Friday, February 28, 2014

What's Next On My List? Big Miracle

In a previous personal entry I already discussed how I am a sucker for every American movie set in either Alaska or Hawaii - so when I saw the trailer for this movie, I knew that no matter the story, I would enjoy it very much. And I did!

Adam is a news reporter who is trying to get his hands on a news story that will give him a chance to move back to the main land, when he notices a small family of grey whales trapped under the rapidly freezing Arctic ice. He sends out his footage, which attracts media attention immediately, along with his ex-girlfriend Rachel a Greenpeace activist who does everything to help these animals. They ask the help from the army, and the city starts to dig the ice to lead the whales to the open sea, but in the end they need help from the Russian ice breaker ship to help them out. Although the whole point was for Adam to escape this small town, he realizes that fame is worth nothing in comparison to helping others.

I really liked this movie. I am actually scared of big objects, so the Russian ship in the end nearly destroyed me psychologically... But the acting and the story? I was really moved. It is horrible to think that this is a true story, and it is always great to see how people come together for one special cause. There was really nothing I didn't enjoy about the movie, and thinking back I was holding onto my chair with excitement. I hadn't heard about this story originally and I didn't want to spoil it beforehand, so I just sat down and let the warmth of it embrace me. What caught my attention in particular was that there was probably a lot of money put into this project - both the real event as well as the movie.
There was a literally all-star cast and I appreciated that because they were all people whose work I follow closely and whom I love a lot. But the downside was that in comparison the lesser actors really stood out of the pact... Nah, I don't mind that either :) This was a very sweet movie that touched on a very dear subject. Animal rights and Greenpeace movements are always prominent in the news and I think it is endearing to hear about a tale of such magnitude, and how people do everything in power to help those in need. However, sometimes the funds and the resources are missing, and we really cannot go around blaming others for something they cannot deal with. But here we do see that the thought counts and there is really nothing we cannot overcome!

It isn't an Oscar winning movie, true, but it is also very underrated. I do think you should check it out, its a great story and you cannot be disappointed, trust me!

Until the next item on my list!
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Rachel - Drew Barrymore
J.W. McGraw - Ted Danson
Jill Jerard - Kristen Bell
Colonel Scott Boyer - Dermot Mulroney
Wes Handrick - John Michael Higgins
Dean Glowacki - Rob Riggle

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