Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blogger: Let's Talk About Jennifer Lawrence

I wanted to take a moment to write about something personal that has been bugging me for a while. I look at people like Lindsay Lohan and alike who keep saying that "The media won't leave us alone.", "The media destroys us." and so on, and I do agree that the level of that gossip magazines are willing to reach in order to break into someone's privacy is awful.* However, I also see that for some reason several people manage 100% to stay away from the paparazzi's radar and general gossip and then I am given the idea that perhaps some stars are to blame, and the not the magazines. I have talked about these actors and actresses in two separate lists, they are my favorites, but there is one person whom I didn't include on that list one person who has since become my favorite person in the whole world: Jennifer Lawrence.

I liked her acting to begin with but it was actually her interview with Conan O'Brien that sold it for me. She is altogether one year older than me and she talked about how she used to watch his show growing up - and I went, hey that's what I did too! And then she mentioned a story about how nervous she was when meeting John Stamos, because she used to watch Full House - and I went UNCLE JESSE! Who didn't love Stamos in that? That was one of the first shows I remember watching with my brother and sister. And as she kept talking, she just seemed nicer and funnier and since then I have seen her at award shows and other interviews and her movies? God she is awesome!

When watching the Oscars I was indeed rooting for her because I have seen Silver Linings Playbook and I knew that she was by far the best nominee. Since I've seen X-Men: First Class I have been following her work like crazy. I recently remembered that I already saw her on my favorite series, Cold Case, in an episode where her mother was played by Paula Malcomson, the same actress who plays her mother in The Hunger Games - which by the way became my favorite movie because of her again :) (click here to read my review!)
Season 4, episode 18: A Dollar, A Dream
I like her honesty and I think she is really one of a kind. I firmly believe that if continuing on this path, she might become the next Meryl Streep, whom I consider to be an actual legend! And you only realize how talented she really is once you have seen her in an interview! There is no parallel to how she makes the roles hers! If I were to put together a list of my favorite actresses now - I would put her on it in a heartbeat, but still not to the very top because I always take into consideration how much the actor in question actually worked so far. But I don't fear her for a second.

The main reason why I wanted to make sure I write about her - I think of this as a little tribute of sorts - is because I would like to tell anyone who looks up at young celebrities as role models: She is the one you should be following! Let alone that her flipping the bird was probably the funniest moment in Academy Award history, beside that there is something simply wonderful about the fact that she breaks down myths about how Hollywood destroys one's life. About how self-centered actors can become and how it is impossible to skip paparazzi attention. She is filming about 4 movies at the same time, so she isn't actually out of public eye! And yet, nothing bad about her can be said. In a parallel universe I hope that she and I are best friends because that would be effing awesome :D Also, again, only one year difference between us and by simply a 5 minute interview made me realize that some celebrities are worth your time and you while.

So, in short, congratulations Ms. Lawrence to all of your success, you have found a big fan in me and I'll be seeing all of your movies :) I am literally dying inside, because I have read the Suzanne Collins trilogy since the first movie and I just can't wait till November for Catching Fire - the same goes for the second installment of the X-Men rebooth. I never liked Mystique until she played her :D
I am pretty sure that she will never find my blog, but just in case: Keep up the good work!
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Coming up in a couple of days: Blogger: The Proclaimers.

*Guess what? I actually published this entry on the 7th of August and today (the 13th) I saw that an article appeared with Lawrence, because she will be the cover of Vogue's September issue. Here she talks about how annoying it is that the paparazzi's won't leave her alone and it is something she is not OK with. I guess I was wrong and she does have a hard time - for the exception that she still behaves like a normal person and not someone who completely abuses the money and power one gains with being a celebrity. So f*ck you paparazzi and leave her alone! (click here to read part of the article: Jennifer Lawrence on Fame: "I'm Kind of Going Through a Meltdown")

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