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My Top 20 Favorite Actresses

Thank you everyone. The reason why I am very happy about this is that the slowly raising numbers of views makes me want to write more and more. So even if you are just a friend of mine that I forced to read my entry; or perhaps you got here by accident, even if you won't come back again - you still searched for something in Google that I wrote about and you cared enough to click on the link even if it had strange words in it: And for that I thank you!

 Over three months ago I posted a list of my favorite male actors (click here to read!) and I of course wanted to tell you all about my favorite actresses as well and seeing that these are the people whose works influence my every days I wanted to make sure I talked about them on a special occasion, and the 200th entry seemed to be the best way I can show my homage and respect for their work. I hope that you will like my list!

20) Mia Wasikowska
The first time I saw her was in the latest adaptation of Jane Eyre and I was drawn in by her power. She has an immense talent and she will be around for a very long time. The only reason why she is so low on my list is because I think of her as an emerging talent rather than a star - she is wonderful none the less.

19) Blythe Danner
I have lately noticed that she is in most of my favorite movies or TV shows. She is such a fun person and she does drama and comedy equally well. I have never been disappointed by her and I actually look forward to something more if I see her in it! Try to check out some of her work (for the exception of those horrible Focker movies)!

18) Susan Sarandon
It's her voice. It's changed over the years, when you think about The Rocky Horror Picture Show and for example when she stared in Rescue Me - it is, however, compelling. You might have seen my review of Thelma & Louise and since that I knew I had to put her on my list. (click here to read!)

17) Amy Adams
I think I am one of those people who cared for her since the beginnings, her smaller roles in TV shows, then Catch Me If You Can, Junebug with Ben McKenzie and my personal favorite The Wedding Date. What I love in her actually is when she sings. I think she has a wonderful voice and I hope they will cast her in more musical-movies - and I will still follow her when after all of those nominations she finally wins an Oscar.

16) Bette Midler
What can I say? She is awesome! She is more known for her plays - she has a show in Vegas for example. And her voice is beautiful, I love to hear her sing. And the movies she did star in were all awesome. There is one in particular that I love more than anything else, but I'll talk about it later on at another number - I don't want to spoil it yet :)

15) Goldie Hawn
Every favorite movie I have from the seventies or eighties: She is in it. I love her daughter too because she reminds me of her young self. Starting from Cactus Flower, which landed her an Oscar (click here to read my review), then we have Seems Like Old Times and let's not forget Overboard. The final movie that spoke to me is something I don't want to spoil yet - but she's in it with Midler, can you guess what it is? :)

14) Keira Knightley
I did not love her in the beginning. It was her acting in the Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy that made me fall in love. Afterwards I saw a couple of interviews where she proved to be a sweet girl with a great sense of humor. If you don't like her, check out some of her interviews with Ellen DeGeneres. Either way, she takes on some pretty deep roles, I would like to see her in something more uplifting. She is, however, one of the sweetest people I know and I always have a smile on my face when I hear that she will star in something I am curious about!

13) Giovanna Mezzogiorno
She is one of the most talented actresses in Europe - and possibly the world. She appears on the screen and I am enchanted! If I watch an Italian movie, then she is probably in it. One of her films appeared on a list of 'deserved an academy award for best foreign film' and I agree completely. She played the lover of Mussolini, a petty thief who decided to steal from the wrong person, a mother of two with a crippling marriage and a stewardess from a little Italian city who doesn't nearly have as much confidence as it seems. The only reason why she isn't higher on my list is because I discovered her later, and her movies didn't particularly stand with me, just the roles she played.

12) Elisha Cuthbert
She does drama; she does comedy and she does action as well - there is not one role that she hasn't aced in my opinion. I fell for her in 24, then it was My Sassy Girl that made me weep (click here to read my review) and I have laughed my ass off in Happy Endings. If she's in it, I'm watching it!

11) Sigourney Weaver
I saw her in two movies that I liked very much: Abduction (click here to read my review) and Paul. She didn't have big roles and I asked myself, I wonder if she minded taking on these smaller roles. It was then that I've found a quote from her on imdb: "I'd rather have a small part in a movie I love than a bigger part in one I don't care about." - I have loved her ever since!

10) Carrie Fisher
You might find this choice weird, but Carrie Fisher stared in many movies in the 90's and it isn't just her role in Star Wars that convinced me of her talent. I always liked her and she does a lot of writing and producing, just look her up on imdb once and you'll be surprised at how much she actually still does! I have a favorite Meryl Streep movie that she wrote about her own life after dealing with addictions and rehab. She had a tough life and she learned from it and she is better for it - many people just keep relapsing and overdosing and she is not one of those people: Nobody should say anything bad about her past in my opinion!

9) Christina Ricci
I can't explain it, I just love her! I'm pretty sure that The Addams Family movies had something to do with, favorites also involve Now And Then or Mermaids. Either way, she always appears somewhere and I am always happy to see her. I wrote about Pan Am just yesterday (click here to read!), which was a series that she was a main character in and that is where I was reminded of how awesome she is and I want more of her!

8) Nancy Travis
She is another classical favorite. She starred in my favorite movie 3 Men And A Little Lady and So I Married And Axe Murderer. She only had lesser roles since, even though I think she is very talented. She occasionally guest stars in various series, which I make sure to watch because she too always plays completely different characters and I like that a lot.

7) Jennifer Ehle
Yes, it's her. Yes, she was Elizabeth Bennett in the 1995 BBC series version of Pride & Prejudice. And you know that because Colin Firth was in it. Not only that, but you are now reliving the moment when Mr. Darcy got out of the pond at his estate in Pemberly. Well, if you weren't before, you are now! Either way, she is wonderful - she won a BAFTA Award for her performance and she gets ONE LINE ROLES! WHAT THE F*CK? In what kind of world are we living where Youtube stars get financing to make horrible movies and award winning actresses get a total number of three lines in a movie? It's just sad. She is a real talent and she is truly exceptional. She starred in a wonderful medical drama last year which got cancelled because it was aired at a horrible time. She is wonderful, truly! Check out some of her work.

6) Alex Kingston
She is my favorite TV series actress: ER, Doctor Who, Upstairs Downstairs and now she got a spot as a recurring character on Arrow (click here to read my review!). She had guest appearances also in Private Practice, CSI and Law & Order: SVU. Each character is completely diverse and I don't think that I'm looking at Kingston, no, I am only seeing the characters that she embodies. She is awesome!

5) Sophie Marceau
European actresses have something wonderful about them. To make it in Europe you have to learn and learn, and perform, and perform, and you might get lucky with your first role, but you have to keep working. US has separate Hollywood and Broadway - in Europe one stands out more for their performances on stage. Sophie Marceau was at the right place at the right time when she started her carrier, but she wouldn't have made it without talent - and she's got it! If I love french culture and french language it is all thanks to her!

Met her in 24, never let her go ever since! After finding out that she is actually a comedian, I set out on finding as many stand ups from her as I can - no luck. She was then featured in the New York Stand-Up Show hosted by John Oliver. She had a couple of appearances here and there - some bigger Amy Adams movies and if there is a God she will be in the new 24!!! Either way, she has grown as an actress and I love every character she plays - she has now a podcast on check it out here: Kickin' It Mary Lynn Style!

3) Diane Keaton
I grew up on her movies. My favorite has always been The First Wives Club, where she starred with Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn. That movie completely defined the way I see the world - and from that point on I always encountered that the characters she plays are always strong women. She plays role models that one can look up to. And when I started to read up on her life and get more acquainted with her, she did become a role model for me. I love her movies, her interviews - if she's in it, I'm there!

2) Meryl Streep
I actually didn't care for her for a very long time, because growing up as a teenager, you don't watch movies because of talented actors or actresses - you watch them for fun. However, during the summer when I waited for Mamma Mia! to come out I tried to get my hands on as many Streep movies as I could possibly find and I was completely mesmerized by her talent and her ability to make a role hers. All of those Oscars were well deserved and I can't wait to see what's she's going to be in next :)

1) Stockard Channing
She has been my icon for what is now nearly 15 years. I fell in love with her in Grease, when she played Rizzo. The next time I encountered her was when she played the First Lady in The West Wing (click here to read my review!) - I saw all seven seasons with limited English knowledge just to see her. I have been trying to get my hands onto her movies ever since. In my opinion she has an unmatched talent that one can learn from simply just by watching her perform! She is my eternal favorite! (And she was in The First Wives Club - she's the friend of there is who took her own life, and I always hated that part...)

So this is my list, what is yours? Tell me about it in the comments section below! Having now made up for lost time, I will take an actual vacation - I haven't really slept since February! - but I'll be postin as often as I can. Thank you again for sticking with me.

Until the next item on my list!

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