Saturday, July 12, 2014

What's Next On My List? Closing The Ring

I came across this movie at a sale one afternoon, 3 for the price of 1, and I haven't even heard about it before which was quite surprising because I follow Mischa Barton's filmography constantly. It must've gotten lost among the many thrillers. Either way, a nice Saturday afternoon I watched:

Our story takes place on two different timelines. In current time, a widow, Ethel is grieving the loss of her husband, and we then find out that she isn't grieving her husband at all, but a love she lost over thirty years ago. Her daughter Marie is of course is somewhat distraught as she feels that her mom never loved her father Chuck.
A friend of Ethel's, Jack, reveals that he along with Chuck had a best friend by the name of Teddy and he was the boyfriend Ethel lost. When the war was upon them all three deployed, but Teddy never made it back. Ethel always felt guilty about marrying Chuck, she felt as if she hadn't waited for her love and just moved on. Her daughter was always a reminder of her actions.
In Ireland at the same time a young boy finds a wedding ring that belonged to Teddy from the time his plane crashed during the war. He makes sure to get it back to Ethel who finds out that both Chuck and Jack promised Teddy that if he died, they would take care of Ethel. Knowing this, Ethel is finally able to get closure and she never feels bad about having moved on, as that is exactly what Teddy would've wanted for her.

This is a beautiful love story of a young couple who never got to stay together because of the war. Teddy is this young boy with ambitions and no background to make his dreams come true: But he does. He falls in love and he sees his perfect future and you might say that the injustice of a war takes that away from him, and in a way you'd be right. In another way, I think that his life had already reached the best it could ever be: His love was requited. He found the one he wished to be with for the rest of his life, and yes, he couldn't, but in his life he was never without her and she loved him just as much as he did her. When it comes down to it, isn't that the only thing we all look for in life?
It is sad to think about the fact that Ethel had lived an unhappy life next to Chuck, and she probably didn't. It was only that his death brought out in her a sense of remorse. She was strong for Chuck as well and without him she crumbled. And it is sweet that Jack had always loved her as well and he kept his promise to Teddy and never let her be alone. In the end, all three got to spend time with her and she loved all of them as well as she could. The ring will be a memory of Teddy, her daughter Marie of Chuck and Jack will be with her till the very end. In a way these are not only love stories that one can be jealous of, but a sort of friendship that you'll wish you had in your life.

This is a great, very underrated movie. I am very happy that I found it as it has a great cast (let alone the award nominated branch, all the young actors are people we know very well from the best series of TV, starting with Stephen Amell and Gregory Smith, not to mention my dear Mischa Barton!), and a lovely story. I do suggest you check it out as you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Until the next item on my list!

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Ethel Ann - Shirley MacLaine
Young Ethel - Mischa Barton
Teddy - Stephen Amell
Young Jack - Gregory Smith
Chuck - David Alpay
Marie - Neve Campbell
Jimmy - Martin McCann

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