Friday, November 4, 2016

Blogger: An American Studies Major Weighs in on the 2016 Presidential Election

I do not understand what is going on in America. OK. That is not true. Prepare to be deeply offended by what I am going to write, but I do not wish to politically correct, I am simply expressing an opinion.

I have been an American studies major for over four years now. I know that does not seem a very long time, but that is only so on paper. I had been to the U.S. before, I grew up on movies and TV shows and articles and interviews on and about America; I care deeply for this country. I do. I see my future there, I see me... there. I believe it the universe's mistake that I was not born there, but then again, because of it I have an outside view and I like to make the best of that. I have been sitting on this entry for months now, and I can't hold it no longer.

Why the f*ck do you hate women, America? 

It is one thing to come down on Hillary Clinton, who has by far the most impressive political career behind her as any other candidate to ever run for office, but I do understand why some people are critical: She is running for office! You do have to be critical about her. I get that. However, abortion laws? Why is it easier to get a gun than an abortion? If all life is sacred, as some like to say, then giving people a weapon that takes that away should not be OK. If you want to avoid abortions, why don't you cover birth control the way you cover viagra? Why do you hate on women who come forward about rape? How many more men have to rape a women till you come to the conclusion that, perhaps, men do happen to force themselves onto women. I am not even going to bring up how they get less money for the same job because I believe that is just the last spit in the face of obvious gender inequality. I remember learning in U.S. history class that women and children had to be sent over to the colonies because only men lived there at the time. Women were needed to populate the colonies. There is no life without women, do you get that? I understand that you protect a fetus because there is still a 50% chance that they will become a man. I also get that sex is so much better without condoms, but hey, vasectomy! I also get you want to say no because it hurts your masculinity, but yeah, rape is still not cool! Nor have I ever met a 16 to 24 year old boy who was happy about becoming a father. Maybe I understand: religion. I know that for a candidate to have any possibility of winning they must have faith. Faith is important I believe that too, still... find me a page in the Bible that stipulates men have to be able to have both balls to live a full life (those who commit adultery don't have them already), if you want to use the Bible to attack women and gays and races.

Have you ever checked individual state laws?

Has anyone noticed how many states have decided to not accept those laws that only create destruction? Have you read that Hawaii has banned all plastic bags because of how they polluted the ocean? Hawaii gives a f*ck. I will not lie, they have stupid laws too, but goddamn it, they care. Why is it that things go to shit on a federal level? I don't care if the gun lobby pays for stuff, let them do it. But pretending that an Amendment made when you had to be able to defend yourself against bears and angry Brits would in anyway still be relevant in 2016 is just bullshit. I also want to ask, why is it legal in some states to have sex with your pets? It might be the same reason why they won't disassemble nuclear warhead sites: not enough people to vote for change. And that is the saddest thing about a democracy, when you see people become lazy. Funny thing is that people believe that change is hard, but it isn't. Change is the easiest thing in the world, you just got to want it! That is what people have problems with. And states that don't allow guns on playgrounds, states that ban materials that cause pollution, states who care about the environment, who acknowledge that science is not evil, who listen, who understand that "government of the people, by the people, for the people", are the states that one should look up to! That is what the whole country should strive to be!

What the f*ck is up with the media coverage?

I follow at least twelve to twenty American newspapers and well, everyday I read about how Hillary had 'emails'. That is it. No, it does not specify anything, it is just that the word 'email' has become so negative that Clinton and emails in the same sentence make people go nuts. And you know how I know that the Republican nominee was accused of sexual assault by 13 different women, some underage, or why he is going to court over abusing the money that came to his foundation? Because celebrities have taken to twitter to highlight that. Some people with common sense no longer allow for the media to drag someone down for something they have been cleared for over and over again. No tax returns, sexual abuse claims, known economic scandals vs. two email addresses. WOW. The media loves to dish on the kind of things that are happening to him right now and yet they are not, or only in very small part, focusing on that. It is sad when satire based news shows are the only things that show the truth. 

Who the hell would vote for the Republican nominee in 2016?

I can answer that one. He is not a politician. And you know what is sad? That is the only thing going for him and some people (here comes the offensive part), redneck, racist, misogynistic, homophobic idiots hang onto that one thing and have liked him because of his racist, misogynistic, homophobic views. And that is fine. It is fine because I understand that, it clear as black and white. My problem is with the people that say 'I'm gonna vote for him because I am Republican'. Yeah, but does he stand for anything that you believe in as a Republican? Is he religious? Does he go to church? Does he say anything that sounds like what you believe in? Does he represent your issues? Do you know about his plans are (beside them being great)? Did he say anything about his approach to the economy, conservationism, or basic biological knowledge of a woman's vagina? And I'll give you a pass and won't comment on his irrational behavior and total lack of understanding on how the world works, I will, however, take the time to apologize to John McCain, Mitt Romney and even Sarah Palin. And you know why I included her? Because she might be as dumb as any of the above mentioned voters, but know what? She did a hell of a better job representing your party. Conservative, religious, everything that should be basic requirement for a Republican. I might be liberal myself, because I have eyes that see the climate change (and don't make every scientist out to be the bad guy, with an obvious German accent!*), and I have a basic belief that dictates that we are all born equal, but I never hated a Republican for being a Republican. I do, however, hate him because he has so far offended every single ethnicity and gender available on the planet. And I am not saying that you should vote for Clinton. I am saying that if you want to vote for him because he is, uhm... Republican? Than you are a f*cking idiot.

*And your hatred of scientists? Here is were American hypocrisy is highlighted to the max. You might have hated them for creating the nuclear bomb, or whatever your excuse if for not trusting them this week, but you refuse to disassemble nuclear war head sights and you are the leading country in technological innovations. Which means that you take the iPhone7 and then spit in the face of its maker. How does that work? Explain America! Do you have any idea how much money you could make protecting the environment? Taking the time to discover that it can be just as profitable as the resources that are now destroying our planet. Money, money, money, I get that. Again, black and white, but for god's sake, educate yourself!

No, I have not mentioned the name of the Republican nominee because that is how little attention he deserves. What is happening in America could happen anywhere else, make no mistake about that! He is not a politician, remember that. If a country is tired of their politicians it is natural that they will wish to follow someone who is not. Then again, here comes my last concern.

Why do you hate your politicians?

You have a President who, against all odds, managed to do exactly what he promised. He is of color. Truly shame on him. But he has worked very hard, and if you don't see it, then you are unaware of your own country and the power of that country. Imagine a box match, you are alone against nine others in the ring. And you make it to the fifteenth round. You are dead tired, but hey, your odds were terrible and you made it that far. You can disagree with his health-care reform, his wish to open borders, his travels abroad and negotiations with other democracies, you can even hate his skin color. But you can't argue that he fought against the worse odds possible and came close to a K.O. several times and did not give up. Why? Because he made a promise. Made a promise when he was elected and fought hard to keep that promise. You are not allowed to hate him. There is no angle where you can justify that. And now, a woman wants to get into that ring with almost the same odds. You might call her crazy, but between the two candidates at least she understands the world she is heading into. And she did not give up. You have politicians who send dick pics, and get remarried four times, and steal, lie, don't understand how sex works or why it is stupid to have election day on a Tuesday, but they do not get at all the hatred they deserve for that. You pick on the ones who give it all up for you voters.The others? They get to run for office over and over again. No scandal is big enough to put them away for good, and Americans are great at being bullies, trust me, you deserve a medal! 

And yes. You might argue that I don't know anything, who am I to judge? And I can't argue with that. But if you ever feel that people should look up to you because you are America, remember, that as of right now? We all think you are stupid as sh*t.

Civil War, segregation, Spanish-American War, two World Wars, Vietnam War amidst a Cold war all in 240 years of independence. America let the worst thing that happens in your history from now on be that you once elected a woman for President. I wish that with all of my heart.

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