Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's Next On My DC List? (Cartoon Movies) Batman

Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham, the home he hated for so long after the loss of his parents, only to find it in decay as criminals are on the rise. At the same time of his return, a new police officer from out of town, Gordon was promoted to Commissioner, and although he seems eager to end the decay of the town, he might still need a hand in doing so. Bruce starts to train himself to overcome his fears.
This ends up in him testing himself on the streets, only to get caught by the police after a street fight. He of course escapes, but realizes that he needs to hide his face in order to protect both the citizens of Gotham and himself. Gordon has a meeting with him, assuming that this vigilante must be a friend of Bruce's, as he has equipment that is not cheap. And although Bruce portrays himself as a rich playboy who couldn’t care less about the filth in his city, Gordon assumes that this is a mask he uses to hide his extracurricular activities.
This movie will answer all and any questions you might have regarding the transition from Bruce to Batman. It has several scenes that are not included in any movie (not even Batman Begins), and it also gives you a perspective into Gordon’s life. We all know that he trusts Batman blindly, later on, but what brought these two together is the unanswered question. The drawings are beautiful and the music score is dead on. Not to mention that Bruce is voiced by none other than my favorite actor, Ben McKenzie.

While grave robbing, some criminals end up in resurrecting the lord of vampires himself, Dracula, who’s grave found its final destination in a cemetery in Gotham. Although at first hesitant in understanding who is this mysterious creature who has just appeared in his city, Batman has to deal with him, as well as the Joker and Penguin who seemed to want in on Batman’s defeat.
The movie comes down to a duel to define who the real “bat” man is.
This cartoon is already wonderful as it has a drawing style that was previously unknown to me and I enjoyed it very much. It portrays Bruce a bit younger, than for example the 90’s cartoon. Also, it gives you a whole new Joker and Penguin that seemed to be completely different from each other - meaning that they aren't simply bad guys, but their character is a bit more polished. In the end of course the main attraction is Dracula himself. Of course nobody knows about his existence and Bruce is quite in a quarrel to find out who is leaving corpses behind him. This is definitely one of the hardest cases that our detective had to crack just yet.

There seems to be a new bat in town, but as Robin said "I haven't seen her around the cave". Bruce doesn't know anything about her and she doesn't seem to be a vigilante, she only seems to care about the Penguin and the weapons he is manifacturing. Bruce draws the possible Batwoman to three ladies, a detective who works for Commissioner Gordon; a young scientist who came up with a device she'd like to sell Wayne Enterprises and finally the daughter of a conman who works with Penguin. Unfortunately, all of the girls seem to have alibis... so how did they do it?
This is probably one of my favorite cartoon movies with Batman. Bruce is portrayed excellently here and indeed there is mystery as you drive yourself mad to guess who the real Batwoman is. Also this is one of those examples where Penguin is a highly intellectual being and I loved that. I like it when I am tempted to root for the enemy as well and he makes himself very likeable. I don't want to spoil anything, but there will be some pretty awesome Bane vs. Batman action that makes the movie worth your while even if you don't especially enjoy women lead characters. This movie is great also for Robin, as he is portrayed at the age of about 12 - the same age he originally joined Batman. Not to mention a hilarious scene with Bruce and Batgirl, who is believed to have returned now grown up, but actually she is still away. This movie might not be a classic, but it is definitely worth checking out!

Bruce is in grief, as his second Robin has died because of the Joker. But his grief is interrupted by a red hodded criminal who seems to be going out his way to find the Joker and at the same time leaving a tray of bodies behind him. Nightwing shows up, trying to comfort Batman, but he pushes him aside. Batman finally comes across the Red Hood the moment he is pointing a gun to Joker's head. Turns out, Ra's Al Ghul had a hand in all of this. He planes for Batman to marry his daughter and take over his legacy, so he thought that bringing Robin back to life would be a grand gesture. But something went fatally wrong... here the viewer is morally involved in the dilemma that Batman is drawn in: shouldn't Joker pay for his crimes with his own life, instead of going back to the prison where he is just going to escape again?
Let me tell you that I love Batman for his humorous side, which we will discuss shortly when I talk about the various TV series. However, I do know that he has some pretty terrible issues - starting with the death of his parents. He is a really dark character, but the cartoons usually are for a younger audience... not this one. This goes very deep as in the end I think people do want for Joker to die... Robin asks Batman, shouldn't he die, after all he killed him! Isn't he - the sidekick, this step-brother - more important than a maniac who still is planning to kill people? Not to mention, he is crazy enough to laugh into their faces even in the second when Robin is pointing his gun at him. The problem is that Batman is not willing to kill anybody, because he is 'better than that'. But you must ask yourself, is it worth it when these criminals just keep escaping that damn prison? Try and answer the question yourself, I personally find that this movie is very important if you care about Batman's story.

Now, I have seen this film, but I haven't read the comics it was based on, so I can't really talk about it. The story is simple, Batman has put the cape down, but it seems that Gotham needs him once again - but perhaps he is too old for that now. A young girl decides to join him as the new Robin, and he appeals to Bruce, so he takes her in. Even though the enemy of the episode is defeated, the movie ends with a scene where we see the Joker in a mental institution coming to his senses after hearing Batman's name on the news. "Batsy?"
This movie perfectly continues the road that was started with the Red Hood cartoon, previously mentioned. You see a deeper side of his; his friendship with Gordon and living together with some and all of the mistakes he has made in the past. Indeed Gotham needs a Batman, but is he the best man for that? This movie is for a mature audience. It is probably one of the best movies starring the bat, both the story and the graphics are amazing. But keep in mind that this story is probably not for everyone. Personally I didn't like it, but it was because I love 'love' stories and enemies I've already encountered.

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