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So, another Superman film came out, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the comics first release. Let me tell you that there was nothing 3D about it. And in Hungary there is a total amount of ONE cinema that plays it with the original sound - and they are not willing to play it in 2D... Thanks for nothing Budapest! Honestly! And I'm not willing to ruin a movie by hearing squeaky idiots dub over it! Either way, beware, spoilers up ahead!

The planet of Krypton is doomed, and one of its military generals decides to take matters into his own hands, General Zod. Zod is betrayed by one of his old friends, Jor-El, who sends his new born son Kal-El to planet Earth, where someday he will be able to use his genetic code to create a bridge between humans and kryptonians. On Earth, Kal-El struggles through all of his life, unable to find his true self. Almost thirty years pass and he finally finds a spaceship in Antarctica, left by his kind, when they wanted to colonize other planets. However, just when he is about to make peace with his destiny, Zod shows up. He was previously incarcerated for eternity, however the chambers let him free once their planet exploded. With the help of Clark, he means to turn Earth into a new Krypton - but this would bring about the death of billions, and Superman is not going to let that happen.

Where can I start?
Going into the movie, I didn't care for it. I feared that it will be incredibly depressing after the movie company's false belief that that is why people enjoyed the latest Batman trilogy. What I always loved about Superman is his positive attitude and I know that he has a dark side, but guess what? Don't care for it. Or, if we do want to show that, we need a couple of things to happen first! One of them being that he cannot really be with Lois, being an alien and all. Another one is despite all of his efforts Luthor seems to get the upper-hand politically. And lastly - he almost dies. (He is literally dark Superman after that!)
People say that Luthor and Doomsday are boring and I would agree if his encounter with Doomsday had ever been used as material for a movie. It hasn't. In the end the thing that really made me sick is that you can ask my 80 year old grandmother where Superman came from and even she can tell you! Do we really need another origin story? No. I firmly believe that the reason why people didn't like Superman Returns had NOTHING to do with it not being an origin story, but simply a supposed sequel. (click here to read my review!) Overall, do we need a depressed Superman? Fuck no. Guess what, every hero in these universes became a hero because they lost somebody or went through a trauma. I can't wait to see a Justice League movie built up on tragedies! Yippy!
In the end you know that I like every comic movie because I can see place for other directors and writers' interpretations of my heroes. And even here, despite the very dark interpretation, I thought, why not? Here is however the point where I draw a line - essentially there are only three things I need in a comic based movie. 1) Looks. They better fucking look like they do in the comic! Damn the person who wasn't capable of dying Amy Adams' hair brown! Lois has about two distinctive features, and I love Adams, but I don't care how many Oscars she was nominated for, DYE HER HAIR!
2) Traits. If you make a Clark Kent, he better fucking look like a retard when he puts those glasses on! So you can change the origin story as far as I am concerned; you can change the universe and the people, but other than looks, stay true to the character traits as well! Brandon Routh might have been a faulty Superman, but he was a great Clark Kent! That said, I have nothing against Henry Cavill, but I am yet to see him discover his dorky side!
3) This is simply a desire of mine - although knowing it will never come true (I had high hopes for the Green Lantern sequel, and Thor: The Dark World seems to be headed in that direction), move the story AWAY FROM EARTH! I don't care about Earth! I DON'T CARE ABOUT HOW MANY MORE SKYCRAPERS ONE CAN DESTROY! I don't care about neither New York or Los Angeles. I don't care about how aliens want to control us! I care about other planets, about other races, about - LITERALLY anything other than Earth! But DC actually has imaginary cities and towns, so for that reason I'll give them a pass on his matter.

That said, what did I think about the movie after seeing it?
I liked it. Big shocker, huh? I don't care if you didn't, that's your problem. Here is what was great, it did change a couple of things, but inside the movie they all work. So, Kal-El's real mom had a bit of a bigger role in this one, and that woman was awesome! Both of his parents knocked it out of the park for me! What else? I liked that we spent more time on Krypton. Seeing, as I mentioned above, I don't particularly care for Earth. Zod was finally terrifying. As the movie went along - even though I knew Superman would win - I was literally scared of the bad guys being victorious. And I liked that he was in the first movie, because otherwise the question of his whereabouts would always just hang there, never properly answered and perhaps even bothersome for some fans (like me!)
Once on Earth, I appreciated that Clark kind of struggled all of his life, unable to fit in, to find himself. That is way he was sort of depressed. (He did creepishly look like Wolverine at one point...). And his smile only came out once he had finally found answers to his questions - but it DID come back. He had the brain and the heart of Superman, and I liked that a lot. Martha Kent wasn't really important in this story, we obviously see that Clark loves her very much, but she unfortunately didn't add anything to the overall story - she was very cute though. "Nice suit, son."
I was somewhat surprised though by how much I liked Lois in the end. As I said before, the hair color still drives me insane. And well, another thing that bothered all my life is that with such investigative skills, I've always found it ridiculous that Lois can't figure out who Superman is. Here she knows, and I like that. I like the idea of them working together, I like the idea of her not constantly ignoring Clark, but showing him confidence. And either way, in the original second movie, Superman took away her memory of his secret identity - they can always play that card!
Mostly, the thing that I had most trouble with and the thing that I have found to be resolved the best way was: flashbacks. Yes, everybody does know where Superman came from, but they didn't tell you about his youth like they did in the first movie or the way it was done with Smallville. Every time you would've asked a question, it was already answered. Overall, they didn't just change things that weren't later on never properly explained. There was, however, one thing that made absolutely no sense to me. Lois takes a photo in the middle of the night of an iceberg, randomly zooms in and finds the silhouette of somebody walking there... How? What? Why? She follows Clark and well, the need for her to be there was never really explained. Yes, she then writes about meeting an alien, but the fact that a spaceship came out of the iceberg should be reason enough for her to write her article. Also I didn't get why Zod wanted her on his ship...
Next up, his suit. Every movie nowadays has to make jokes about the superheroes' suit. No wonder they downgraded Hawkeye's fancy purple-wear. Either way, the idea of it being a garment of the kryptonians actually did make it less silly. The 'S' was kinda stupid, but hey, we can't ask for everything, can we?
Finally, the thing that I NEVER got, is that kryptonians can be killed with kryptonite... erm, what? Who would name their planets after the very thing that can kill them? It made no sense. Here, they changed it a bit, making the differences in atmospheres the decisive downfall of Superman - not having ever adapted to Krypton. I actually applauded that explanation. (And I very much liked that huge oil truck that said 'Lexcorp'!)

Either way, next time you want to help Superman, don't. You practically left the city worse, than it was!

I don't know where the sequels are headed. Trust me, Superman has a lot more enemies than just Luthor, Zod and Doomsday. Not to mention that I would like a Batman (BUT NOT CHRISTIAN BALE'S VERSION!) to have a movie with his best friend. And overall I want more women: Kara, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl? Be creative movie makers! Amaze me, next time around.

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ 

Superman/Clark Kent - Henry Cavill
Lois Lane - Amy Adams
Jor-El - Russell Crowe
Lara Lor-van - Ayelet Zurer
Martha Kent - Diane Lane
Jonathan Kent - Kevin Kostner
Perry White - Laurence Fishburne

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