Monday, October 22, 2012

What's Next On My DC List? (Cartoon Movies) Superman & Batman

(To read my opinion on DC's wrong doings regarding the new idea of a Justice League live action movie, scroll down!)

The ones I'm going to talk about now, are my absolute three favorite movies ever released by DC. Even if you disagree with me, please be kind in the comments. First up:

Bruce Wayne travels to Metropolis, but it is just his luck that the Joker has decided to come here as well and team up with Lex Luthor. This of course means that Superman wants in on the action as well. During an accidental meeting, Superman peeks under Batman's mask, but later on gets home and finds that Batman followed him and he knows his secret identity too. Of course, Bruce appeals to Lois Lane immediately and that drives Clark mad, but in the end the two realize they can work together perfectly in order to bring down their nemesises.
This movie is first of all hilarious as Clark is a good to nothing loser, while Bruce is the cute and charming playboy. On the other hand Superman is like the happiest person alive, while Batman is finally his silent and depressed self when he puts the cape on. One of my favorite things is that not only Lois stars in it, but Harley as well. She is one of the funniest characters ever, not to mention her eternal love to Joker, which makes a romantic like me pretty happy. She has this hilarious scene where she gets in a struggle with Luthor's henchgirl.
Anyway, I love this movie because Superman and Batman complement each other perfectly, for the very reason I mentioned above - opposites do attract each other. This movie is a great beginning for the friendship of these two great characters. There is plenty of place for laughter even with such evil enemies and dramatic background that the two have. This is a great movie - it has the drawing style of the old cartoon that will make any fan excited.

Despite the heroes all efforts, Lex Luthor gets elected President of the United States. Of course this drives Superman mad, as he knows that Luthor has something up his sleeve, but nobody believes him except for Batman. Luthor uses a pretentious fabricated video to tell the public that Superman tried to kill him. The Justice League as well as any evil guy who wants the bounty on their head decides to declare war upon them. As a meteor is about to hit Earth, Luthor's real plans come to light as he is willing to blow up the whole planet in order to prove he is the best at everything. Almost dying for it, but Superman and Batman manage to stop him and the meteor just in time.
What is eternally fantastic about this movie is how genuine and natural Bruce and Clark's friendship comes off as. They are like two sides of one coin, or two sides of one brain. You never question them: of course Luthor is evil. But you also get to meet all kinds of Justice League members who previously never starred in cartoons but you probably still wished to see them in action. One example for me would be Captain Atom, whom I am eternally in love with and yet he barely appears in anything! The drawings are also something magnificient - not the mention the colors. My favorite scene in the whole movie is when Superman gets his ass kicked and Batman takes him home through the sewers until they reach an exit of his cave where Alfred takes care of him. Here, Superman remembers a couple of their old missions and you finally feel: yeah, you want a friendship like theirs! This movie is absolutely great! I cannot think of anything that was wrong with it. Make sure you get this one!

Superman grew up thinking he was the last of his kind, but many years later Kara arrives, his cousin who was trapped in the Phantom Zone - her father put her there so she would survive the fall of Krypton. Kara seems to be a wild card, so Batman convinces the over enthusiastic Superman to let go of her a bit again and leave her to the care of Wonder Woman and the amazons. This all seems to work fine, when one of the amazons has a vision about one of their friends dying and Kara being involved. Indeed she is take by Darkseid to the planet apocalypse where she fights in his arena for entertainment. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman too decide to rescue her and on Earth she has a new chance - this time they decide to leave her with the Kent family. But Darkseid returns, angry as ever before for losing Kara and our heroes fight him to the death. Unfortunately this ends up in them destroying the Kent farm completely.
As I have been told, this is from the comic that features Kara for the first time. This story is great because Superman has a sort of father/big brother side of him revealed and you are touched by how much he cares for Kara. Especially because you'd argue that he never really knew her, yet it is clear that you cannot deny family. He is in over his head trying to please her and care for her, when she is just a teenager who needs guidance. Superman even feels like betraying her when he hands her to Wonder Woman, even though that is clearly what she needs. This story is a perfect continuity to the friendship storyline we have been discussing so far. When Superman is overwhelmed by his feelings it is Batman who clears his mind. He points out to him that he is in way over his head and Wonder Woman helps him just as much. This trio has always been my favorite. This movie is wonderful - I especially recommend it to Kara fans!


I'd like to tell you that I want a Justice League movie, but it wouldn't be entirely true. I want a Batman and Superman movie and I want Wonder Woman to be in it. This trio has helped me through some tough emotional times. I also find that when we deal with the Justice League the emotional stuff among these three kinda gets lost in translation and I would like to focus on that. If indeed DC would USE what stories they have already built up - Superman Returns, Nolan's Batman, the Green Lantern and now CW's (Green) Arrow - making a JLA movie would be the easiest. BUT THEY ARE WAY TOO FUCKING STUPID FOR THAT! So instead they will spend hundreds of millions on a JLA movie when they could follow a trail that works: Superman+Batman and adding the other heroes one by one.
If you get a chance, do check out these cartoons, they are blast and packed with some of the best action sequences ever drawn.

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