome to #ApocalypticApril! The aim is to cover movies that either have an apocalyptic element or take place after it. I had a class on this, "Post-apocalyptic Science Fiction", and although it was over three years ago, it is still one of my favorites to recall of the many free credits I did. I planned this month for a while now and decided that this is the year for it! Hope you enjoy!

I remember seeing this movie in the theater with one of my dearest friends and I was really scared because I never watch movies like this, not to mention, that yes, the format of the movie got to me. But more on that later. Let's fight the monsters of:

The story focuses around a group of friends trying to escape a monster attack in the New York. They have a camera with them and record as much as they can. They are first attacked above ground and people are causing chaos and havoc out of fear. So they decide to go underground, still unaware of what is causing the attacks. Slowly they fight off smaller monsters, but those who are bitten slowly die. The two main characters, Beth and Rob, escape the military as they are under attack and in Central Park encounter the monster for the first time, fearing it is the end of their life.

Well, yeah, I was terrified of this movie. It wasn't really horror, but the format was completely new. We see the whole movie through the lens of the camera and it worked. Some people just called it shaky, because they run and there were scenes that could not be seen properly, but to me that just added to the level of intensity. I think this movie stands alone and well, anything that copies it will be given bad criticism exactly because of the shaky cam problem. Overall I think that it was only those who did not see it in the theater could actually debate that it wasn't well done. I have tried to re-watch it and it really isn't the same thing, I agree. This movie is incredible the first time you watch it, because you don't know what is going to happen. But it does follow the typical horror movie clichés, as in, you know who will die and who is destined to survive. I wrote a mediocre essay on the monster for the above mentioned class, and the thrill of suspense, how not knowing actually makes it more interesting. Because in the end we all just want to see the monster and revealing it would have had a different effect. The movie was smart in not telling us too much too soon. It was amazing to see the end of the world, well, end, in a way, but also the movie doesn't give us a clear finish. It might not be the end of the line. The were several interpretations of the end and I believe that the debate is still open!

Watch it? Well, I don't know why you haven't yet. This one is a mixture of horror and catastrophe movies, however, it is a good mixture. It makes for an original brilliant movie that reuses some of the well known clichés but very smartly elevates them. Admittedly the format with the camera might not be as enjoyable on a computer screen or at home, but that does not mean that you should skip it!

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Marlena Diamond - Lizzy Caplan
Lily Ford - Jessica Lucas
Hudson 'Hud' Platt - T.J. Miller
Rob Hawkins - Michael Stahl-David
Jason Hawkins - Mike Vogel
Beth McIntyre - Odette Annable

Sunday, April 2, 2017

What The F*ck Is This Sh*t? Justice League Trailer

Welcome to #ApocalypticApril! The aim is to cover movies that either have an apocalyptic element or take place after it. I had a class on this, "Post-apocalyptic Science Fiction", and although it was over three years ago, it is still one of my favorites to recall of the many free credits I did. I planned this month for a while now and decided that this is the year for it! Hope you enjoy!

To start off with I want to start with a review of the trailer of this shit-fest BECAUSE I believe that after the apocalypse we will only have terrible movies like this one as they just never fade away for some reason... no matter how much you want them to... Two things will happen if you watch this trailer:
1) if you don't know the comic background you might think it is cool.
2) if you know the background, you can hear the Marvel Cinematic Universe burst into laughter, and just laugh, and laugh... as you cry.

Get ready for spoilers, because I just don't care about sugarcoating anything anymore at this point. First of all, again, you have a probably beautiful movie that they decided to just flood with this blue color that makes EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER LOOK THE SAME. Why?! Why this blue? Even if you shot your movie in Detroit again, you can't tell me that that is a natural filter! I want colors! That is another reason these movies are so f*cking depressing... There is no difference between the beginning, the initial conflict, the solution and the end of the movie. All the work people put into the background of each scene is just spit on with this gloomy color of SHIT!

You know I'd like to say that I let it go. That is doesn't bother me that neither Barry Allen (Flash) nor Aquaman have their signature blond hair. But I didn't. It f*cking drives me insane. Speaking of Aquaman, he is a funny character compared to Batman's gloomy self. That is the point of every f*cking story! Every hero is much more chippier and happier than the Bat! That's what I love about his relationship with Superman (something that adheres to his friendship when they are just Clark and Bruce as well); that is what kept me going back for more and more stories. And what did you have in this trailer? He seems to be the comic relief character! YOU CAN'T DO THAT! Admittedly, he is not that depressed idiot that Nolan made him out to be (okay, let's not start with that other pile of garbage, you can read my review here), but he is never - compared to others - the funny character! Especially not in a franchise that has already made him into a killer bat (I mean that in both senses!). So no, I didn't like anything about Aquaman.
Then you have Wonder Woman, who... oh god... someone save Wonder Woman please... I just love her, I love Gal Gadot, she is a fucking inspiration and I still have hope for her character and her movie, but here... it's like... she's the captain of a ship that is sinking soooo fast and being who she is, she will not leave. But she should. Like yesterday. There is this one scene where she stands in front of two guys, ready to go into battle... and sooo original DC, where have I seen that already? Oh yeah. It was in BvS, the same f*cking scene. I hope they also say a joke in the background just to make sure that zero creativity went into it. Because god knows, BvS was such a gooood movie! Let's imitate it everywhere!

Watch the trailer again. I dare you. Count how many different characters you find. Spoiler, if you went above 20, then you have a shitty movie. The reason for that is that I could see all the stories that they are trying to mash together again. In BvS you had four basic stories and had a hundred more in the background. All from different writers, all came out in different years and represent different times of the relationship between Batman and Superman. "Oh, people might know this, let's put it together", and I shit you not, that is exactly what is going to happen here. Did you see Barry visiting his dad in prison? People might know it because of the TV series, let's include a f*cking Flash origin story because we didn't make one BEFORE the Justice Leauge and remember kids, you are stupid. That is right DC fans, you are all stupid and you need Mr Movie Writer to explain to you how superheroes work! And did you spot the ReverseFlash in the trailer? Because I did. It made me upset. It upset me because he should NOT be in a movie where the Justice League is so clearly getting ready to fight evil Superman. A secondary villain to ONE of the characters of the JLA should be f*cking nowhere near this story UNLESS he/she is the main villain. And I can tell you in advance, they are not. And they cast an African-American actress as his love interest... it baffles me how they decided to stay separate from the TV shows and yet they are continuously ripping them off! Spot the war scene, the random lady, the prison scene, attack on Atlantis apparently (not IN Atlantis of course, nobody wants to see that... that might look good! Hush-hush fan, you are stupid!), Commissioner Gordon's mustache being so big that it almost touches the MCU, and Cyborg flying around, I guess, did he do anything in this trailer?

"Hey Timmy, do you know who Cyborg is?"
"Excellent, we'll put him in the movie."
"But... what about Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Red Tornado or--"
"CYBORG IT IS. EVERYONE WILL LOVE HIS CGI FACE. God knows, we don't have a perfectly able make up department that can make it look just as good! Half of his face has to be 3 inches shorter too to make sure the viewer founds nothing pleasing about looking at him!" (Here is how unimportant he is: he is not among the top 15 actors listed on imdb...)

The Justice League of America is not recruited... the Justice League gets together because of a forced situation that requires the help of everyone. The reason there is a problem with their dynamic is exactly that these people do not work together. They are NOT equals, they are NOT friends to begin with and are certainly not a vanity project for Batman. Batman knows all of them because that is what he does, that is his job, he has information and clues and everything he needs before he shakes hands with someone. He does NOT get those informations from Lex Luthor...

The reason I am reviewing the trailer is that I just refuuuuuse to see this movie. I will not pay a single cent because I am tired. Just scrap it and let it go. Watch the TV shows instead! They are brilliant!

I love DC. Funnily enough, I always loved their heroes a lot more than the Marvel one and what the movies are doing is just excruciatingly painful... They are destroying everything I love and I just... it baffles me how they can do that! I am done. Done with this. Leave me alone and long live CW shows because they are true to the characters I love so much! They do not think that I, the fan, am stupid and it is a wonderful feeling! F*ck you DC movie universe.

Friday, March 31, 2017


Ha ezt a cikket most találod meg, az azt jelenti, hogy a kormány elfogadta azt a javaslatot, ami tönkre teszi a CEU működését Budapesten. Szólok előre, hogy megérzésem téves volt, de, amit írtam amellett kiállok továbbra is. Ha még van demokrácia Magyarországon akkor nem lesz baj abból, hogy van véleményem. Ha diktatúra van akkor még bajba is kerülhetek. Ki tudja? Bármi is történik szeretném elmondani, hogy kiállok életem végéig minden olyan oktatási intézmény mellett, ami otthont és jövőt ad több száz diáknak évente, és, akiknek célja, hogy segítse az országot, ahol tartózkodik. A CEU egy fantasztikus egyetem. Nem érdemelték meg ezt a bánás módot.

Úgy gondolom, hogy azért kéne több nőnek lenni a politikában, mert mi nem veszünk össze a mellünk méretén, míg a férfiak még mindig azzal vannak elfoglalva, hogy kinek nagyobb a pöcse...

If you have found my article now, I first apologize as it is in Hungarian, second, it was written before the new reforms to change higher education in Hungary were accepted. Nonetheless, in my article I talk about how I think that education is key. Not to mention that I will always stand up for an institution, let alone a university like the Central European University, if they are threatened by injustice. CEU elevates Hungary and it helps students from all around the world. If anything it should be rewarded and not attacked.

I believe we should have more women in government because we don't compare breast size, whilst men are still more preoccupied with who has a bigger dick...
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Bejegyzés: 2017.03.31

1, ismerem ezt a fajta elterelő hadműveletet. Ez volt az internetadóval is. Bedobnak valamit, ami tudják, hogy rengeteg embert lázítani fog, majd az utolsó pillanatban jön a vezér és eljátssza a megváltó szerepét, aki a saját pártjában békére parancsolja az embereket és kijelenti majd, hogy „Én, ÉN megmentettem a CEUt! Én nem hagytam, hogy szeretett egyetemetek elvesszen!”. És közben reménykedik, hogy a többség megfeledkezik róla, hogy a saját pártja és saját emberei közölték egyáltalán azt a lehetetlen reformot, ami ezt az egész helyzetet előhozta. Ami engem jobban aggaszt azaz, hogy miről akarja vajon jó vezérünk éppen elterelni a figyelmet…

2, nagyon fájhatott, amikor nem hívtak meg minket az elnöki beavatásra, ugye? Fájdalmas volt, az, hogy végre egy hozzánk hasonló kaliberű zsebekben turkáló ember lett az elnök és a seggnyalás ellenére tökéletes tudatta mennyire nem vagyunk fontosak. Szar érzés lehet. És megtalálta az egyetlen módot, hogy felhívja magára a figyelmet, az egyetlen dolog, ami iránt Amerika érdeklődést mutatna ki, és a fenti pontban említett módszerrel akarja majd helyre tenni a kapcsolatot azzal a rothadó naranccsal, mert a seggnyalás nem volt elég hatásos.

3, és ez a legfontosabb: Az oktatás szent. Nekünk angol és amerikanisztika szakosoknak nem egyszer segített a CEU és fog és akar még segíteni a jövőben évekig. Magyar könyvtáraink sokszor nem olvasó barátok, és sok szak szenved már azért mert nincsenek megfelelő források, amik itthon elérhetőek lennének. Ahhoz képest, hogy Európa közepén vagyunk, sokan tudjuk, hogy nem vagyunk a világ közepe. Bármilyen olyan intézmény, ami segíti országunkat előre haladni az akadémiai életben az én véleményem szerint segítséget és tiszteletet érdemel - első körben a diákoktól. De hát mi mások voltak a politikusok egyszer, mint maguk is egyetemi diákok? Ami most történik az tökéletesen az ellenkezője a tiszteletnek.

Nem elég, hogy undorral tölt el, hogy ez a kormány mi tesz. Annál jobban undorodom politikai hovatartozásukat jelző HÖK-ösöktől, akik elfelejtik, hogy maguk is egy egyetem alkalmazásában vannak. Undorodom emberektől, akik azaz egyetem/főiskola ellen fordulnak, aminek köszönhetik a diplomájukat. Ez pont olyan, mint az, hogy a mostani politikusok ingyen élvezhették az oktatást most pedig tőlünk olyan összegeket várnak fel, amit nem elég, hogy alig lehet kifizetni, de még nem is jut belőle az egyetemnek, ahova fizetjük. Az oktatás itthon olyan, amilyen, és kevés a jó dolog benne, de ami jó azt meg kell védeni! Egyre ritkább az, ami reményt kelt. Az én tanszékem kiáll a CEU mellett és ez engem büszkeséggel tölt el.

Számomra az egyetemek közötti rivalizálódás sosem volt érthető. Bölcsészek fogjuk össze minden városban, minden országban, egyetemtől független. A CEU-nak szüksége van arra, hogy hangoztassuk fontosságát és pontosan ezt is fogom tenni!

PS: A javaslatra, miszerint kell, hogy legyen Amerikában is campusa az egyetemnek ahhoz csak annyit tennék, hogy “Central European University” a neve, és nem “New York University’s one branch over the sea”...

Battle Royale vs. The Hunger Games

As next week I'm starting #ApocalypticApril I wanted to start by comparing two dystopian worlds that have been a case for a debate a couple of years back. Here is my 2 cents!

Having heard people debate whether or not The Hunger Games stole its idea from Battle Royale has been driving me insane for years. After having read the trilogy I decided to read the manga since it was on my brother's shelf for years now. It was an interesting experiment and I'm glad I didn't read it before the book, nor did I start this when I was younger...

I'll have to admit right away that I have not seen the movie version because the manga was disturbing enough on its own (very, very, very, very graphic...). And to be honest I see why people keep comparing the two, however... there are significant differences and I think we should discuss them.

Battle Royale was a manga based on a book by the same title, written by Koushun Takamia. The manga was illustrated by Masayuki Taguchi released from 2003 to 2007, and although it follows the book, it gave the students detailed background and it was also more graphic sexually. The aim was of course for it to be more gory, so I kinda wish I had read the book instead... In the story a whole class from junior high is abducted and sent to an island to participate in the Program, where they are given weapons that are meant to be used by the army. This is basically a test facility beneath the dictatorship that rules Japan and those taking part dream of escaping from the terrible country they are in and to get to America. There can only be one winner, and even if some refuse to fight they are at the mercy of those who decided to take up arms. The story focuses on one boy, Shuya Nanahara, who keeps fighting to keep the peace among his classmates. He teams up with a girl, Noriko Nakagawa, who wishes to escape the island just as much Shuya does. Also, their team has a boy named Shogo Kawada, who was the winner of the previous Program, but ended up becoming a transfer student in the next class that was selected. Shogo decides to believe Shuya's uplifting spirit and help him and Noriko as well as himself to get off the island. The biggest problem is one boy, Kazuo Kiriyama, who lacks any and all human emotions and is kind of invincible. Which is not only creepy but completely insane... the story doesn't really specify how real this world is and that bothered me. These are teenagers... when it comes to The Hunger Games a bullet kills you the way bullets do. This kid was some kind of devil incarnation that simply made no sense to me... Spoiler, the two make it out and escape this hell, but everyone else is dead.

They do not fight in a revolution and do not stop the evil that the dictatorship causes in their country. Their's didn't become a love story or a sign of hope in times of a country that has for too long lived in terror. They are not broadcast for the world to see and the location of the program as well as the class selected are kept secret until there is one winner. Yes, kids, fighting kids, but that is pretty much where similarities end.

The Hunger Games, trilogy written by Suzanne Collins, came out in 2008, 2009 and 2010 consecutively. In it, you might know this already, but still, children of the 12 districts of the country of Panem are selected to participate in a reality show where they kill each other. The two main characters, Katniss and Peeta outsmart the system to be able to survive and are never, under any circumstance, okay with having taken the lives of others. They don't turn on others, don't have hidden monsters in them, and those who take place in the game willingly do it because they are taught that this is the honorable thing. The kids from district one and two are trained for this, they are proud to volunteer and take home the trophy. The Capital is too small and a revolution, a rebellion, is capable of taking it down. There is a way to escape, to wake up to a better future. Battle Royale ensures a better future for the two main characters, while The Hunger Games seeks to make sure that such a tragedy never occurs again. Yes, you'll see the similarities with children fighting, but what is the aim? The Takamia book/manga shows you a world, a terrible world, a dystopia that is like nothing else. People fight it continuously, but never get ahead because mikes and cameras stop them and remind them that a group of teenagers will never and could never stop them. And they don't... the aim of the story was never to incite a revolution. The Hunger Games, on the other hand, meant to describe what was the last drop before people can no longer stand it and are forced into a corner.

The argument that these two stories are the same to me is foolish. It is foolish because a story is different if the moral and lesson I take away from it is different. In Battle Royale I was barely relieved that the two got away because they might have slipped from the control of that sadistic dictatorship, but nothing changed. The next group of children will die the same way. Maybe that was the aim, maybe it was just one story that had to be told, about one pair of kids who managed to escape this terror. To me The Hunger Games is the ultimate story of hope. I did not fall for it for the love story (although it was a great example of how extreme cases can forge love), but because it taught me that I can get up and change my future. I think the reason I learned more from Katniss rather than any characters in the story was that the children were ultimately deranged... it might be the fact that they live in a world that is more grotesque, but even with the background of certain characters it was just not OK... I'm glad Shuya and Noriko escaped, but the story of a revolution that was not fought in vain gets my vote.

If you ever read both stories you will notice elements, small, singular things that are similar in both Katniss and Shuya, and yes, they fight to live another day. Other than the idea of children in an arena killing each other there is nothing to connect them and this debate is stupid.

Interesting stories though and I recommend them. Because remember, reading is fun! See my list of favorite ten books here if you are looking for something to read.

Until the next item on my list!