Friday, July 12, 2013

What's Next On My List? The Lucky One

I haven't seen too many Nicholas Sparks adaptations - for the simple reason of not giving a sh*t about them. I just don't like the stories. I saw Dear John, which I've found to be unreasonably depressing - otherwise I skipped the movies because they cast people whom face I cannot stand. There was one that had a trailer and a cast which, instead of revolt, made me curious.

Logan is a marine who survived three tours abroad after finding a photograph in the ruins of a mission. He believes that the girl on the picture is his guardian angel and upon going home he travels to Louisiana to find her.
She is Beth, a single mother whose brother was also a marine and Logan doesn't even realize that he was present at his death. The two get closer, but Beth's ex-husband Keith keeps acting as if he owned her still and tries to sabotage their relationship at every possible step. Beth stands up to him and tells him that he does not control her life and that she wishes to be happy with Logan. Keith finds the photo that lead Logan to Beth, and after showing it to her, she sends him away. In a storm, however, the three meet again to save Beth's son Ben from his tree house in the forest. Keith gets him to Logan, however he parishes in the river and is assumed dead. Logan tells Beth about how he found the picture and he tells her about her brother's death - giving her a closure that she longed for.

I really liked this movie. For the exception of the death of Keith. WHAT THE F*CK?! I was also told that wasn't in the book, so clearly they took the Hollywood route on that one - and let me tell you it didn't pay off! He was an asshole throughout the whole movie, then he was kind for about two seconds, then he went crazy bananas again and then he died. Wonderful. This was mean to the audience for two reasons: We find out that his dad was a dick to him all of his life, so clearly his upbringing didn't help him in developing a better attitude. Then, we discover that he feels pain for his past mistakes, and you feel OK, maybe we shouldn't hate him as much as we do. Then, he threatens her again, I am pretty sure he would've even been able to hit her if Ben hadn't run out and they after him. He of course loves his son very much, there is no doubt about it, but killing him was totally unnecessary as he did have enough nobility in him to step aside and let Beth be happy - when sober. I think they wanted us to care for him, so we are sad that he dies. Instead we hate him for 70 minutes, then he dies and you can't really feel bad for him - so instead you feel horrible about not being able to be sad for the death of someone! It's all just stupid! 
That said I liked the movie very much for a simple reason: America. America in the way I love that country. Small towns, everybody knows everybody, peace, kindness, trust! Going to church every Sunday and dining with our family every weekday. No politics, no killings - peace. The story of these two is compelling, the acting was great and overall the story was very original. Before 9/11 we couldn't really have stories that spoke of soldiers that came home. During this war that went on the past ten years, we had several movies that played out in the war - one more horrible than the other. Oh, not because of the war! No, simply because the script was horrible! War can't save a movie! (Same goes to dancing movies: A good choreography doesn't make up for a faulty script!) Here on the other hand we have a marine who just came home. Logan is - in every sense of the word - lost. He at first goes to stay with his sister, but the pranks of her children bring about episodes in him, and worried that he will harm someone, he moves on with his dog Zeus.
He walks days until he finds Beth in Louisiana. There, her grandmother Ellie gives him a job at their kennel and the love story of the two begins. I liked how Logan's soul calmed down instead of bringing about even more episodes in him. Story-wise there was no need to make him suffer even more. I also appreciated the fact that he wasn't pushy. In other movies the guy always does everything in his power to get to the girl. He is indeed attracted to her, but he never makes an unwanted move. He sees that she is troubled by his presence. He makes friends with her son, but he never comes off as aggressive. In the end she becomes curious in him completely on her own and it is the immense respect he shows to this new family of his that in the end moves Beth's heart. He becomes a form of enigma that she enjoys discovering.

Watch it? Sure, why not. Honestly, it is not a life changer, but it is a nice romantic movie. If you want to score points with the ladies, watch it. If you are having a slumber party, watch it. If you are a fan of either the actors, the atmosphere or the mood - watch it.

Until the next item on my list!
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Logan - Zac Efron
Ellie - Blythe Danner

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