Sunday, November 11, 2012

What's Next On My DC List? (Cartoon Movies) Superman

Superman, in order to stop Luthor gets too close to the sun and ends up with a radiation that, although gives him immunity to kryptonite, it also makes him sick and slowly starts to kill him. He then decides to tell Lois the truth, as he wishes to spend his lasting time with her. He also gives her a serum that grants her his superpowers for 24 hours, so she can find out what it is like to be him. Luthor decides to give up his eternal fight, as it seems that outliving Superman is enough for him - but is it over yet? Superman sacrifices himself to save the planet just before his radiation takes him first. It seems though that Luthor has a chance to bring his nemesis back, as it seems he is bored without him.
This movie was based on a comic by the same name. It is very interesting to see how Lois isn't quite willing to believe Clark as she has tried several times to unmask him unsuccessfully. What I liked about it very much also is the relationship between Clark and Luthor. You never think of Clark as a good journalist because he is also a bit of loser to keep up his act. But if you think about it, he needs to be good in order to keep his job. Luthor gives him an exclusive interview before he is set on deathroe. I have also found it fun to discover that Lois, if she had the powers, she would probably be Superwoman as she cares for the people just as much as Clark does. This is also a classic for those who wished for Superman and Lois to finally be together and proclaim their love. This is a great movie, check it out!

Another comic adaptation. Superman meets the only one who is able to defeat him: Doomsday. It seems that he has indeed died, but nobody knows that his robot collected him and is trying to heal him at the Fortress of Solitude. Meanwhile, Luthor realises his new creation: a Superman clone. Luthor's only obsession being that he needs somebody to fight. With Superman's death, he creates his own little version, however this outsmarts him and gets lose. Fortunately, our real hero recovers in time to stop him before he gets completely out of hand.
This is a great story. Many people don't like it because the death of Superman meant that anybody could be killed and then brought back to life because this meant that heroes could be killed off and on anytime. The death of Superman really killed "death". That said, the thing I loved mostly about this story were three things: Lois almost immediately recognises that this new Superman might not be the person she has been reporting on so far. I also prefer stories in which Luthor gets defeated by his own plans instead of Superman. Second thing I enjoyed in this story is the background we get with Superman. Thirdly, I love all the stories that are done in the Fortress of Solitude. It is actually Superman's home as he has grown up because he doesn't really go back to Smallville anymore. You get a bit of closure I think, even with him being brought back to life.

Superman encounters a young boy who is granted super powers once he utters the words "Shazam". At that moment lightening strikes and he becomes Captain Marvel, a hero with super strenght and the ability to fly. However, he isn't the only one who was granted this power, the Black Atom arrives, and he has to be stopped from using his powers for evil.
This story is really about a boy becoming a man and only then a hero. Superman's involvement is important as he helps him through this transition. Not to mention that Superman needs help too, as the Black Atom seems to be a bite off more than he can chew. Billy Batson is a boy in every sense of the word, however, his pure heart and sense of justice gives him the chance to have been granted these great powers. In this sense he is quite similar to Clark, but he had the chance to grow up and learn about responsability - unlike Billy, who had about 24 hours. He also encounters the typical problem of not understanding why is he the chosen one. This story is quite beautiful with very nice drawings and great fight scenes. This is only a short, of about 40 minutes, so check it out!

There are plenty of more Superman movies, among them the ones he shares with Batman (my favorites, you can read about them here!). However, these are my favorites and the best ones, so if you feel like having a great night with our very own Clark Kent, make sure you get a hold of these!

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