Friday, November 2, 2012

Homework Assignment: 100 m2 Of Scotland In The Heart Of Hungary

I have a class this year called "Workshop", and the first assignment we had was to write a review. I decided to write a restaurant review about my favorite pub in Budapest. First assignment down, two more to go!

If you are an English major, or simply a UK fanatic you will be happy to hear that for a chance to taste the fine beers and foods of Scotland you don’t actually need to travel that far. In Mozsár utca, near Oktogon, you can find one of the finest pubs in Budapest: The Caledonia. 
Caledonia” is the name the Romans gave to Scotland when they established their colonies in Great Britain. And as their culture flourished, all kinds of ethnic foods, like black pudding and haggis, as well as great beer brands like Belhaven, not to mention ciders like Gaymers (all available on tap!), became the elements that define Scotland. Here, in this little pub, you can discover all of these flavors. 
As you step in, you will see the bar before you with beers on tap and several shelves of Scottish whiskeys with pictures of historical figures; along with a big LCD screen TV to entertain the lad drinkers who come to the pub to get away from their every days – usually set on Sky Sports, a sport channel from the UK. For those that have a picky taste, other well known beer brands, such as Dreher and Kozel are also available on tap. As you turn to your right, you’ll see several tables and a little stair that leads to the floor above with plenty place to house the guests. 
As I have mentioned they serve drinks and food, but you will also find a little refrigerator next to the bar filled with Scottish sausages and sauces that are perfect for GB citizens in Budapest who miss the taste of their foods from home. 
The waiters are quite nice as they tend to your every need and they speak perfect English; in one case not even the rough Scottish accent of a girl who was asking about spicy sausages could make them blush. I cannot recall a time when at least a native wasn’t a guest at the pub when I was there! The foods are divine – and even if you don’t wish to try new tastes, you’ll surely find something a bit more Hungarian that is perfect for your palate. Even with a full house they still don’t make you wait any longer than any other restaurant. The food is prepared on the spot and always hot when reaches one’s table. Of course, one may object to the price of these meals, but ethnic food is quite hard to come by, even for restaurants.
Aside from their huge variety in beer and whiskeys, they also serve ciders, wine and of course cocktails. Although these can be quite pricey, you’ll be happy to hear that this is one of the places that serve Guinness the cheapest in the capital (only 480 HUF/half a pint!). 
This pub is recommended for both fanatics of the great British culture, as well as English majors who keep hearing about all these ethnic foods in their classes and would like to try some. It is also a great study spot, as it is very quiet in the afternoon, yet packed almost every night. 
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1066 Bp, Mozsár Utca 9 – Tel: (1) 311 7611 –

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