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Top 10 Best Movies Of The 80's

These are my top favorites. Everyone is allowed to agree to disagree - most of all because I did not live in the 80's. I am however a huge-huge fan of that time period and I firmly believe that the American movie industry was still at its peak! Just so you get an idea of what I mean: Think of the worst green screen you have ever seen. I am sure that was something that you have seen in the past year, and it was either a really old movie, or something new - which to me implies careless work. Now, think of a movie like Who Framed Roger Rabbit - it is half cartoon and it was made in 1985! No bad green screens, no logical errors as far as the crime story goes, all and all creative and funny and one of the creepiest movies ever made. What I want to say is, that you might not agree that these are best movies of the 80's, but when I saw them they changed something in me - something for the better. I am not an 80's child, I barely have any memories from the 90's, but I know a good movie (even if underrated) when I see it. Hope you find something you agree with!

10) La Boum 2

I love both prequel and sequel, but I always preferred the second one a bit more. Vic believes she will never fall in love again after her first heartbreak, but beautiful Paris has other plans for her. I love the music in this one, the story felt more close to my heart and well Pierre Cosso was a great addition to the cast. These movies made me fall in love with Sophie Marceau and I could re-watch them any time! (Click here to see the fan video I've made from the movies!)

9) Rain Man

Over the past three summers I have started to re-watch old classics with my sister. I watched this one because my English teacher called me Rain man because of my memory so I was very curious to see what the movie was about. I can now say that she didn't mean it as a compliment... Either way, I loved the movie. There was a total amount of three scenes that I think were completely unnecessary in my opinion - more broadly, I am referring to Valeria Golino's character - but otherwise it is a true classic. If you haven't seen it, make sure you do, the soundtrack is outstanding!

8) The Breakfast Club

I was only fifteen when I saw this, but already then it stuck with me. High school in Italy, or even Hungary is nothing like America. You have these horrible stereotype based rules that won't let you communicate with others properly and every year there is a story of kids killing themselves because of bullying and guns being fired in hallways. It is horrific. This movie, however, teaches a very simple lesson: We are different, but not nearly as different as we think. And even if we are, it is no good excuse to hate on someone. The five main characters in the passing of a couple of hours completely grow out from the stupid expectations of society into something a lot more stable and stronger than before. It is a wonderful tale, and it has some of the best dialogues you'll ever hear in a movie!

7) Silkwood

While waiting for Mamma Mia! I set out on a mission to watch as many Meryl Streep movies as I possible can. This one is probably the best movie I have ever seen - and never want to see again. Let me explain, the story is a woman who, along with her boyfriend and best friend, works at a nuclear facility. She is believed to have seen something she actually didn't, and the attempt to get her out of the way make her suspicious enough to investigate on her own. This, however, has the price of her own life. Streep is absolutely fantastic in it. She completely makes the character hers and you feel the pain she goes through as if it was yours. It really gave me goose bumps - it is a great thriller. I have been raising courage to re-watch it for over 5 years now, but I am still scared... maybe next year!

6) Coming To America

This is the proof of what a genius Eddie Murphy can be. This beautiful little tale of an African prince who travels to America to find true love. It is one of the funniest movies ever made. It has an original story, great cast and above all the best characteristic a movie can have - make fun of itself. It builds up on existing stereotypes and makes them hilarious. Every single scene in this movie is golden. I know it all by heart, and I popped it in two days ago, I might re-watch it again :D

5) Staying Alive

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen this movie. There is a trio: Staying Alive, Dirty Dancing and Flashdance. These three have one very special thing in common - no, not dancing - but Cynthia Rhodes. She was my idol for years. She sings beautifully, she can dance and act! I have seen her scenes from this movie at least three hundred times! I cried every time her character did, and between this three movies, she really got the short end of the stick! Either way, she has been a big magnet for me as far as the movie goes - but that is not the only thing. This movie is one of the best dance movies ever made. Reason one being that there is nothing cliche about it, second is that there is a story even without the dancing. Originally a sequel to Saturday Night Fever, this movie actually takes a very different turn. It has again one of the best soundtracks and (oh my god moment) it was directed by none other than the AWESOME Sylvester Stallone! I hope that is enough for you to see it, because I don't want to spoil the story! GO WATCH!

4) Back To The Future II

OK, the whole trilogy is legendary, and each one is better than the other. This movie was love at first sight for me - three way! First of all Michael J. Fox of course, then Lea Thompson and finally Elizabeth Shue. People whose careers I still follow today. Of course, I love the first movie because of the 50's setting. I adore the third because of the western environment, but I love the second for one simple reason: Bright future. Every single movie nowadays is all about 'Wake up! We are dying! Darkness!' and so on. Who cares really? This is the basis of bad pedagogy, you keep telling someone they suck without any praise, in the end they will give up because they know they can't achieve anything good either way! I feel the same way about our future. Global warming is going to happen either we like it or not - the change in weather is the essence of our planet! So why not try to look positively on the future instead of trying to emphasize the oncoming doom we are driving our planet into? So, this movie is f*ucking awesome, and if you like time travel, it will knock your socks off even more than the first movie!

3) Dirty Dancing

If you wondered why this wasn't on the list when I mentioned Cynthia Rhodes, here you go then: It is. This movie is the perfect girly romance mixed with awesome music. A family vacation turns into summer romance. Who wouldn't want that? This movie actually destroys me sometimes, because I feel extra pressure when an embarrassing moment happens on screen, and this has like 30 of them! So my stomach goes crazy and I feel just awkward all inside... So, I feel like I am part of the movie when I watch it - that is why it is so high on the list. Also, I watch it at least once every year.

2) Cocktail

You can clearly see that I am true to my favorites.Actually I love 80's Tom Cruise. I am one of those people who hears gossip and doesn't take the time to check up on it - but I at least don't spread it. So no, he isn't my favorite person in the world, but I have an immense respect for him as an actor. I love that he doesn't go after the 'oscar' roles like (khm) Clooney or Pitt does. He does simple movies, but makes them awesome with his acting. I enjoy his movies a lot. One summer evening me, my sister and mom had nothing to do, so we watched Cocktail on TV. I was mesmerized. There is such an originality to the story. Every turn took me by surprise, and let us not forget that my dearest Elizabeth Shue was in this one too! The story somehow spoke to me - which with my 22 years experience of nothing - is hard to explain. Still, I understood the feeling of wanting to grow up and do something useful instead of just wasting time. And the chemistry between the main characters really hit it out of the park for me!

1) Teen Wolf

Weird, how I can hear everyone booing in the background :D Yes, this is my absolute favorite movie ever! And, please don't think about the sequel or the reboot in TV - I do not like those and I don't care for them. When you watch this movie think about one thing: Who doesn't want to be popular? I mentioned above the hard life one can get in an American high school. This movie is comedic yeah, but it does deal with real issues. The protagonist grows up without a mom; he is so concentrated on being sad all the time that he never cherishes what he has: Friends who love him the way he is, a caring father and overall a nice quiet life. Something many just dream about. He takes his true self as a curse, as if things couldn't get any better and the lesson in the end is that the moment he learns to live with himself - that is the moment when all the bad things will cease to exist. Try to look at this movie from this point of view next time you come across it. I also love the soundtrack and the casting. I am a big Michael J. Fox fan! Trust me, it might be silly, and overall lacking on the comedic side - although it being a comedy was totally new information for me - but it is still worth a watch! Listen to my favorite song from the movie:

I have told you several times how much I love Sixteen Candles, so I felt it unnecessary to include it on this list again. Same goes for the above mentioned Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which I truly think is a masterpiece, but I have always been scared of the ending, so I don't re-watch it as often as I do these 10.

Until the next item on my list! (A top 10 best movies of the 90's is coming up in a month or so!)

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