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A List Of The Best Marvel Cartoons

This story is very similar to the origin story depicted in the movie version of Iron Man (click here to read my review!). Tony Stark is captured, as they want to use him to resurrect the clay army of the Chinese emperor, however Tony uses this opportunity to come up with a suit that he will later refer to as Iron Man.
This movie came out around the same time that the live action was announced and seeing that I didn't know much about Tony's origins, only about his brief encounters with the Avengers in the Ultimates comic series, I was quite curious to get to know more about him. If you don't know much about him, but you'd like to, this movie is perfect for you. And on the plus side, instead of that dreadful terrorist cave they force Tony into in the movie, here he is in China.(no offence!). It is a pretty good movie, trust me it is worth your time.

This cartoon tells us of Thor and Loki’s early adventures: before Loki tried to turn on him and they both simply tried to achieve their father’s approval. They head to face off the ice giants to get a sword that in ancient times belonged to the Asgardians.
This movie really is moving, because if you have seen the movie version of Thor you will probably belong to the 70% of people who preferred the first act that was placed in Asgard. I know how you feel, it truly is the best third of the movie – and it makes you wish for more. You really are curious to see how Thor and Loki grew up, about their brotherly bond, how they would’ve given each other’s life for the other one day: and they do. This movie is really great, it might even work as a prequel for the live action movie and if you care for superheroes you should definitely check this one out!

It is physically impossible to find a picture of this series because it bares the same title as the comic it was based on. I myself only read this comic and it is that way that I became acquainted with Spider-Man. However, seeing that this version is my very favorite, I really like the cartoon. Not only does portray Peter perfectly, but also it gives you a reason why Aunt May doesn’t notice he is always away; and every other episode features another superhero: he met Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk and so on. This series also features Nick Fury and Agent Coulson – the movie versions – with Clark Gregg voicing the animated Coulson as well! Not only that, but Spidey here already works for Fury and as a part of S.H.I.E.L.D. he is the head of a group of young heroes that features Luke Cage and Iron Fist among others. And plus with all the awesomeness the episodes feature a janitor in Peter's school who looks like and is voiced by Stan Lee. It is great addition to all the cameos he had in the live action movies.
I friend of mine didn’t like it, I don’t really know why, but I believe that it is worth a look if you feel that you lack in Spidey nowadays.

I’ve come across this cartoon when I was trying to satisfy my hunger for Marvel heroes and I must say: it delivered pretty well! Wolverine, as he says – I’m the best at what I do, but what I do isn’t very nice – is called in to hunt down a monster that lives in the woods. He does so only to encounter a little nerdy scientist. It is only then that he discovers that this scientist is the monster himself. But this was no accident; the bad guys are trying to get a sample from the Hulk’s blood to create their own versions of him. Wolverine of course saves the day.
This little cartoon is really great because it involves a meeting between these two iconic figures without the involvement of the X-Men and/or the Avengers. It is also here that I first got acquainted with Dead Pool and gotta say: it was love at first sight. He is a really great character! That said, this cartoon as I have found has another episode that features Hulk vs. Thor. I have not seen that, even though I might check it out, but after seeing their showdown in the live action version of Avengers (click here to read my review!) I really don’t think I’m going to encounter any new ideas in it, but I don’t want to judge, after all I have not seen it. Have you? Let me know if it’s worth checking out under in the comments section!

Oh boy… I love this movie. It’s just wonderful! It begins with Captain America fighting the nazis and finding out that they have help from aliens, only to fall into sea and being frozen. S.H.I.E.L.D. is looking for him, because the serum that was used on him was destroyed and he is the only specimen. But Bruce Banner, a scientist for S.H.I.E.L.D. is trying to control the Hulk and that is why he only conducts experiments on himself instead of creating other super soldiers. He wants to procure a safe future for him and his love Dr. Betty Ross. However, even though Captain America is recovered, the threat isn't near over and there is a need for a group of super heroes to protect our planet: Captain, Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor, Janet Pym aka Wasp and her husband Hank Pym aka Antman/Giantman. But will they be able to work as a team? Or have things changed too much for the Captain?
I always loved this version because Hank Pym is a total asshole. Not only in this, also in the comics it was based on. There is even a story line where he hits his wife! It fantastically creates this contrast that a superheroe doesn't have to be the kindest and most caring person in the world. It kind of takes the alcoholic Tony Stark to a whole new level. Or think about Bruce Banner, one of the most shy and nice person in the Marvel universe and yet his Hulk personality doesn't resemble any of that aside his affection for Betty. So this character is really amazing to me because it gives a more adult perspective and a behind the scenes of the heroes. This cartoon doesn't take it as far as the comic, but it gives you a pretty good impression of a Hank Pym that isn't so cool no matter his powers. CHECK IT OUT!!!

The team is back together as a friend from Africa arrives to ask for their help. Although there was success in the battle in the first movie, the enemy seemed to have returned to the battlefield. There is a blooming romance between Captain and Black Widow, while Bruce is as miserable as ever: he lives prisoned in a glass circle conducting his little researches. But is the enemy too strong? Will all of the Avengers succeed?
I love both of these movies because it shows so much with just a couple of words. First of all I love the relationship between Bruce and Betty. Secondly I awfully enjoy the 21st centurion roughness of Black Widow in comparison to the knight-in-shining-armor style of Captain. It also brings another perspective onto Hank Pym: his story arch escalates. Not to mention that sincerely I get awfully tired of these heroes fighting in and destroying New York city... I mean I know that they aren't coming to Hungary any time soon and also the Black Panther who joins the team on this mission is from Africa, but still: at least they are not in the US anymore! And no offence but just like Kevin Smith said in his Smodcast that he doesn't care for other cities being tore down the same way I got tired of New York being destroyed. I mean, give it a break, does it have to be the center of every single attack? You know there are far more people living in other parts of the world! But that aside, this movie still holds up pretty good so make sure you look it up!

Now, I did start to watch Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes, but I didn't like it very much. It is basically the retelling of all the cartoons I mentioned above, and not in a better way. I didn’t like Tony Stark’s voice – which would’ve been fine if Robert Downey Jr. hadn’t shown us what he really is supposed to sound like. I've found Thor to be incredible irritating, seeing that his Asgardian ways were supposed to already be more human like, but they are not. His politeness is just... yeah, irritating. Not to mention that I love romance! Where is the romance? And Hawkeye looks terrible... he is a strong buff guy who is also smart, but here he just looks like a nerd who put on a purple costume. Two things I did enjoy: Nick Fury. This version is basically the mash up of the old Caucasian and the new African-American version. He has the eye patch, a nice set of hair which is becoming gray with age just above his ears. Another thing I liked is Hank Pym, aka Antman/Giantman. Although I love his asshole portrayal in the Avengers cartoon, this cuddly cute version of him was also plenty entertaining: you also finally understand how Janet could fall in love with him in the first place. Other than that is it also a bit controversial, seeing that the Avengers don’t want anything to do with S.H.I.E.L.D. and consider Fury to be an enemy... not sure where that is headed, but I also don’t care so I stopped watching it. The theme song is awesome, so make sure you check that out! But other than that, I really don’t think it is worth your time.

This is a wonderful little tale of the children of the Avengers who have been kept secret in a bubble that Tony Stark created. In the future the Avengers are going to meet their destiny at the hands of a mad man, and in order to protect their children, they entrust them with Tony who keeps them safe until they have head enough and demand explanations of their parents’ whereabouts and the outside world.
I don’t want to give away much, because I truly wish for you to see it. It is a really great and touching movie and it is definitely among my 5 favorite Marvel cartoons of all time. It is about heroes discovering their true identity and the wisdom their parents left for them. Make sure you look it up!

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