Saturday, December 14, 2013

What's Next On My List? The Wolverine

I have already discussed the first stand-alone Wolverine movie (click here to read my review!) and it has up until now received the highest number of views out of all of my reviews! This makes me very proud so I wanted to make sure I cover this movie as well, seeing that the coming up X-Men sequel is driving me insane with excitement! So, just the other day I watched:

We are currently after the first trilogy. Logan has trouble getting over the death of Jean Grey and he is asked by an old acquaintance to travel to Japan.
This acquaintance is a man by the name of Yashida: he was saved by Logan during the drop of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki. Now on his death bed, he asks Logan to share with him his ability to regenerate because he doesn't want to die, while Logan only looks at it as a curse. Despite it being tempting, Logan says no, but wakes up in the morning to find that Yashida has died. Yukio - the late Yashida's right hand, assigned to look after Logan - tells him that she has these visions when someone is about to die, but she hasn't seen the death of her master. During the funeral, the Yashida family is attacked by the yakuza who try to kidnap Mariko (Yashida's granddaughter). Logan stops them and escapes with her, but for some reason his re-generations has stopped and he cannot heal quickly.
Mariko takes him to her old house in Nagasaki, where they figure out that Yashida actually owned money to several people and that he decided to give his company to Mariko and not his son Shingen.The latter enraged buy this development entrusted his soon to be son-in-law with taking care of Mariko. Logan loses her and returns to the capital to find out that he was injected with a small robot that is feeding on his heart and slowly down his regeneration. He pulls out the creature and becomes unstoppable again. At the Yashida factory he fights Yashida himself as he faked his death to be able to steal Logan's ability. He almost loses the fight, but Mariko saves him as she is disgusted by what her grandfather has become. Logan goes back to his life and Mariko takes over the company.

This is one of those stories where I either tell you the plot in one sentence, or I go slightly into detail, which results in three pages of summary... either way, the movie: It is really great. This finally portrays accurately what Wolverine is like. He fights and kills and doesn't look back. Blood everywhere, revenge and most importantly the animal within him. This is what you see, it's not unnecessarily disgusting, but there are blood drops in the air and he is in constant pain. Many people were outraged that they included Jean Grey as well as originally this comic book story has nothing to do with the X-Men franchise - but seeing that they wanted to tie these movies together they did a really good job without going overboard.
I liked the casting, the colors, and well, after Logan starts regenerating again, things just get better and better in the movie. The fights are off the hook and I was very sad to find out that his iconic yellow costume was featured at the end, but was then edited out... why? That would've been so great!
Overall it was very much better than the previous one and it fits with the previous story - not to mention a short scene at the end shows us Logan without the metal claws visited by Magneto and Professor X. That should be interesting, I can't wait to see the new movie!

The movie is great, at least for a rental. And if you have watched through all the other Marvel movies, I see no reason why you should skip this one! As for Days Of Future Past - I know that they changed the main character from Kitty Pride to Logan, which I know is purely because the wider audience know him better. Not to mention that many didn't like Ellen Page's Kitty Pride. I think actually that was a wise decision in the long run.

Until the next item on my list!
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Logan/Wolverine - Hugh Jackman
Mariko - Tao Okamota
Shingen - Hiroyuki Sanada
Yashida - Hal Yamanouchi
Young Yashida - Ken Yamamura
Jean Grey - Famke Janssen

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